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Post by Kimo Force on 2010-05-09, 14:52

Chapter 3: Welcome to the Club

*Rash starts hearing voices he can recognize*
BEN: I don't want that pip-squeak on the team, you hear me?
???: Are you mad? He's Yugi Muto's son! If his dad saved the world before, I know he can too!
LEWIS: He's waking up!
*Rash opens his eyes and spots Ben, Lewis and an unknown man who looked 20, staring down at him.*

AREA: Hospital (patient room)

*Rash sits up*
LEWIS: Hey Rash!
RASH: What happened?
BEN: You fought a Shadow Duelist and eventually won. When it comes to saving the world, you still beat me.
LEWIS: We found both you John unconscious after the duel. The doctor said you'll be fine, but John seems to be in a serious comma. Rash, you're a hero!
RASH: Really?
???: Yeah!
RASH: Hey is he new here?
ERIC: Actually, no. I am Eric Fudo, Yusei Fudo's great grandson. I came here to stop the madness that would occur years in the future and....
LEWIS: No, let me tell him.
RASH: Are you guys fooling around with me? From the future? C'mon! Everyone knows you can only travel to the future but not from the future.
LEWIS: Rash, listen to me carefully!
RASH: Hey, are my parents here.
LEWIS: Yes, but we asked for a moment with you so we could inform you on what's going on.
RASH: Ok...
LEWIS: Your father stopped the Shadow Duelist rampage long before we we're all born. However, Ryan's older brother, Steve, somehow revived that evil. We are not sure what happened, but we think that he was chosen by a mysterious evil called the Wicked Gods. The Wicked Avatar chose him to be his master, turning him to the dark side. We heard of a huge accident at his college, which we doubt was caused by him. His sister, Amy, was chosen by The Wicked Eraser, thus joining her brother in his actions.
RASH: So Nightshroud didn't lie after all! Why didn't you guys tell me before?
LEWIS: We couldn't, Rash. Just let me explain. No one could stand up to them, but one man called Leo Hailong. He was able to stop them and prevent them from attacking the city, but he claims that they will be back someday, and he won't be there to save us. He started training people and build an army to stop those Shadow Duelists. I was one of those students that Master Leo Hailong trained. He taught us that duelists that have the gift to see monster spirits will one day save the earth. I then left after my training was complete and started the society here, 4 years ago, called "Spirit Observers". Only duelists that can see card spirits are allowed to join. We thought you couldn't see them, Rash, until when we saw your Matrix Kuriboh.
RASH: Wow! So where is he right now? and where is Jasmine?
LEWIS: Outside, waiting. Though Matrix Kuriboh is trying to get in Harpie Girl's good books.
*Through the window, Rash can see Matrix Kuriboh holding out flowers to Harpie Girl, who is completely ignoring him.
RASH: Poor guy.
ERIC: Yeah.
RASH: Wait! What happened to John?
BEN: He's in a serious coma. Who knows when he'll wake up. The doctor told us they're trying their best.
*Three beams of light spark from Eric, Lewis and Ben's decks. Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter, Gladiator Beast Murmillo and X-Saber Passiul appear. Everyone in the room is shocked*
*Ryko starts pulling on Lewis' trousers*
LEWIS: We're not playing fetch right now, Ryko.
*Murmillo jumps from the ground and into the fish tank near the window, then starts to breathe normally*
BEN: Hey, who ever told you to get out of your card!
X-SABER PASSIUL: I don' know 'bout you guyz, but I'm sure starving, mates.
RASH: Wow! I never knew Passiul was Brittish!
*Passiul swings sword towards Rash*
RASH: Hey!
X-SABER PASSIUL: Got a problem with Britain, mate?
RASH: Eh... of course not! Why would I? Hehehehehe!
*Passiul swings back sword on his back*
X-SABER PASSIUL: Thought so...
ERIC: Calm down, Passiul. He's a friend.
X-SABER PASSIUL: And a bloody one too!
RASH: Hey!
*Ryko pulls even more on Lewis' trousers*
LEWIS: Stop it right now, Ryko! *clears throat* Anyway, as Eric said, he was able to use a D-Wheel by reprogramming it so it could travel back in time. His brother, however, decided to help Steve and Amy out, by revealing Eric's plan. We decided he could lay low for a while with us, then we discovered he could see card spirits, so we asked him to join and he accepted.
RASH: That's all?
LEWIS: So far, yes.
RASH: Wait! Who are the members of Spirit Observers?
LEWIS: You, Ben, Eric, Jasmine and John and I. We believe your sister and Ben's brother can see spirits as well.
BEN: I told you, I tried showing Murmillo to him but he could never see him.
LEWIS: Ok, maybe just your sister.
RASH: I have something else to say.
RASH *stomach growls* I'm hungry!
*The others inside the room laugh*
RASH: Hey! I need to ask dad something quick.
*Rash jumps out of bed and realizes that he's in pyjamas*
RASH: But first, I need to wear something on.


