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Chapter 2

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Chapter: 2
The Meeting

The clock ticked to 12:30 P.M as Yugi Moto stepped off of the elevator, walking into the top floor of the Kaiba Corp. main office. Walking over to the secretary, Yugi checked in and was pointed to a large double door. Thanking her, Yugi Moto walked to the door and placed his hand on the handle, pulling it down and pushed the door open and looked inside. The room was large and had two couches, a armchair, flat screen TV, a few plants, and a desk near the front of a very large window. And behind the desk, sitting in the chair, was Seto Kaiba.

“Welcome, Yugi.” said Seto Kaiba. He certainly aged over the years. His hair was a little longer, and darker with strands of gray mixed with his dark brown hair. He also had a small goatee and beard. “Take a seat, we have business to discuss.” he said, getting straight to the point.

Yugi eyed Kaiba as he walked to the seat in front of Kaiba, which was less comfortable than Kaiba's. “What business do we have to discuss?” askedYugi.

“What do you think?” asked Kaiba, leaning forward and placing his cupped hands on his chin. “As we both know, you lost your title as King of Games several years ago and haven't dueled since. And don't give me the 'I have a family' excuse.” shot Kaiba.

“Well, I do have a family now.” said Yugi as he leaned back into his chair, crossing his arms. Looking away from Kaiba, he saw a photograph of a younger Seto Kaiba, Mokuba, a young woman and a child. “Is that Mokuba's wife?” asked Yugi.

Kaiba's face went rather stone as he reached over and grabbed the photograph. “Yes, this is Catherine before she and Mokuba died.” said Kaiba quietly. “After their deaths, I've taken in Kisara as my own.” he said.

“I see.” said Yugi after a short pause. “It was an unfortunate event.”

“Yes, it was.” said Kaiba as he took the picture and placed it in his desk drawer and withdrew his Duel Deck. “I hope you have your deck ready, because I will be the one to claim the title of the new King of Games.”

“You are still on that, aren't you?” asked Yugi, uncrossing his arm and withdrew his deck from his belt, opening it and withdrawing the Egyptian God cards as Kaiba withdrew his three Blue-Eyes White Dragon's.

“Yes, I am. You know full well that against me, you have fought your hardest battle. And during your championship match, you heard that your wife, Tea Gardner, or Moto now, was giving birth to your child, Sabrina. When you gave up that match, you also forfeited your title. And you never bothered to get your title back.” stated Seto Kaiba. “I never had my chance to defeat you and finally take that title that belongs to me.

Yugi growled, his purple eyes meeting Seto's blue eyes. “Is that all you care about? You're older than I am, and yet you aren't married or have kids yourself.”

Kaiba smirked. “Actually, I plan to propose to my girlfriend of five years after I defeat you.” he said shamelessly as he leaned back into his chair. “I think it will be a great night to do so.”

“Are you serious? That doesn't seem to romantic to me.” said Yugi.

“Yes, I am.”

“Well, she must be big into Duel Monsters as well. Isn't she a model?”

“Yes, she is a model. I wouldn't lower my standards for anyone else less than great, like myself.” said Kaiba, not bothering to cover his ego.

Yugi sighed, standing up. “Is there anything else we have to discuss?”

“Not really. Although I should inform you that the preliminary matches being in six days in the Kaiba Dome. There will be a total of sixty four duelists of the best duelists of the world, and the top eight will be in the Quarter Finals of the Tournament. You, along with myself and Kisara, will be in the Quarter Finals as well.” said Yugi.

“What, Kisara will be in the Tournament as well?” asked Yugi.

“Of course. It was her that actually came up with the idea of hosting this tournament. And of course, this will be played without those silly motor cycles. So the World Champion and Intercontinental Champion, Yusei Fudo and Jaden Yuki, will also take place.”

“Jaden Yuki and Yusei Fudo?”

“Of course. Don't you keep up with the news?”

Yugi laughed lightly as he turned around and began to walk away. “I suppose not. This will be an interesting tournament.”

“Yes, it is.”

Yugi returned home about an hour after leaving Kaiba's office. After hanging up his jacket, he saw a tall figure standing in the center of the room. “Who are you?” asked Yugi.

The figure in the black and violet robe ignored his question. “If you want to see your wife and daughter again, you will duel me. Meet me at the Kaiba Dome, or you will never see your daughter again.” he said, then was surrounded in a black mist and disappeared.

