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Post by Kimo Force on 2010-05-09, 14:54

Chapter 8: Fries or Fried?!

AREA: hospital (John's room)

*Eric is sitting on a chair near John's bed, then both Rash and Jasmine enter*
JASMINE: Eric? What are you doing here?
ERIC: Just checking up on our teammate. Even if we didn't meet, we're still a team.
JASMINE: I really appreciate it Eric.
ERIC: No problem. I had to sneak in though so I don't have to show my 2000-year-later ID card. I overheard the doctor say that he'll be fine, but he needs some rest.
*John starts talking while asleep*
JOHN: Jas! Have you seen my super ultra-rare Spacetech Captain Global action figure?
RASH: I knew it! He never told me he had that action figure, but I knew he had it all along!
JASMINE: Shhh... Not so loud! You'll wake him up!
RASH: Sorry about that!
*Eric looks outside window*
ERIC: Hey, did planes look like UFOs in this timeline?
RASH: Nope! Why?
ERIC: Cuz there's a big UFO swooping down near the hospital!
*A UFO is seen in the night through the window by Eric, Rash and Jasmine. The UFO emits a blue beam through the window that pulls Rash, Eric, John and Jasmine towards it*
RASH: What gives?
*The Alien Abduction theme song can be heard playing, then a beep on the cell phone is heard and the music stops*
ERIC: Yeah, Lewis? .... Don't worry everything's fine! .... What's that noise you ask? That' the urm... the vacuum the nurse is using to clean John's room.... gotta go... bye!
RASH: This is a nightmare! I'm being abducted!
*Matrix Kuriboh appears*
MATRIX KURIBOH: C'est la vie!
RASH: Shut up, Kuriboh! There is no time for jokes!
*Harpie Girl appears*
JASMINE: Stop it, Harpie girl!
*X-Saber Passiul appears*
X-SABER PASSIUL: Je me... Ah, forget it! I stink at French!
ERIC: Ha Ha!
*Batteryman A appears*
BATTERYMAN A: Hey, don't I get to say something too, John?
*All four heroes disappear while flying through the beam*


AREA: UFO (inside)

*Rash, John, Jasmine and Eric lay unconsciously on the ground. Rash then gets up*
RASH: Where are we?
MATRIX KURIBOH: We're in a spaceship!
RASH: Good point, Kuriboh, but I already know that!
*Jasmine and Eric get up*
ERIC: This reminds me of a video-game I used to play when I was a little kid!
*AN unknown alien voice can be heard throughout the chamber inside the ship*
VOICE: Attention, humans! I am Lord Galactose from the Planet Galactia! We Galactians come in peace, as we are only here to melt your brains!
*Rash, Jasmine and Eric gasp*
VOICE: Thank you for understanding!
JASMINE: They'll melt... my brain?!
RASH: So you want fries with that, huh?
VOICE: I beg your pardon, but what are fries?
RASH: You don't know?
VOICE: Negative!
RASH: They're um... wait a sec! Why should we tell you? Weren't you gonna melt our brains?
VOICE: Yes, so?
RASH: So, why should we tell you? You're just gonna kill us anyway!
VOICE: Please...
VOICE: Pretty please...
VOICE: Please please please please please...
RASH: *Whispers to Jasmine and Eric* "Wait till the guys here I had an alien Emperor plead me!" No!
VOICE: Alright, I'll make a deal! We will battle! Win, and I will set you and earth free! Lose, and I'll melt all human brains and you'll tell me what are fries!
RASH: Hmm...*We might have a chance to save the earth* Alright, I accept!
*The metal door in the chamber moves upwards into the wall above, leading to another room*
VOICE: Please step inside!
*Jasmine walks towards the door. Rash and Eric carry John into the room*


AREA: UFO (duel arena)

