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Test Results for Najex

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Test Results for Najex Empty Test Results for Najex

Post by Mino on 2010-04-03, 03:39

Testee: Najex
Testee Deck: Koa'ki Mieru, Morphtronics
Card Knowledge: 5/5
Rulings Knowledge: 5/5
Performance: 4/5
Total Score: 14/15
Test Deck Used: #1,2
Details: So you definitely had me with your Card and Ruling Knowledge, especially with Gottoms. The only thing I saw wrong in your performance was the use of the Koa'ki deck. I saw that it was meant to abuse the high power, low level beatsticks as well as Maximus, but it seemed like you didn't have much experience with it. Also, I didn't see what you sided when you played the meta deck. Regardless your performance was perfect, you were perfectly aware of everything that was going on and didn't forget any steps. We had enjoyable duels.

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Najex, you can go ahead and make your room.

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Test Results for Najex Empty Re: Test Results for Najex

Post by Krobra on 2010-04-03, 03:51

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Test Results for Najex LSet

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