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Post by Kimo Force on 2010-05-09, 14:54

Chapter 7: The Worm's Armageddon

AREA: Duel Academy (Domino City) (duel arena)

BEN: This is it! Octivius has just about enough to end this! Say goodbye to your relationship with Jasmine!
*Another whirlwind forms around Octivius, who punches the air and glides towards Rash, but then explodes for no reason*
BEN: What?!
RASH: Remember that face-down card? It was my Tricky Explosion.

Chapter 7 Boomw

RASH: When you destroy this card, I can destroy the first monster you attack with!
BEN: Grrr! Fine! I set a card face-down and end my turn.
RASH: (No more mister nice guy!) It's my turn! *draws card* I activate Avenging the Fallen Gigabytes!

Chapter 7 Wahoooo

RASH: Now you'll pay the price for smashing my monsters! By removing from play my Photo and Image, I can special summon Data Hero - ICT!

Chapter 7 79234491

BEN: What is that?!
RASH: Data Hero - ICT gains attack points for each of my removed from play Program-type monsters. With 5 monsters totally deleted, ICT comes with an avenging attack of 2500 attack points!
BEN: What?!
RASH: You can push me around, make fun of me, or even steal my things, but never ever touch my friends! My friends come before everything else and I won't allow anyone to push them around!
JASMINE: (Rash... I'm sorry... I had no choice. If I didn't agree to Ben's deal, he'd hurt you really bad. I did this to keep you away from harm, and I know you're doing the same for me... I hope you can understand)
RASH: (I can hear you, Jas... thanks for trying to keep me safe)
JASMINE: (What? How can you hear me?)
RASH: (My guess is that spirit observers can hear each others' thoughts and know about their feelings. It must be a connection)
JASMINE: (But I've never been able to do it with Lewis or anyone else)
RASH: (Strange. There could be a weird connection between both of us)
JASMINE: (Maybe)
MATRIX KURIBOH: (The unbreakable bond!)
RASH: (Huh?!)
MATRIX KURIBOH: (When two spirit observers have the intention of protecting each other no matter what, they can hear themselves talk and think. It also shows a strong relationship between both observers)
RASH: (Wow! This is incredible! We can discuss battle plans without having anyone hear!)
JASMINE: (Or express feelings to one another without having anyone hear...)
MATRIX KURIBOH: (Correct, but those observers' spirits can still hear time.)
RASH: (Doesn't matter! We still need you guys to hear our plans too)
JASMINE: (Now go and win this duel, Rash!)
RASH: I sure will!
BEN: Sure will what?!
RASH: Eh... kick your butt!
BEN: Let's see you try doing that!
RASH: Data Hero - ICT! Direct attack!
*Data Hero - ICT's right fist embers more strongly, then ICT punches Ben*
*Ben's LP = 4000 - 2500 = 1500*
RASH: I set another card and end my turn.
BEN: You'll pay for that! It's my move! *draws card* I activate Double Summon! Now I can summon twice during this turn. I summon Gladiator Beast Bestiari and Gladiator Beast Andal.
*Gladiator Beast Bestiari and Gladiator Beast Andal both appear*

Chapter 7 DoubleSummon5DS1-EN-C-1E
Chapter 7 GladiatorBeastAndalPTDN-EN-C
Chapter 7 GladiatorBeastBestiariCP07-EN-SR-UE

BEN: Now, it's time for a tag fusion!
RASH: Tag fusion?
BEN: By returning Bestiari and Andal to the deck, I can summon from my extra deck, Gladiator Beast Gyzarus!
*Gladiator Beast Bestiari and Gladiator Beast Andal swoop down into a vortex, then Gladiator Beast Gyzarus appears, which raises it's feathers high, forming two tornados. One destroys Data Hero - ITC while the the other destroys Rash' face down card*

