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Krobra's Lesson 1: The Game

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Krobra's Lesson 1: The Game Empty Krobra's Lesson 1: The Game

Post by Krobra on 2010-03-17, 00:38

Hello, please be seated as I am about to begin the first ever lesson in Duel Monsters (Yu-Gi-Oh to us). My source for my information is the Official Rule Book, Version 7.0. This lesson will be the basic fundamentals of playing the game.

The first importance piece to playing the game is your Deck. Your deck consists of your Main Deck, which consists of 40-60 cards that include Normal Monsters, Effect Monsters, Spells, Traps, and Rituals. These card groups will be explained later.

Next, your Side Deck. Your Side deck is a deck consisted of 0-15 cards that you are allowed to swap with your main deck during Match Duels. The next deck you can use is the Extra Deck. An Extra deck also consists of 0-15 cards that include Fusion Monsters and Synchro Monsters.

Where do you get these cards? You can order them separately online or purchase them in Structure Decks or Booster Packs. There is literally thousands of different cards and art works out there, so making decks shouldn't pose a problem.

Other items you will need are Dice, Coins, Counters, and Monster Tokens. Card Sleeves and a Calculator is also helpful for dueling.

Now, for the game mat. Please look at the following Picture here.

As you can see, There are five different areas on this mat. First is the Deck Zone. This is where you place your deck of cards for Drawing. The next zone is the Graveyard. This is where the cards go once they are destroyed or removed from the field. The zones next to the Graveyard are the Monster Zones, where you place a monster in Attack or Defense Position. For Attack Position, you lay the card vertical. For Defense, you lay the card horizontal.

The zone below the Monster Zones are the Spell/Trap Zones where you place Spell and Trap cards. The zones next to those are the Field Zone and Extra Deck Zone. The Field Zone is where you play the Field Card which gives the field an effect and lasts until it is removed. The Field Zone, when occupied face up can effect the Field and Graveyard, depending on the card.

Now, for the Quiz. Please PM me the answers if you wish to take this quiz. Please do not reveal the answers, as they will be posted next week with the highest score mentioned. Here is the Quiz:

1. True or False: You cannot place Spell/Trap Cards in the Monster Zone
2. True or False: The least number of cards you can have in a deck are 40 in the Main Deck, 0 in the Extra Deck, and 1 in the Side Deck.
3. True or False: Field Cards are Spell Cards.
4. Name all the Zones on the Dueling Mat.
5. Name what kinds of cards go in a Main Deck
6. Name what cards go into a Side Deck
7. Name what cards go in an Extra Deck
8. Where do cards go when Removed From Play?
9. Define the difference of Attack and Defense Position.
10. List what are the strongest cards in the game, and why.

Source: Krobra from TWA Academy, Written on March 15, 2010

Krobra's Lesson 1: The Game LSet

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