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Rules for Articles Empty Rules for Articles

Post by Krobra on 2010-03-17, 00:04

1. Most important rule. NO plagiarizing. Anyone caught doing so will be banned, no questions asked. If you are going to use an article that has already been written, give credit and get permission from that person. Give name or username, Academy affiliation, and date published

2. Grammar and Spelling must be good. A badly written article will be removed.

3. Write recent articles. Outdated Articles will be checked for suspicion.

4. If you are bringing in an article from another academy or site that you have written, please post at the top or bottom the date, username, and Academy or Academies you posted this first.

5. All Articles will be checked online for plagiarizing. If you copied and pasted, you will be caught.

6. If Plagiarizing gets out of control, only a few will have rights to post Articles.

Rules for Articles LSet

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