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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3
The Return of the Immortals

Yugi barred his teeth as Sun Dragon Inti glared at Yugi, as if ready to ponce on him. “Well well well,” said the mysterious man in the black robe. “It looks like even though my Sun Dragon won't be able to defeat you this turn, it will certainly take a big chuck on your life points.” mocked the stranger. “Now it's time for your doom, just like my father should have done all those years ago!” he shouted as Yugi's eyes widened.

“Your father?”

“Sun Dragon Inti, attack!” shouted the man as the Dragon launched a powerful attack against Yugi.

“Hold on, I have a Trap. Mirror Force!” yelled Yugi as he activated the Trap card, destroying Sun Dragon Inti. Yugi smiled in trump, but he saw that his work seemed for naught, as the mysterious man was grinning.

“I place one card face down, and end my turn.” he said.

Yugi drew his card and almost at that instant, there was a brilliant blue glow and Moon Dragon Quilla returned to the field. “What, your dragon comes back?” asked Yugi.

“Yes, it does,” said the man. “You see, when Inti is destroyed, Quilla comes back at the Standby Phase the turn after it was destroyed. And if Quilla is destroyed, Inti comes back immediately.” said the man with a smirk. “Destroy one, the other comes back. And destroy that one, the other returns in its place.”

Yugi groaned, feeling hopeless until he saw the card he drew. “Maybe this will work.” he said to himself as he summoned Breaker the Magical Warrior. “I actviate my Breakers ability. I add one spell counter on him to raise his attack to 1900. However, I remove the spell counter to destroy your face down that you just set.” said Yugi.

The Trap card revealed itself to be Mirror Force before it was destroyed. “Now, I activate my Pot of Greed to draw two cards.” he said as he drew the two cards. In his hand was Magical Dimension, Dark Magician Girl, Dark Magician, and Lightning Vortex. Perfect.

“I now activate my Magical Dimension. I tribute my Breaker the Magical Warrior to special summon Dark Magician.” he said as Breaker the Magical Warrior disappeared and Dark Magician appeared. “Also, I get to destroy one monster on the field. And I choose your Moon Dragon Quilla!” he said as Quilla was destroyed but Inti returned almost immediately.

“Is that all?” he asked, chucking. “You just made your problem worse. Now, I have Inti on the field and you have only the Dark Magician. You aren't going to beat me with him.

“Wrong, because I play one more card. And the card I play is Lightning Vortex!” he exclaimed as he activated Lightning Vortex, discarding his Dark Magician Girl.

“What!” he yelled in shock as Inti was destroyed.

“Now, Dark Magician, attack his life points directly!” he yelled, the Dark Magician launching his attack.

At first, the man looked scared until he grinned. “I activate my Trap, Sacrifice of Honor.” he said as he activated the card, negating the attack.

“But how!” said Yugi, surprised that the trap he never heard of blocked the attack, and even more as two tokens appeared. “Explain yourself.” said Yugi, gritting his teeth.

The man laughed. “Sacrifice of Honor can only be activated when I have 3000 or less life points, which I obviously do with 2000. I am allowed to summon two Sacrifice Stone Tokens, and cannot be tributed except for an Earthbound Immortal monster. Did I mention I also get to add one to my hand?”

“An Earthbound what?” asked Yugi as the strange man added a card to his hand.

“You will see next turn.” he said as he drew his card and Sun Dragon Quilla returned from the grave. “Now, I will place three cards face down.” he said as three Spells or Traps were placed face down onto the Field. He now only had two cards in his hand. “Next, I will activate the Field Spell, Mausoleum of the Emperor.” he said as an extra slot at the end of the duel disk opened and the Field Spell was activated.

The arena transformed into what looked like a temple, each standing on the side of a large pit with what looked like sarcophagus's at the bottom of the pit. “What does this card do?” asked Yugi.

“Of course, you wouldn't know.” sighed the man, as if bored now. “You see, I am allowed to pay life points equal to 1000 in order to normal summon or set a high level monster. This would work great with my Earthbound Immortal, however I only need a Field Spell in play.” said the man with a grin.