Yugi stood there, shocked. After shaking the shock, Yugi checked the house to find it barren. Tea was no where in sight. Filled with anger and fear, Yugi grabbed his duel disk and quickly made his way to the Kaiba Dome. As the car pulled up at the front, he saw that the guards who usually guarded the front
door were gone. Pushing his curiosity to the back of his mind and rushed into the Dome and towards the Duel Arena.

Running into the Duel Arena, he saw the mysterious man on one side of the arena. “Where is Tea and Sabrina!” yelled Yugi as he walked up the ramp and to the opposite end the arena.
“All will be answered later.” said the mysterious man, switching on his Duel Disk and drawing the first five cards. Yugi did the same, seeing no choice in the matter. “I'll go first.” said the man. After a quick glace at his cards, he picked a card from his hand. “I will set this card in defense mode. And two cards face down.”

“And its my turn.” said Yugi as he drew his card and looked at his hand. “I will summo Magician's Valkyria.” he said as he placed the card on the Duel Disk. The beautiful magician made the appearance on the field. “Now, attack!” said Yugi as the magician attacked.

As the blast hit the face down monster card, Morphing Jar appeared and was destroyed.

“The effect of Morphing Jar activated.” said the figure, discarding the three cards he had left in his hand. “When this card if flipped, we each discard our hand and draw five cards.” he said as he drew five more cards.

“Yugi growled as he sent Buster Blader, Obilisk theTormentor, Queen's Night, another Magician's Valkyria, and Sage's Stone to the graveyard and drew a new hand and looked at it. Now he hand Monster Reborn, Magical Dimension, Breaker the Magical Warrior, Magical Cylinder, and Dark Magician Girl.

“I will end my turn with one card face down.” said Yugi as he set one card face down.

“Before I start my turn, I will activate my face down card, Call of the Haunted.” he said as he pressed a button on his duel disk and one of the face down card revealed itself as Call of the Haunted. “And the monster I choose is Oracle of the Sun.” he said as he took the card from his graveyard and placed it on the field. “But that's not all, I also activate Call of the Reaper, which allows me to summon Supry from my graveyard.” he said as another Trap card activated and a monster he has never seen before appeared on the field.

“My draw.” he said as he drew his card. “Now, I will Synchro Summon my Oracle of the Sun and my Supray to bring out my Moon Dragon Quilla!” he said as the monsters joined together, and a large Dragon with several heads appeared on the field, a moon in the center of the heads. “And that's not all. I will now summon my Apocatiquil” he said as he placed another monster on the field.

“Now, my Quilla will attack your Valkyria.” he said, Quilla firing several shots at the her.

“Hold on, I activate my Trap Card.” he said as he revealed the trap to be Magical Cylinder.

“What!” yelled the man as the Cylinder's appeared and the blasts shot through one Cylinder and shot back at him, dropping his life points from 4000 to 1500. “Lucky shot.” he said. “Now, my Apocatiquil will take a shot at your Magician.” he said as his monster attacked. Having no counter, the Valkyria took the hit and was destroyed, Yugi's life points dropping to 3800.

“I will set two cards face down, and end my turn.” he said as two more cards appeared behind his monsters.

“I draw.” said Yugi as he drew his card. A small smile flashed on his lips as he saw what he drew. “I will place one card face down, and activate Monster Reborn!” said Yugi as he played the Spell Card. “And the monster I will bring back is my Obelisk, the Tormentor!” yelled Yugi as the fearsome monster appeared, its large form taking up most of the Arena. The figure could not speak as Yugi went into his battle phase. “Now, Obelisk the Tormentor, attack his Moon Dragon Quilla!” he said as Obelisk launched its attack.

“Hold on, I now activate Quilla's effect. I gain life points half to your monsters attack.” he said, a grin apparent from under the hood that hid his face. His life point tracker rose by 2000, making his life points 3500 as the attack hit, destroying Quilla and his life points dropping back down to 2000.

“Damn it.” said Yugi as his turn ended, Obelisk the Tormentor returning to his graveyard.

“Looks like the end is near for you, as I activate my Limit Reverse card.” said the mysterious man after drawing his card. “I now special summon my Fire Ant Ascator.” he said as he placed a weak looking insect in attack mode. “I will now Synchro Summon my Ascator and my Apocatiquil to bring out my Sun Dragon Inti!” said the man as the two monsters formed together and another four headed Dragon appeared, this one having a grand total of 3000 attack points.

“Your time has come, Yugi Moto.” said the stranger as Sun Dragon Inti roared at the former King of Games.

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