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Post by Kimo Force on 2010-05-09, 14:52

Chapter 4: The Black Rose Witch

AREA: Duel Academy (Domino City) (Rash's classroom)

*Everyone is taking notes in class*
CHANCELLOR CHEETAH (SPEAKERS): *Ahem* I have an announcement to make. All students are to leave the classroom and wait for me in the great hall. There is an important matter that must be discussed. Thank you.
RASH: Wonder what's going on.
LEWIS: Maybe it's something about the school.
RYAN: Or maybe he wants us to watch another lame advertisement.
RASH: Only one way to find out...


AREA: Duel Academy (Domino City) (great hall)

*Everyone is in the great hall. Councilor Cheetah is standing behind the announcement desk*
CHANCELLOR CHEETAH: *Ahem* Today is the day you've all worked hard and trained for. Every year, several academies are selected according to the students' progress in each academy to join in the tournament held in the first Duel Academy built by Kaiba Corporation.
BEN AND TOM: That's our dad!
CHANCELLOR CHEETAH: With all your help, our academy has been selected this year.
*Everyone shouts in joy*
CHANCELLOR CHEETAH: Attention! *ahem* As I was saying, we have been selected this year. However, only two students can join the tournament. Our teachers calculate your progress using the academy main computers. Everyone of you has two "T" points. Lose a duel and you lose one, but win a duel and you win one from who you dueled. In one week, we'll select the duelists with the highest amount of "T" points and then have them enter the finals here in this academy. The winners will be able to participate in the official worldwide tournament. So, start dueling!


AREA: Duel Academy (Domino City) (great hall)

*One week later...*
CHANCELLOR CHEETAH: The finalists have been announced! We have 8 finalists to duel for the grand tournament. We have Rash, Lewis, Ben, Ryan, Jasmine, Sarah, Akiza and Ashley.
*Ashley jumps while punching the air above*
RASH: Calm down, sis. You're embarrassing me.
ASHLEY: What? Can't I have a bit of fun here.
CHANCELLOR CHEETAH: For our first match, we have the duelists Ashley Muto and Ikiza Inziski.
ASHLEY: What?! Her?!
RASH: What's wrong?
ASHLEY: What I know is that people are afraid of her because they say she can make duel monsters real. There's a rumor saying that her parents sent her here just so they can stay away from her!
RASH: C'mon! Non of that is true.
ASHLEY: You think so?
RASH: I know so, sis. You're your father's girl, right?
ASHLEY: Yeah, but I stand up to her?
RASH: Sure you can! Just have faith.
ASHLEY: Ok. Thanks, bro.
RASH: Anytime.


AREA: Duel Academy (Domino City) (duel arena)

CHANCELLOR CHEETAH: Ok, ladies? Are you ready?
ASHLEY: Ready to roll, sir!
AKIZA: Hmph!
CHANCELLOR CHEETAH: Ok! On your mark! Get set! Duel!
BOTH DUELISTS: It's go time!
AKIZA: I'll start! *draws card* I summon Botanical Lion in defense mode.
*Botanical Lion appears on Akiza's field, colored blue and sitting*

Chapter 4 BotanicalLionCSOC-EN-SR-UE

ASHLEY: Yow! That's one nasty kitty!
AKIZA: I end my turn.
ASHLEY: Oh, yeah! My turn! *draws card* Ever heard of Atlantis? Cuz by discarding Warrior of Atlantis from my hand, I can take one A Legendary Ocean from my deck! And guess what? Here's Atlantis! I activate the field spell A Legendary Ocean! (I hope she doesn't make that real)
*The duel arena is covered with a giant bubble, where old building emerge from the ground. The crowd is amazed and watches from outside the bubble*

Chapter 4 ALegendaryOceanHL1-EN-C-UE
Chapter 4 WarriorofAtlantisFOTB-EN-R-1E

ASHLEY: Now I summon B.E.S Crystal Core in attack position!
*B.E.S Crystal Core appears. It's attack points rise by 200*

Chapter 4 BESCrystalCoreDR04-EN-SR-UE

AKIZA: How come? It's a level 5 machine monster!
ASHLEY: Never heard that it's a Water-attribute monster? My A Legendary Ocean downgrades the attack of Water monsters by 1, so that makes it a level 4 monster. Next, I add 3 counters on my Crystal Core. Each time it attacks, it loses 1 counter. If it attacks without one, I have to destroy it after damage calculation.
*3 counters are added to B.E.S Crystal Core*
Go Crystal Core! Crystal drill!
*Crystal uses one of it's tentacles and attacks with crystal drill*
*Crystal Core loses 1 counter*
ASHLEY: Alright! Guess I end my turn.
AKIZA: I'll draw *draws card* I'll have you feel the experience of facing a plant monster . I summon Twilight Rose Knight in attack mode!
*Twilight Rose Knight appears*

Chapter 4 TwilightRoseKnightCRMS-EN-SR-1E

AKIZA: Then when he's summoned, I can special summon a level 4 plant-type monster from my hand. I summon Cactus Fighter!
*Cactus Fighter appears*

Chapter 4 CactusFighterCSOC-EN-R-1E

AKIZA: I tune my Twilight Rose Knight with my Cactus Fighter!
*Twilight Rose Knight turns into 3 tuning rings. Cactus Fighter flies inside the ring*
AKIZA: I synchro summon Black Rose Dragon!
*Black Rose Dragon appears*