Chapter 7 GladiatorBeastGyzarusLODT-EN-SR-1E
BEN: See here! When Gyzarus is summoned I can destroy up to 2 cards on the field. Gyzarus! Direct attack!
*Gyzarus froms another tornado, which hits Rash*
*Rash's LP = 2800 - 2400 = 400*
BEN: Your move.
RASH: It's my move *draws card*.
BEN: Is that how you'll keep dueling, you color blind rascal?
RASH: What?!
BEN: I know you're color blind, fink! You can't hide your little secret anymore! Feel the pain of having everyone know your well kept secret!
*Rash looks back at the audience. He finds surprised looks on all their faces*
BEN: Do you feel it?
BEN: What?!
RASH: I can't be ashamed of who I am, ever! We are all different, Ben! I know why you can't understand, but what's inside me is telling me to be quiet about it!
BEN: You!
RASH: I know that if it wasn't for him, I would still be able to see, but the past is the past. I have to look towards the future. My will, my destiny, right now, is to put your wrath to an end!
BEN: Why you...
RASH: This is it! I activate Synchro of the Stars!!!

Chapter 7 Createcardphpq

BEN: What?!
RASH: Did you forget that I discarded 5 cards to the graveyard a while ago?
BEN: No! It can't be!
RASH: That's right! Synchro of the Stars allows me to Synchro summon from the graveyard. By sending Data Hero - MP3, WAV and OGG into outer space, I can Synchro summon Data Hero - Audio!
*Data Hero - Audio appears. Stands like Elemental Hero Terra Firma with lightning thundering down, his Sonic Gun in his right hand*

Chapter 7 Audiosw

RASH: Audio! Attack Gladiator Beast Gyzarus! Sonic Gun!
*Audio aims his gun at Gyzarus and fires, where Gyzarus shoots another tornado at Audio. A huge explosion causes both monsters to be destroyed
BEN: What did you just do?! They had the same attack points!
RASH: I understand, but here's a hint. When Audio destroys a non-Program monster by battle, you take damage equal to the monster's attack points!
BEN: What?!
*Data Hero - Audio's ghost appears, then fires at Ben using it's sonic gun*
*Ben's LP = 1500 - 2400 = 0*
RASH: Alright!
*The crowd starts cheering for Rash*
JASMINE: Go, Rash!
X-SABER PASSIUL: In my opinion, I still think he's a bunch of coconuts mashed with bananas, and then served as a Coconana sundae, but I have to admit, that was one epic duel!
ERIC: Be quiet, Passiul!
LEWIS: Eric? What are you doing here?
ERIC: Shhhh! I came to watch Rash duel, but I had to sneak in through school security to do that.
LEWIS: How will you get out then?
ERIC: Same way I got in.
LEWIS: I guess it's alright, but be careful!
CHANCELLOR CHEETAH: It seems that the duel is over. Rash is the winner!
RASH: Woo-hoo!
CHANCELLOR CHEETAH: As for you, Ben. For making fun of a student, you will attend an entire week of detention with Professor Atetsu Crowler.
BEN: Aw, man!


AREA: Duel Academy (Domino City)(school entrance)

*Outside the school, Rash and Jasmine are walking together*
RASH: So, what exactly did Ben want to do to me?
JASMINE: He wanted to get rid of your deck.
RASH: What?!
JASMINE: That's what he told me.
RASH: I guess he feels pretty lonely without having someone by his side.
JASMINE: I guess so...
RASH: Do you think he'll find someone later on.
JASMINE: Hey! Everyone does, Rash!
RASH: I guess you're right!
JASMINE: By the way, I'm sorry for what happened on your birthday, Rash.
RASH: It's ok. Things happen, right?
JASMINE: Thanks, Rash. I need to go check up on John. He still seems to be pretty ill.
RASH: I'm coming with you!
RASH: I can never leave a friend behind, Jas. John's a good friend, and I can never let him down.
JASMINE: Rash, I don't know what to say.
RASH: It's alright. Shall we go?
*Rash and Jasmine head on to the hospital*


AREA: Hospital (entrance)

*Rash and Jasmine are seen entering the hospital. Meanwhile, a UFO is found hovering in the sky, flying closer to the hospital*

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