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Chapter 5

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Post by Kimo Force on 2010-05-09, 14:53

Chapter 5: The Spirit World

AREA: Rash's house (living room)

ASHLEY: Did you see that?! How I pulled today's win?! I was like "oh no!" then I was "oh yeah!" and then I summoned my Loch-Ness and...
RASH: Woah! Slow down, will ya? Anyway, we need to talk.
ASHLEY: About?
RASH: You can see spirits right?
ASHLEY: Yeah, so?
RASH: You're part of us now.


AREA: Spirit World (great Maiden of the Aqua fountain)

*A grand party is being held, where all the spirits are invited there, except for Matrix Kuriboh*
HARPIE GIRL: That Matrix Kuriboh is a dork!
HARPIE LADY: You said it, honey.
*Matrix Kuriboh joins the party*
HARPIE GIRL: And there he comes!
MATRIX KURIBOH: Hello, everyone!
*Passuil steps in front of him*
X-SABER PASSUIL: Oi! Who told you to come here?
MATRIX KURIBOH: This place is public. Everyone's allowed here.
X-SABER PASSUIL: Everyone but YOU!
*punches Matrix Kuriboh and sends him flying back to the city*
X-SABER PASSIUL: HAHAHAHAHA! That better teach that bloody fuzzball!


AREA: Spirit World (dark ally)

*Dark Magician Girl is passing by, then hears sobbing from the ally*
MATRIX KURIBOH: Leave me alone! I'm ugly!
*Dark Magician Girl walks in the ally and spots a sobbing Matrix Kuriboh, sitting on a bench, blue and wet 1s and 0s falling from his eyes*
DARK MAGICIAN GIRL: Are you alright?
MATRIX KURIBOH: Y-Y-Yeah, I'm f-f-f-fine!
DARK MAGICIAN GIRL: Then why the long face?
MATRIX KURIBOH: C-C-Cuz n-n-no one wants t-t-to be with m-m-me because I-I-I'm ugly!
DARK MAGICIAN GIRL: Can I sit with you?
MATRIX KURIBOH: *looks surprised at her* Y-Y-You mean it?
*Matrix Kuriboh makes room for Dark Magician Girl to sit*
DARK MAGICIAN GIRL: So, what's your name?
MATRIX KURIBOH: My name is Matrix Kuriboh, but they call me E-Kuriboh for short.
DARK MAGICIAN GIRL: So where do you live Matrix Kuriboh?
MATRIX KURIBOH: I don't have a home. It was destroyed once I was created. My friends disappeared after the incident. Now I serve Master Rash Muto.
DARK MAGICIAN GIRL: Oh, I'm so sorry. Hey! Did you say Rash Muto?
DARK MAGICIAN GIRL: He's my master's son. Dark Magician and I would look out for him when Master Yugi Muto wasn't around.
*Junk Synchron and Speed Warrior walk by*
JUNK SYNCHRON: Do you know where the party is?
SPEED WARRIOR: Nope! I think we're lost.
JUNK SYNCHRON: Beats me *takes a glimpse in the dark ally and spots both monster spirits sitting there* Hey! It's Dark Magician Girl and E-Kuriboh!
*Both warriors walk towards them*
SPEED WARRIOR: What are you guys doing here?
DARK MAGICIAN GIRL: I'm trying to comfort Matrix Kuriboh a bit.
JUNK SYNCHRON: Hey, E-Kuriboh! What's got you down, pal!
MATRIX KURIBOH: Do I know you?
JUNK SYNCHRON: We've always wanted to see you after that awesome win you had with Rash Muto. It was pure awesomeness! Did you see him, Speedy? He just got there in time and if he wasn't there, Rash would become another Shadow Duelist!
MATRIX KURIBOH: *gasp* If I wasn't there would that happen?
SPEED WARRIOR: Yes! You saved not just one man's life, but two! You even saved his friend, John!
MATRIX KURIBOH: Wow! I did that?
JUNK SYNCHRON: Of course you did! You should know that no matter how small you are, you can still make a big difference. Take me and Speedy here! Alone, we're *ahem* just plain junk! When we came together, we created something big.
SPEED WARRIOR: Here we go again...
*Junk Synchron pulls tuning rope, then turns into 3 tuning rings. Speed Warrior flies inside the ring*
SPEED WARRIOR: Yee...(voice changes in an instant)...HAW!
*Junk Warrior appears*
DARK MAGICIAN GIRL: Well done, fellas!
JUNK WARRIOR: See! That's how it works. Just believe in yourself!
MATRIX KURIBOH: Yeah, that's right! I need to talk to Passiul at the party!
JUNK WARRIOR: Wait! You know where the party is?
DARK MAGICIAN GIRL: Can you take us there?
MATRIX KURIBOH: *gets off bench* Sure! Why not?
JUNK WARRIOR: You really are something, E-Kuriboh!
DARK MAGICIAN GIRL: *gets off bench* Thank you, E-Kuriboh! *kisses Matrix Kuriboh on cheek*
MATRIX KURIBOH: *cheeks blush* Aw, shucks!
*Junk Warrior de-synchros*
JUNK SYNCHRON: Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!
*All four leave*


