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Wulfrics test results

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Wulfrics test results Empty Wulfrics test results

Post by Drago on 2010-06-19, 14:57

Card Knowledge: 2/5
Ruling Knowledge: 3/5
Deck Building: 2/5

Wulfy done okay in his tests. In the first duel he used a Chain Burn deck. I couldnt really see the point in it. It was a mix of cyber dragon fusion and XYZ union mized with chain cards to inflict damage. it didnt really work well. In the second game he ran a Blackwing deck which affected his score and basically reset it. it wasnt like any other ive seen. he didnt win the duel. The 3rd duel he ran a zane deck which i beat him oin as well but he did manage to regain a bit of his score by inflicting damage and at one point i couldnt do much. i did however scrape back the win. it was the 5th duel that really impressed me. im sure it was like a remake of his chain deck. He called it cyber chaos burn. It was similar to his first but the XYZ union was replaced by light and dark. i used my REDMD Genesis which usually fails me and here was no difference. he showed good field and hand control and i was forced to surrender the duel becuase of pure lack of concentration. it was enough to see he is worth HAMON

Next steps: You need to fix ure BW and your first chain burn. Your zane deck also needs help to. Maybe try adding better staples and such like Torrential Tribute solemn judgement mind control brain control. these would have helped much more. work on your deck building and maybe familiarise yourself with commonc cards.

congratulations on hamon

I will be your elader as you know

Fell free to make your room.

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Wulfrics test results Empty Re: Wulfrics test results

Post by Guest on 2010-06-23, 17:23

well now that he is in hamon you will at least have some people in hamon active so thats good


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Wulfrics test results Empty Re: Wulfrics test results

Post by Kimo Force on 2010-06-23, 17:57

Didn't I lock this?
Anyways, locked.

~ Kimo Force
Kimo Force
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Wulfrics test results Empty Re: Wulfrics test results

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