RASH: You've got to be kidding me! They know Duel Monsters too?!
ERIC: They taught ancient Egyptians how to duel, actually! Oof! John is getting heavier, let's put him down.
*Rash and Eric put John down. John again talks in his sleep*
JOHN: Sis? Is there an earthquake or something?
*A huge vicious black alien with many clawed-red arms is standing at the other side of the arena*
LORD GALACTOSE: Let us begin! May the challenger proceed forwards?
RASH: Sure I...
*Eric puts a hand in front of Rash to gesture him to stop*
ERIC: Hold it right there! Ever since you joined the team and you made me feel like we're all in some kind of Japanese animation and you're the main protagonist! Hey, let the others have some fun, will ya?
JASMINE: Eric, are you crazy?! There's no time for fun!
ERIC: Don't worry, sugar! I know what I'm doing!
*Eric steps forwards to the arena*
RASH: Sugar?
JASMINE: He doesn't mean what you think, Rash. He calls all the girls that!
LORD GALACTOSE: The rules are simple. We both start with 2000 lifepoints. First to lose all lifepoints or run out of cards in his deck loses!
RASH: 2000?
ERIC: That's how they taught Egyptians: Starting with 2000 lifepoints.
LORD GALACTOSE: Let us begin! Guests first!
ERIC: So nice of you! *draws card* I summon X-Saber Passiul in defense mode!
*X-Saber Passiul appears, colored blue and sitting*

Chapter 8 Passiul

X_SABER PASSIUL: Oi! Why am I blue?
ERIC: Not now! You're move!
*Lord Galactose draws a card, then Passiul punches Eric in the face*
ERIC: Hey! What was that for?
X-SABER PASSIUL: Don't tell me you forgot the effect!
*Eric's lifepoints = 2000 - 1000 = 1000*
ERIC: Me? How could I?
LORD GALACTOSE: I summon Galactian Warrior in attack mode!
*Alien Warrior appears*

Chapter 8 AlienWarriorCP08-EN-C-UE

LORD GALACTOSE: Galactian Warrior, attack!
*Alien Warrior strikes at Passiul, but when it punches the sword, it starts jumping up and down in pain, trying to massage it's hand!
ERIC: Here's something you should now, Mr. Green Sugar! My Passiul can't be destroyed by battle!
LORD GALACTOSE: Interesting ability. I shall order my men to create cards of that ability. I set one card
RASH: There goes the only monster effect that makes earth special...
ERIC: My move *draws card* and I summon X-Saber Galahad!
*X-Saber Galahad appears*

Chapter 8 X-SaberGalahad5DS2-EN-C-1E

ERIC: I now discard Silent Strider to my graveyard to downgrade Passiul's level by 1!

Chapter 8 SilentStriderTDGS-EN-C-1E

*Eric sends a card to his graveyard, then Passiul's level becomes 1*
ERIC: I tune my X-Saber Passiul with my X-Saber Galahad!
*X-Saber Passiul turns into a tuning ring. X-Saber Anu Piranha flies inside the ring*
ERIC: I synchro summon X-Saber Wayne!
*X-Saber Wayne appears on the field*

Chapter 8 400px-X-SaberWayneDT01-EN-DUPR-DT

X-SABER WAYNE: Howdy, ya'll!
ERIC: Now I use Wayne's special ability! When he's summoned, I can special summon a warrior from my hand, so come out X-Saber Anu Piranha
*X-Saber Anu Piranha appears*