“Now, I will tribute my two Sacrifice Stone Tokens to summon my Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca.” he said as he placed the card on the Duel Disk. Immediately, the area began to shake as a bright violet light shot up into the air. Yugi had to squint his eyes to see what looked like a heart beating, and soon flashes of light began to gather at the heart. Then in a bright flash, the earth shook an a large birdlike figure arose from what seemed to be the ground. It was huge, larger than a building. It was mostly black and violet veins webbed the card. It resembled a Condor.

“I've seen that card before...Five years ago, in fact.” Yugi looked back at the mysterious man and yelled across from the pit. “Who are you!”

“My name is Krobra Ishtar. My father is Marik Ishtar.” said the man as he took off his hood.

Yugi's eyes widdened. Maxtla was young, no older than 18 years of age. He looked a lot like Marik too, except his hair was black instead of blond. His eyes were purple too, just like Marik's was. He was almost a spitting image of his father when he dueled him all those years ago in the Battle City Finals.

“Krobra, what is the meaning of this.” asked Yugi.

“It's very simple. After my parents death's, I had to live in an orphanage. I had hated how my father had lost to you, losing the Winged Dragon of Ra and was quickly forgotten by everyone else. He had to devote his life to serving the Pharaoh. And when he was finally free, he felt he had no other purpose in life. He met my mother one day and the two of them got married. All was fine until I was born. My mother died at birth and my father soon after from a disease. I was left to grow up alone.”

“I longed for the day that I could defeat you and claim the title my father should have gotten. Then a year ago, I heard that you lost your title, and lost it a long time ago. It infuriated me to know that you lost your title before I had a chance to defeat you, just like my father should have all those years ago. I was so angry, I found a card one day by my window. The card was this Earthbound Immortal.” he said as he touched Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca at the top of the card, his finger running across the name of the card.

“With this card, I can now claim what should by my family's right. I will defeat you, no matter what the cost is. Even if it costs me my soul, I will defeat you!” he said. Pointing at Yugi. “Lucky for you, My Earthbound Immortal only has 100 attack points. Normally I would have to return up to three cards on the field to my deck and you discard that many cards for my Earthbound Immortal to gain 1000 attack points for each card discarded. But lucky for you, you don't have a single card on the field and only have that puny Dark Magician.”

“Krobra, wait a second.” said Yugi, but it was too late.

“Go, my Sun Dragon Inti, attack his Dark Magician!” he yelled, Sun Dragon Inti attacking the Dark Magician and was destroyed immediately, Yugi's life points dropping to 3300. “Now, My Earthbound Immortal will attack you directly!” The Earthbound Immortal made its attack, which dropped Yugi's life points down to 3200. He didn't know why, but those attacked felt real. His body ached as if he was hit by a train. He kneeled down to one knee, breathing hard as he was now in pain and exhausted.

“Your move.” said Krobra with a smirk.

Yugi stood up slowly and drew his card, which turned out to be the Tricky. Useless here. “I end my turn.” said Yugi, doing nothing as he gritted his teeth.

“Oh, really now? Nothing you can do?” mocked Krobra as he drew his card. “My Sun Dragon Inti and my Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca will attack you directly!” he yelled, both monsters making their direct attacks. As Yugi's life points dropped to 100, Yugi fell to the floor, barely able to move.

Krobra snorted, placing his hands on his sides. “Well, that wasn't fun.” he said as he turned off his duel disk. The images of Sun Dragon Inti and Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca disappeared, but the damages remained. Most of the arena was trashed, large cracks in the cement and chunks of the ground were missing.

“Looks like you have a lot to look forward to, now that you've seen my power. Don't think I'm going to go easy on you, just because this time you couldn't even make a move.” mocked Krobra, kicking Yugi's side. “Next time, my Aztec Deck will defeat you and take your life with it. You better expect that.” he said as he turned around, and disappeared into the darkness. The siren's blasted the area as Yugi's conscious slipped and he passed out.

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wow i would totally rate that a 10/10 that must of took a long time to do and hardwork put in to it


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