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Post by Kimo Force on 2010-05-09, 14:53

Chapter 6: Hunter vs. Hunted

AREA: Duel Academy (Domino City) (great hall)

CHANCELLOR CHEETAH: *clears throat* Today, the next match of the finals begin. Miss Ashley Muto won yesterday's match. However, we'll take a break and have the other section start. Today, we have Rash Muto vs. Ben Kaiba.
*Ben and Rash exchange looks*
RASH: (This is it! I have to prouve myself)
BEN: (That half-pint is so going down!)


AREA: Duel Academy (Domino City) (great hall)

*Ben and Rash are standing on the duel arena*
CHANCELLOR CHEETAH: Are you ready? Get set!...
BEN: (I know that Rash's strategy. Good thing my Gladiator Beasts are ready for everything he shoots at me)
RASH AND BEN: It's go time!
RASH: The first move is mine! *draws card* I summon Data Hero - JPG
*Data Hero - JPG appears*

Chapter 6 Whatevaj

RASH: When he's summoned, I can draw a card. If it's not Data Hero - PNG, I have to destroy JPG.
*Rash draws Data Hero - GIF*
RASH: Ok, I didn't draw PNG, but I did draw this! *shows Data Hero - GIF*

Chapter 6 Wahoooo

BEN: What?!
RASH: When I draw this card using JPG's effect, I can negate the effect that would destroy it and special summon this card from my hand.
*special summons Data Hero - GIF*
RASH: Oh! I can also summon a Data Hero - PNG from my deck. So come out, Data Hero - PNG!
*Rash summons Data Hero - PNG to the field*

Chapter 6 Yayzk

RASH: Alright, boys! Synchro Time!
*Data Hero - JPG turns into 3 tuning rings. PNG and GIF fly inside the ring*
RASH: Let's do it to it! Go, Data Hero - Image!
*Image appears, then lands and punches the ground underneath him, which forms a crack*

Chapter 6 Ironmanomg

RASH: Now, I use his ability. By offering him as a tribute, I can draw 5 cards *Rash draws 5 cards*, but I have to give up 5 other cards.
*Rash sends 5 other cards from his hand to the graveyard*
RASH: Now it's your turn!
BEN: What was that all about?! Fine! *draws card* I summon Gladiator Beast Laquari.
*Gladiator Beast Laquari appears*

Chapter 6 GladiatorBeastLaquariGLAS-EN-R-1E

BEN: Go! Direct attack! Ember Claw!
*Laquari's claw sets on fire, then he attacks Rash with that claw*
*Rash's LP = 4000 - 1800 = 2200*
BEN: Plus, whenever a Gladiator Beast attacks or is attacked, I can tag it with another from my deck. So I send Laquari back to the deck, and special summon Gladiator Beast Equeste!
*Laquari disappears, then Gladiator Beast Equeste appears*

Chapter 6 GladiatorBeastEquesteTDGS-EN-C-1E

BEN: When he's summoned due to a tag, I can add a Gladiator Beast card from my deck to the hand. Nothing better than my Colosseum - Cage of the Gladiator Beasts!
*Ben adds Colosseum - Cage of the Gladiator Beasts to his hand*
BEN: Then I activate Colosseum - Cage of the Gladiator Beasts!
*A huge colosseum appears instead of the duel arena. Walls of the colosseum are covering the arena.*

Chapter 6 Colosseum-CageoftheGladiatorBeastsGLAS-EN-R-1E

ASHLEY: I can't see!
TOM: Yeah! Go teach 'em, bro!
TOM: Hey! He's my brother, remember?
ASHLEY: I know, but there's no need to embarrass yourself.
TOM: Uh....
*several students are looking at Tom*
RANDOM STUDENT: Hey, kid! Either stay quiet or get out. We wanna watch, ya know!
*Tom sits down again, looking pretty annoyed and his arms folded*
BEN: How do you like that? Now, I special summon my Test Tiger!
*Test Tiger appears*