AREA: Spirit Observers' Headquarters (computer room)

*Jasmine, Rash, Eric, Ben, Rash and other card spirits enter*
MATRIX KURIBOH: I was wondering if you want to go out on Friday.
HARPIE GIRL: Stop following me!
MATRIX KURIBOH: How 'bout Saturday then? *grins*
HARPIE GIRL: UUUH!! *turn her back to Matrix Kuriboh*
MATRIX KURIBOH: *sigh* It's hopeless to make new friends.
RASH: (Poor guy. He has no one that understands him because he's a matrix.) So, what do we have here?
LEWIS: This is the database, where we can spy on Domino City to look for any suspicious actvity going on. It also...
*Screen shows the text "Incoming Call"*
LEWIS: What? How can anyone find out about us?
X-SABER PAUSSIUL: Probably one of those American hackers. They're really nasty at hacking, mate.
*Screen shows Steve*
STEVE: Good evening, gentlemen and Miss Wheeler.
LEWIS: Steve! What is it?
STEVE: Nothing. I just wanted to tell you that we'll be having a Shadow ceremony in the city in a while. We wanted you to join in the fun.
LEWIS: Keep your filthy claws off my city!
STEVE: Now, now, Lewis. No need to be angry. I mean, where can we have our ceremony except for the city.
RASH: Hold on! I have a deal to make!
LEWIS: Don't butt in, Rash.
RASH: No, you don't butt in! I know what I'm doing here.
STEVE: Well, let's see what Rashy boy here has to say.
RASH: I could create a virtual world where you guys can do whatever you want without harming anyone. You'll even find lots of AI victims there, without hurting anybody.
STEVE: Well, why should we? What will be the fun about that?
RASH: If you do keep your promise about this deal, I'll give you these.

Chapter 3 JMP-EN004
Chapter 3 Slifer_yma
Chapter 3 Ra1

RASH: Don't worry, I know perfectly what I'm doing.
STEVE: The three Egyptian God Cards in exchange that we don't hurt poeple. Rashy boy, you just got yourself a deal.
RASH: *grins* Great!
*cards disappear and appear in Steve's hand*
RASH: Now go.
STEVE: As you wish! (I'll just enter along with my troops and come back out while he isn't looking!)
*Rash presses a couple of buttons then a portal appears at Steve's side*
STEVE: Troops! I want you to go inside that portal.
*Entire Shadow Duelist troop enters portal*
STEVE: Thanks for the cards, Rashy Boy!
*Steve enters portal, then portal closes. The signal cuts*
RASH: You mean THESE? *pulls out original god cards*
LEWIS: But...
RASH: HAHA! I can't believe he fell for it! HAHAHAHAHA *rolls on the floor*
BEN: What's going on?
X-SABER PAUSSIUL: I told you Americans were stupid.
BEN: For your own information, I'm the only American in this room.
X-SABER PAUSSIUL: Well, you're a living proof of that statement!
BEN: Hey!
LEWIS: Ok, what happened!
RASH: I gave him fake cards and I set the portal so that it never opens again.
LEWIS: Rash! We're trying to save them, not destroy them. Remember, our friend's brother and sister.
RASH: Look! I can release then whenever I want, but let's keep them there until we think of how to stop them.
LEWIS: You do have a point, Rash.
RASH: So, what time is it?
LEWIS: 4:00 in the morning. Uh-Oh!
EVERYONE BUT ERIC: We forgot to finish our assignments!
*Everyone but Eric rushes outside the room except for card spirits*
MATRIX KURIBOH: So how about Sunday?
*Harpie Girl punches Matrix Kuriboh, who hits the wall hardly and then faints the same way they do on that stupid Poke'mon show*
X-SABER PAUSSIUL: Kuribohs! You just can't get enough of them; there's always one everywhere.

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