Chapter 4 BlackRoseDragonCT05-EN-ScR-LE

*Water in bubble turns real. Nor Ashley or Akiza can breathe*
LEWIS: They'll drown!
RASH: Go, Data Hero - Audio!
*holds up card. Audio appears*

Chapter 4 Audiosw

RASH: Burst that bubble now! Sonic Gun!
*Audio fires his sonic gun at the bubble. Bubble explodes and water splashes everywhere around the arena. It looked as if the arena was a small floating island, and where the crowd watched was high land*
ASHLEY: *cough**cough* (Thanks, bro) * gets up*
AKIZA: *gets up* Hmph! Just another mistake! Now I use Black Rose Dragon's ability! By removing from play one plant-type monster, one of your monsters has it's attack points reduced to 0!
*Cactus Fighter's spirit appears in front of Black Rose Dragon, which shatters it using it's huge jaws. Black Rose Dragon uses it's tentacles to hold B.E.S Crystal Core tight*
AKIZA: Go! Black Flare!
*Black Rose Dragon fires at Crystal Core*
*Ashley's LP = 4000 - 2400 = 1600*
ASHLEY: AAAAAAAAAAAAAah! It felt so real! Lucky, Crystal Core can't be destroyed in battle!
*Crystal Core has only one counter remaining*
AKIZA: No matter. I set a card then I end my turn.
ASHLEY: (Wow! What a let down! I have to do something fast! Luckily, I have Daedalus!) *draws card*
AKIZA: I activate Mask of Restrict! It prevents any player from tributing and monsters.

Chapter 4 MaskofRestrictDB1-EN-C-UE

ASHLEY: GRRRR! I set a card face-down and I end my turn.
AKIZA: My turn *draws card* I use Foolish Burial.

Chapter 4 FoolishBurialSDRL-EN-C-1E

AKIZA: I can send a monster card from my deck to the graveyard. Then I activate Black Rose Dragon's ability once again. By removing from play one...
ASHLEY: Yeah, yeah, yeah! We know already! You don't have to spill the beans twice.
*Lord Poison's spirit appears in front of Black Rose Dragon, which shatters it using it's huge jaws. Black Rose Dragon uses it's tentacles to hold B.E.S Crystal Core tight*

Chapter 4 LordPoisonGLD2-EN-C-LE

AKIZA: Now attack! Black Flare!
*Black Rose Dragon fires at Crystal Core*
ASHLEY: I activate Tornado Wall! If I have Umi on my field, I take no damage from battles.

Chapter 4 300px-TornadoWallSD4-EN-C-1E

AKIZA: But that's A Legendary Ocean.
AHSLEY: But it's effect makes it's name treated as Umi!
*Tornado Wall blocks Black Rose Dragon's attack*
*Crystal Core has no counters now*
AKIZA: Your move! Face it! There's no escape next turn!
ASHLEY: (What if she's right? Can I actually beat the unbeatable Black Rose Witch?) *kneels on ground with a thud*
RASH: *Stands up* Ashley! Remember how you'd duel against me! You'd always duel till the bitter end, no matter how hard it was to get through!
ASHLEY: (Rash's right! This isn't me. I can't give up now!) *stands up again* Ok! Let's do it to it! *draws card*
*card appears to be Aquatic Fusion*

Chapter 4 Fusionha

ASHLEY: Just what I needed! I activate Aquatic Fusion! By fusing Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo Daedalus and Levia Dragon - Daedalus together, I can form The Loch-Ness Monster!!!
*Loch-Ness Monster appears*

Chapter 4 OceanDragonLord-Neo-DaedalusSD4-EN-UR-UE
Chapter 4 Levia-Dragon-DaedalusDR2-EN-UR-UE
Chapter 4 Yalochness

AKIZA: Hmph! That thing is nothing against my Black Rose Dragon.
ASHLEY: Not quite! I use it's special ability! By sending my A Legendary Ocean, I can send all cards on the field except this card to the graveyard.
*Ashley sends A Legendary Ocean to the graveyard*
ASHLEY: Go! Tidal Wave!
*A huge tidal wave appears, which washes all cards out. Somehow, the water felt more computer generated than real, as Akiza prevented it from harming her.
AKIZA: Why you...
ASHLEY: I'm not done! *looks at Deep Sea Diva* (Ready, gal?)
DEEP SEA DIVA: (As usual!)
ASHLEY: (Ok, let's do it to it!) I summon my Deep Sea Diva!
*Deep Sea Diva appears*

Chapter 4 400px-DeepSeaDivaRGBT-EN-R-1E

ASHLEY: When she's summoned, I can special summon a level 3 sea serpent from my deck, so come out Mermaid Archer!
*Mermaid Archer appears*

Chapter 4 MermaidArcherRGBT-EN-C-1E

ASHLEY: Now tune up!
*Deep Sea Diva turns into 2 tuning rings. Mermaid Archer flies inside the ring*
ASHLEY" How about a little wave? I synchro summon Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon!
*Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon appears*

Chapter 4 400px-SeaDragonLordGishilnodonRGBT-EN-SR-1E

ASHLEY: How about ending this, boys? Go! Direct attack!
*Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon attacks with hydro pump while The Loch-Ness Monster attacks with Tidal Wave*
*Akiza's LP= 4000 - 4000 = 0
*Holograms disappear*
CHANCELLOR CHEETAH: Guess that makes Ashley the winner!
ASHLEY: Yahoo!
*crowd cheers*
RASH: Alright, Ashley!
RANDOM STUDENT: She's the first to defeat Akiza!
LEWIS: (Amazing! I sensed her talking to her cards. Maybe she can see spirits after all!)

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