AREA: Rash's house (living room)

ASHLEY: So let me get this straight! You want me to join this Spirit Observer Society, right?
RASH: Yep!
ASHLEY: Wow! That is so cool!
RASH: Glad you liked it. Let me show you where we operate.


AREA: Spirit World (great Maiden of the Aqua fountain)

DARK MAGICIAN GIRL: So this is where it is!
JUNK SYNCHRON: Neat! So where is this so-called Passiul?
MATRIX KURIBOH: *looks around* Over there! *points at X-Saber Passiul, who spots Matrix Kuriboh*
X-SABER PASSIUL: Oi! Didn't I say not to show your bloody face here?
MATRIX KURIBOH: Passiul! I'm sick of being pushed around!
*music stops and everyone looks at Matrix Kuriboh*
MATRIX KURIBOH: Yeah! You can't tell me what to do anymore!
X-SABER PASSIUL: *laughs* Well, let's see what you got, fuzzball!
MATRIX KURIBOH: Glad you asked!
*Junk Synchron plays music from cassette playe*
X-SABER PASSIUL: What's that?
*Matrix Kuriboh wears red baseball cap*
X-SABER PASSIUL: This better be good!
Hey Yo!
Mah name is E-Kuriboh!
Gonna make ya weep oh!
Cuz I'm awesome ditto!

Don't make fun of mah size!
You won't believe your eyes!
I'm super-awesome wise!
Dis ain't no disguise!

I'm gonna rock the floor!
Dancing to the core!
C'mon! Gimme some more!
It's time to start war

DARK MAGICIAN GIRL: "Are you guys trying to make a joke out of him?"
SPEED WARRIOR: "Don't worry! No one can break dance like E-Kuriboh, so we thought It'd be a way to get spirits to like him more"
*Matrix Kuriboh starts break dancing*
HARPIE GIRL: You know, he's pretty good!
CELTIC GUARDIAN: I agree! I could never break dance like that!
*crowd starts cheering Matrix Kuriboh*
MATRIX KURIBOH: Oh yeah! Word!
*Junk Synchron stops music*
*crowd applauds*
X-SABER PASSIUL: Ya know! He ain't bad! Wow! I couldn't dance like that back in the UK! Sorry for everything, mate! Hey! Could you teach us how to break dance like that?
MATRIX KURIBOH: Sure! Why not? *turns to Dark Magician Girl, Speed Warrior and Junk Synchron* Thanks, guys!
SPEED WARRIOR: No problem, E-Kuriboh!


AREA: Spirit Observers' Headquarters (computer room)

RASH: This is where we hang out usually, when we're checking for any suspicious actions taking place in the city and...
*Matrix Kuriboh drops in*
RASH: Oh, hey Matrix Kuriboh! We're have you been?
MATRIX KURIBOH: I was in the Spirit World. There was a grand party there.
RASH: Cool! How was it?
MATRIX KURIBOH: Let's just say that it was smashing!

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