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Chapter 1
Return of the King

The morning sun rose over the horizon, filling Neo-Domino City with its radiant glow. Breathing life and warmth into the air that was previously cold and sleeping, the residents of Neo-Domino City began to flourish. Citizens began getting ready for work, children getting ready for a full day of school ahead of them. Today had the feeling that it would be a great day, seeing how there wasn't a single cloud in the sky.

In the familiar gaming shop on the edge of town, where the legend of the King of Games began, a familiar pair of people began to stir from within the small flat above the game shop.

A young girl with purple eyes and dirty blond hair walked down the stairs, wearing a low cut green top and blue jeans, she made a quick dash for the door when a voice spoke from behind her, across the table where Solomon Moto once worked.

"Where do you think you're going?" said a deep, but friendly voice.

The girl stopped dead in her tracks, turning her head to see that her father, Yugi Moto, was already wide awake and prepared to work as he stood behind the glass counter, which contained many rare cards.

"Oh, um...I was going to school, dad." said Sabrina Moto, eying her father wearily.

Yugi chuckled lightly, placing his hand on his wrinkled forehead. Yugi had aged much over the past 30 years, although he still looked much like himself back when he defeated the likes of Marik, Bakura, and Dartz. "What would your mother say if she caught you wearing that?" said Yugi.

"Well, she is the one who bought it for me, so I think she'd be okay with it, don't you think?" retorted Sabrina, holding her ground as she was prepared to argue with her father until he caved in.

Sighing, Yugi gave up in defeat. "Very well, off to school with you." said Yugi. Sabrina flashed a smile at her father, and left the shop. "Kids." muttered Yugi as he walked along the counter. As he reached the edge, Tea opened the door from the opposite side of the room, which contained the kitchen.

"Yugi?" asked Tea, looking around the shop. "Did Sabrina leave for school already?" she asked, closing the door behind her. she too had aged over the years, but her beauty hasn't diminished at all. She wore an apron that protected her dress underneath, which she'd wear once she would leave for work.

"Yes, Sabrina left." replied Yugi, smiling lightly. "She's an independent one, isn't she? She reminds me of Joey at times, with an attitude like that."

"Yeah, well, she and Delilah are best friends. I'm sure that she gets it from spending time at his place." joked Tea. "Have you heard from him recently? I hope the divorce hasn't affected him to much." she said with a bit of a saddened tone.

Yugi sighed once more, rubbing the back of his head. "Sometimes things just don't work out. I hoped that it would with Joey and Mai, but I guess it wasn't meant to be."

The room fell silent for a few moments before Tea turned and grabbed the letter off a pile of mail that was received this morning. "I know that you don't duel anymore, but you got a letter today. I haven't opened it, but its from Kaiba Corp." said Tea as she approached him and placed the letter in his hand before walking back into the kitchen.

Yugi looked down at the letter for a few moments before tearing the top of the envelope and taking out the letter, reading it.

Dear Yugi Moto,

Hello Yugi. I know that you have retired since you lost your title several years ago, but now is the time to stop living in the past and get over it. I have opened a new Tournament that will begin next week. I myself will be competing in the Tournament, and I expect you to be there, as well as your God cards. I haven't forgotten that I have yet to legitimately defeat you in a Tournament match, and now I feel is the time to do so. I have set up a meeting between us to discuss the matter for tomorrow at 12:30 P.M. sharp. Be there.

Kaiba Corporation President,

Seto Kaiba

Yugi sighed as he reached the end of the short letter, crumpling up the letter in his fist. Placing the letter and envelope on the counter, Yugi knelled down and extracted an old deck box from under the counter. Standing erect, Yugi opened the Deck Box and withdrew the three God cards; Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon, and the Winged Dragon of Ra.

"It has been many years since I've used these cards. The last time they were even played was back when the Pharaoh used them in our duel to return his soul." said Yugi quietly, speaking to himself.

At that moment, the door opened and closed, someone walking into the store. After Yugi had realized this, he placed the Egyptian God cards back into the Deck Box and set them aside.

"Hello, and welcome to...Joey!" said Yugi in surprise as Joey beamed at his old friend.

"Hey Yug, just dropping by to see how you are doing." said Joey Wheeler, grinning at Yugi.

"I see, well its nice to see you after all this time." said Yugi, seeing he had his old duel disk strapped to his arm. "Joey? Why do you have your duel disk?" he asked.

