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Test Results for Ahty

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Test Results for Ahty Empty Test Results for Ahty

Post by Kimo Force on 2010-06-14, 20:38

Card Knowledge: 2/5
Ruling Knowledge: 3/5
Deck Building: 1/5
Ahty used an Evil Hero deck in the first duel. It seems that he didn't have a good hand, but despite that, the deck was a bit slow and could not offer everything an Evil Hero deck could. In his next duel, he used a Burn deck. He depleted my lifepoints very quickly, but we are not aiming for meta here. What I liked about his deck is that he added cards that could speed up the deck. Ahty made two ruling mistakes during both duels, but he still proved to know enough about dueling.
According to your results, Ahty, you are now a Uria Red. That does not mean that you are not a good duelist, but what it means is that you still have a lot of potential hidden inside. It's not hard to improve. and I believe that you will if you do not give up.
Congratulations, Ahty.

~ Kimo Force
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