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Testing Results for Echo

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Testing Results for Echo Empty Testing Results for Echo

Post by Vaati on 2010-05-04, 00:22

Testee: Echo
Testee Deck: Black Garden Plant
Card Knowledge: 5/5
Rulings Knowledge: 4/5
Performance: 4/5
Total Score: 12/15
Test Deck Used: Aztec
Details: This duelist needs to sharpen it's edges a little more. The card knowledge is just perfect. He knows every single part of his card which could let him combo easily. His rulings knowledge is above avarage. He knows almost every rule. One mistake he made was the targetting with bottomless trap hole. Deck building looks good, but one small advice, give your opponent a chance to chain. Sometimes you were going just to quick.

Dorm Entry: Raviel Dorm


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