Chapter 8 X-SaberAnuPiranhaDT01-EN-DNPR-DT

X-SABER WAYNE: 'Ey, Eric! Guess 'ah dun't need ta wait fur dah night; the moon jus' arrived.
*Anu Piranha slaps Wayne*
X-SABER WAYNE: Oi! What was that for, mate?
X-SABER ANU PIRANHA: Tease me again and I'll show ya how things are done Downunda.
ERIC: Will you two stop fighting? The world is in peril here!
X-SABER WAYNE: *points at Anu Piranha* She started it, mate!
X-SABER ANU PIRANHA: *points at Wayne* He teased me first!
*Eric, X-Saber Wayne and Anu Piranha start arguing together, while John snorts calmly in his sleep*
LORD GALACTOSE: Humans are such violent creatures; there is no sign of silence between them.
RASH: Oh my... ENOUGH!!!
*Everyone except John looks at Rash in the room. Suddenly, John wakes up*
JOHN: Will ya keep the racket down?! I can't seem to sleep!
*Everyone in the room is shocked by John waking up suddenly. Jasmine then swoops down and hugs John tightly*
JASMINE: John! You're back!
JOHN: Can't....breathe...
JASMINE: *Loosens her grip* Oh! sorry.
JOHN: So, where are we?
JASMINE: In a spaceship. We're fighting an alien lord to save humanity.
JOHN: Just what I thought: another stinkin' dream! I'm going back to sleep! *lays down and sleeps again*
ERIC: We'll wake him up after this! Right now, attack X-Saber Wayne!
*X-Saber Wayne strikes at Alien Warrior, sword held up high*
LORD GALACTOSE: I think not! I now activate my Trap Card, Planet Pollutant Virus!
*Face-down card reveals to be Planet Pollutant Virus*
LORD GALACTOSE: By tributing Galactian Warrior, I can destroy all monsters that do not have any A-Counters on your side of the field!
X-SABER WAYNE: Why you no good...*Wayne shatters into a thousand glass pieces, indicating that he has been destroyed. Anu Piranha shatters as well*
ERIC: Darn! Since I have 2 X-Saber monsters in my graveyard, I'll just special summon my XX-Saber Gardestrike in attack mode and end my turn.
*XX-Saber Gardestrike appears, ready to charge when commanded*

Chapter 8 XX-SaberGardestrikeANPR-EN-ScR-1E

LORD: GALACTOSE: Due to the ability of my virus, your monster gains an A-Counter.
ERIC: Well, isn't that nice?
LORD GALACTOSE: Maybe. I draw *draws card* and I activate the spell card, Corruption Cell "A"

Chapter 8 CorruptionCellACDIP-EN-C-1E

LORD GALACTOSE: This card adds another A-Counter to your monster.
LORD GALACTOSE: I then remove 2 counters from your monster to summon... *gives off an evil laugh* myself!
*Another Alien Overlord appears in attack position*

Chapter 8 AlienOverlordCRMS-EN-R-1E

ERIC: Dang! There's two of him!
LORD GALACTOSE: Yes! Unfortunately, you are against both of them! I then use the ability of my Galactian Warrior to add one counter to your monster!
ERIC: That's one so far.
LORD GALACTOSE: Now, attack! Galactian Scissor Arms!
*XX-Saber Gardestrike seems to be weakened, as his attack points drop to 1800*
ERIC: Gardestrike!
LORD GALACTOSE: If a monster with an A-Counter dares to attack a Galactian, that monster's attack points are decreased by 300 for each A-Counter it has!
*Alien Overlord moves his arms around in a very fast way, destroying XX-Saber Gardestrike in an instant*
Eric's lifepoints = 1000 - 400 = 600
ERIC: Arrgh!
LORD GALACTOSE: You have no way out, child. Soon, your brains will be mine, and so will the french fry recipe!
RASH: Oh man! This is it!
JASMINE: Rash, there's something you should know.
RASH: What is it, Jas?
JASMINE: All those years we spent together... I know we didn't get together well at the first, but now, I wanted to tell you that...
RASH: I'm a good friend?
JASMINE: Umm... *blushes* (What was I thinking? I could never tell him what I really feel about him after what I did that day.) Yes! That's it! That you're a really good friend! *smiles and pretends to look innocent*
RASH: *blushes* Aw, Jas! That's really sweet of you!
JASMINE: Well, we better hope this isn't actually the end (otherwise I'll have to tell him the embarrassing truth).
ERIC: Listen here, Pal! I haven't come to the past to fail. They chose me for my abilities, and I believe in myself, and in this deck that I inherited! It's time I show you how we do things 41st Century Style! I draw! *draws card* I summon Rescue Cat in attack mode!
*Rescue Cat appears face-up in attack mode*