Chapter 6 TestTigerGLD2-EN-GUR-LE

BEN: Test Tiger can be special summoned if I control a face-up Gladiator monster on my side of the field. Now, I offer my Test Tiger to tag my Equeste with my Laquari again!
*Test Tiger and Equeste disappear. Gladiator Best Laquari appears*

Chapter 6 GladiatorBeastLaquariGLAS-EN-R-1E

BEN: As a bonus, the monster I summoned would be treated as if it was special summoned by a Gladiator Beast monster, so my monster's attack becomes 2100! Plus, when a monster is special summoned from my deck, I place a counter on my colosseum.
*One of the stone tablets in the colosseum light up*
BEN: And, for every counter on it, my Gladiator Beasts gain attack and defense of 100!
*Gladiator Beast Laquari's attack rises to 2200*
BEN: So, I place one card face-down and end my turn.
RASH: Here I go! *draws* I activate Pot of Greed! *draws 2 cards* Then, I activate Recycle Fusion!

Chapter 6 Recyclefusion

BEN: Lucky draw...
RASH: Right... Now I fuse PNG with JPG and GIF...
*A vortex appears. PNG, JPG and GIF swoop down inside the vortex*
RASH: ...and summon Data Hero - Photo!
*Data Hero - Photo appears*

Chapter 6 Whatevah

RASH: Now here's how things work! For every card in my hand, I gain 100 life points for each of them each turn! I have 6 cards in my hand so...
*Rash's LP = 2200 + 600 = 2800*
BEN: Hmph! Just attack!
RASH: Why shouldn't I? Go Photo! Snapshot Barrage!
*Photo starts sending image projectiles flying from his hands towards Laquari*
BEN: I was hoping you'd do that! I activate Defensive Tactics!

Chapter 6 DefensiveTacticsGLAS-EN-SR-1E

RASH: Huh?
BEN: This dude prevents my Gladiator Beasts from being destroyed in battle this turn. I also don't suffer from battle damage.
RASH: Aw, man!
BEN: Thanks! Now I can tag my Laquari! I special summon my favorite, Gladiator Beast Murmillo!
*Laquari disappears, then Murmillo appears*

Chapter 6 GladiatorBeastMurmilloGLAS-EN-R-1E
BEN: (How you doing, pal?)
GLADIATOR BEAST MURMILLO: (Good, but I could use a bit of water)
BEN: (Ok, now listen! Ready?)
RASH: (That's Ben's monster spirit!)
BEN: Now I activate Murmillo's ability! When he's summoned by a tag, I can destroy a face-up monster on the field! So say goodbye to your cameraman!
*Murmillo pumps water from his mouth at Photo. Photo can't take the pressure of the force and is destroyed*
RASH: Woah! You're really good!
BEN: I know! Cuz I'm the best! Also, my colosseum gains another counter! Gladiator Beasts now gain an attack of 200 attack points! By the way, Jasmine and I decided that she'd dump you if you lost this duel!
RASH: What?! *looks back at Jasmine in the crowd, as he can see her sad face* (Jas... why? Why did you get in this mess? What has Ben threatened to do to you if you refused his offer? No! First our ruined date, now this! Why can't I be with the one I love? That's the last straw! I'm taking this duel seriously!) Ben! Get ready to get fried!
BEN: We'll see!
RASH: I set a card face-down and I end my turn.
BEN: Haha! You're finished! I special summon another Test Tiger from my hand. Next, I tribute my Test Tiger to tag my Murmillo with a true beast! I special summon Gladiator Beast Octavius!
*Murmillo and Test Tiger disappear, then Gladiator Beast Octavius appears. Octavius spreads his wings and forms a whirlwind around himself*

Chapter 6 400px-GladiatorBeastOctaviusGLAS-EN-ScR-UE

BEN: When he's summoned by a tag, I can destroy a face-down spell or trap on the field! Now, I destroy your face-down trap card!
*The whirlwind around Octavius starts moving towards Rash's face down card, engulfing it and destroying it*
RASH: Woah!
BEN: Now end this, Octivius! Giga Storm!

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