"Because I just got an invitation to that Tournament Kaiba is throwing, and I need someone to duel to get rid of ring rust. You want to be my partner?" asked Joey.

Yugi frowned for a moment, but smiled soon after. "Sure, I would love to. I'll meet you outside in a few." said Yugi as he knelled down to grab his old duel disk.

"Sure Yug, meet you out there." he said as he turned and left the shop.

Pulling it out of the shelf, Yugi strapped the duel disk to his left arm and grabbed the Deck Box, emptying out his deck and began shuffling. "Tea, I'll be back in a minute!" called Yugi as he walked around the counter and out of the store.

Standing on the side walk, duel disk ready and his cards already drawn, Joey looked ready for battle. "Ready?" asked Joey as Yugi's duel disk activated.

"Always old friend." said Yugi as he drew his five cards. "I'll go first." he said as he drew his sixth and looked at his hand. Dark Magician Girl, Magical Dimension, Magic Cylinder, The Tricky, Sorcerer of Dark Magic, and Magician's Valkyrie. "I discard my Magician's Valkyrie in order to Special Summon the Tricky." said Yugi as he placed Magician's Valkyrie in the graveyard and placed the Tricky in attack mode on the wing of the duel disk.

The moment the card was placed, the hologram of the Tricky appeared. "I place one card face down and end my turn." said Yugi as he placed a card in the Spell/Trap card zone and the hologram of a face down card appeared.

"Wow, big move already." said Joey as he drew his card. "I summon Red-Eyes. B. Chick in attack mode." said Joey as he summoned his monster, the hologram of a baby dragon appearing. "But that's not all, I activate its special ability. Now I can send it to the graveyard to special summon my Red-Eyes B. Dragon."

As Joey sent his dragon to the grave and placed his favorite card on the duel disk, the hologram of the Red-Eyes B. Dragon appeared, roaring loudly at Yugi. "Now, attack the Tricky!" shouted Joey as the Red-Eyes B. Dragon launched its attack.

"Hold on, I activate my trap card." said Yugi, pressing the button on his duel disk to reveal his face down, Magic Cylinder. The attack was redirected to Joey's life points instead of the Tricky's, dropping Joey's life points form 4000 to 1600.

"Ugh...I place one card face down and end my turn. Your move, Yugi." said Joey, slightly discouraged.

Yugi drew his card, revealing it to be Sage's Stone. Place the card in his hand, Yugi grabbed the card Magical Dimension. "I activate the Spell Card, Magical Dimension. This card destroys my Tricky and lets me Summon a new Spellcaster in its place." said Yugi as the Tricky disappeared.

"I summon Dark Magicial Girl." said Yugi as she appeared in front of him. "Also, it destroys one of your monsters, Joey."

"What!" said Joey in surprise as his Red-Eyes B. Dragon was destroyed.

"Next I activate Sage's Stone, which lets me summon Dark Magician." said Yugi as he searched his deck, pulling out the Dark Magician and setting it on the field. "However, I'm not done there. I sacrifice my two Magicians to summon Sorcerer of Dark Magic!" said Yugi as he summoned it to the field.

The Sorcerer of Dark Magic appeared, preparing for attack. "Now, Sorcerer of Dark Magic, attack Joey's life points directly! Joey looked in utter horror as the monster attacked Joey directly, dropping the life points from 1600 to 0.

"Man...You creamed me Yugi." said Joey, falling to one knee.

"What was your face down card?" asked Yugi, surprised he won so quickly.

"Graceful Dice. I was hoping that you would attack with my Red-Eyes still on the field." said Joey as he took the card out of the duel disk to show Yugi. "Looks like you haven't lost a step."

Yugi chuckled, helping his old friend to his feet. "Perhaps." said Yugi. At that moment, he had the strangest feeling he was being watched. Looking around, he couldn't find anything suspicious that would give him that feeling. "Huh..."

"Yugi? What's going on?" asked Joey, noticing the strange behavior.

"Nothing...Here, come in and we'll have a drink. Tea will be glad to see you."

"Yeah, it has been a while." said Joey as he and Yugi walked back into the shop together.

At that moment, a man in a black and violet cloak stepped from behind a building a block away from the game shop, smirking to himself as he spoke. "So, Yugi hasn't lost his touch. It'll bring me much pleasure to bring Yugi to his knees."

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