Chapter 8 RescueCatCP05-EN-C

ERIC: Here's how it's done! I can tribute my cat to special summon two beast-type monsters with a level of 3 or below from my deck. I special summon 2 X-Saber Airbellums!
*Both X-Saber Airbellums appear in attack mode*

Chapter 8 400px-X-SaberAirbellumHA01-EN-ScR-LE

ERIC: Now, with two or more Saber monsters on my side of the field, I can special summon XX-Saber Faultroll!
*XX-Saber Faultroll appears in attack mode*

Chapter 8 400px-XX-SaberFaultrollANPR-EN-SR-1E

ERIC: I then activate activate Faultroll's effect, and special summon an X-Saber monster from my graveyard. Welcome back, X-Saber Galahad!

Chapter 8 X-SaberGalahad5DS2-EN-C-1E

ERIC: You betcha! I tune XX-Saber Faultroll with one my of X-Saber Airbellums...
*X-Saber Airbellum turns into 3 tuning rings. XX-Saber Faultroll flies inside the ring*
ERIC:...To Synchro summon the master of the blade, XX-Saber Gottoms!
*A large light shines brightly in the arena. Suddenly, XX-Saber Gottoms appears, and the light fades*

Chapter 8 XX-SaberGottomsCT06-EN-ScR-LE

LORD GALACTOSE: What power?!
ERIC: Alright, kingy. This ends now!
XX-SABER GOTTOMS: *Flexes his knuckles* I so like the sound of that word *Unsheathes his large sword*
*Both Alien Overlord and Lord Galactose gulp*
ERIC: XX-Saber Gottoms, attack! Duo-sword slash!
*Gottoms rushes at Alien Overlord and strikes his sword at it, cutting it into ten large pieces*
*Lord Galactose's Lifepoints = 2000 - 600 = 1400*
ERIC: Ok, Airbellum! Finish this! Razor Claw X!
*Airbellum jumps up high, then strikes at Lord Galactose with his claws*
*Lord Galactose's Lifepoints = 1400 - 1600 = 0*
ERIC: I guess that's a lesson you shouldn't forget: Never mess with us humans!
JASMINE: Impossible!
RASH: Unbelievable!
MATRIX KURIBOH: Outstanding! We won!
LORD GALACTOSE: You have defeated me. As promised, I shall leave you in peace. The exit is right there, back in the room you were in. Leave if you want to... *stares at the ground in despair*
*Rash then walks to Lord Galactose*
JASMINE: Rash! What are you doing?!
RASH: I'm trying to do what is right. *walks up to Lord Galactose* Hey, that was kind of a real threat you made to us. It's a good thing nothing bad happened. If you want to know how french fries are made, you just cut potatoes into pieces, boil them, and then enjoy!
*Lord Galactose looks up and looks at Rash from above*
LORD GALACTOSE: You would just give us your secret recipe like that?
RASH: Hey! Everybody should enjoy french fires!
LORD GALACTOSE: Thank you! I now swear to never lay a tentacle on this planet again!
RASH: Well, you could always come and visit!


*15 minutes later*
AREA: Hospital (John's room)

*Rash, Jasmine, Eric, and John are all back in the room, despite John still sleeping*
RASH: I guess everything's back to normal.
JASMINE: You think?
RASH: Yeah, haha!
ERIC: Tomorrow, Ryan and Sarah are supposed to duel each other. I wonder how it'll end.
*John suddenly wakes up*
JOHN: Can you guys believe it?! I dreamed that we were abducted by aliens, and then Eric had to duel this alien king, and everyone was watching, and...
*Jasmine rushes and hugs John tightly*
JASMINE: John, you rascal! I'm glad you're finally back.
JOHN: Unable to breathe...
RASH: Welcome back, old friend!
*John gives Rash a thumbs up with his left hand, still unable to get out of Jasmine's grip*

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