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Testing Results for Tiger Tyranno

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Testing Results for Tiger Tyranno Empty Testing Results for Tiger Tyranno

Post by Mino on 2010-05-08, 04:08

Testee: Tiger Tyranno
Testee Deck: Twilight, Chain Strike Burn/GK Deck
Card knowledge: 3/5
Ruling knowledge: 2/5
Performance: 2/5
Total score: 7/15
I see potential in you. You know what kind of deck you want to make, but haven't gotten a grasp of the complex plays and such you could be making. With some experience, you can be a very good duelist. I would suggest you comb through sites like TCGplayer, Yugiohcardmaker, etc, and brush up on your deck building skills. Don't netdeck, cause that doesn't help you, but look at the strategies and such that people are using. Also, take a look at youtube. There are many many videos of duels. You can learn a lot from that. I hope to see you in Raviel soon!
I think you will do fine in Hamon Yellow for now.

Some things for you to look over:
Seem to waste your cards too early, especially with your first deck.

Celestia only destroys 2 cards. You could've waited to activate Shrink until after I chose my targets, then activated, saving you 1 spell/trap, which happens to be mirror force in our situation.

Your Twilight deck lacked several necessary cards. They may have been there, but you didn't use them. Also, Rinyan shouldn't be in a Twilight Build that runs so many Blackwings. In twilight, the focus is supposed to be to use the LS mill and draw engine to get the cards you need.

Also, you played BW Blizzard for no reason. You could've used Shura instead and gotten a synchro next turn and Bora. Think about your plays a bit more before executing them.

Didn't get the point behind your chain strike deck, and didn't get to see its plays. I would suggest trying a more consistent build so you can make your plays no matter the situation.

When you side deck, you have to enter the next duel with the same amount of cards as you had originally. Also, a max of only 15 cards can be changed.

Even after you side decked 5 extra cards, I saw no Light Imprisoning Mirror, Nobmleman of Crossout, etc considering I was using Hamstersworn in your meta test. I was extremely disappointed. Then you blamed it on your luck Sad. I will say no more on this topic.

GK Priestess is a continuous effect, therefore, if you summon a GK monster, it will atuomatically gain 200 atk.

Ally of Justice Unknown Crushers effect doesn't work with facedown monsters, only faceup ones.

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Testing Results for Tiger Tyranno Empty Re: Testing Results for Tiger Tyranno

Post by Krobra on 2010-05-08, 06:45

Rank Awarded and Locked.

Testing Results for Tiger Tyranno LSet

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