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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 Empty Chapter 1

Post by Drago on 2010-06-19, 15:59

Chapter 1: Re-bulding the Academy- Rise of the Werewolf

Area: Kimo's office

Kimo is discussing plans for Wulfric Howle to join the Academy.

Kimo: Okay congratulations Wulfric, your in. Your now required to have a test.

Kimo shows him 3 files, with pictures on them.

Kimo: Your three testers are the three Dorm leaders or myself. However I am currently busy at the moment.

Wulfric: I would like to more about the 3 testers.

Kimo: Okay

He opens the first file.

Kimo: The leader of Uria Red is Ahty. He is a good duelist and has come from my invitation. He was tested uria in his test but he has improved a lot.

He opens another file. This time its blue.

Kimo: Shock was here before I took command and was a raviel. I personally chose him to lead the dorm. He is well experienced.

Kimo opens the last yellow file

Kimo: The hamon leader…

Wulfric: I want him to test me!

Wulfric points to the picture in the yellow file.

Kimo: I thought you would. I understand you to are old friends. However, he is testing and his last day scheduled today.

Wulfric: with all respect, I think he will test me.

Kimo: well lets go down and ask him. Come with me.

Area: SBA Duel Arena

Kimo and Wulfric walk in and take a seat in the stands. In front of them there is a minor duelist and a figure standing in a long yellow jacket. They both close their duel disks. And walk off. Kimo approaches the figure in the yellow jacket.

Kimo: Drago

Drago turns round and acknowledges Kimo

Drago: Hey kimo whats up?

Kimo: You have one more scheduled test today.

Drago: Man you know I don’t test Friday afternoons

Wulfric walks down.

Wulfric: Come on Drago, im sure we can make a deal

Drago: Wulfy!! Long time no see man

Wulfric: Ye I know. Im here for a test

Drago: I can see that.

???: This will be good.

???: Ye this will be

Drago Kimo and Wulfric look up the corridor. Two figures, one with a long blue jacket and one with a long red jacket approach

Drago: Ahty, Shock. How’s it going guys?

Shock: Good thanks. Here to see you duel your buddy.

Ahty: Ye were looking for a good game

Drago: Okay. Wulfy lets do this

Drago and Wulfric take their places on the arena.

Drago: Hope your ready

Wufric: Get your game on!

Drago-4000 lp Wulfric 4000 lp

Wulfric: im going first


Wulfric: I summon cyber dragon zwei in attack mode.

Zwei appears on the field in attack position.
Wulfric: I set a card and ill end it there

Drago: me then


Drago: I special summon Oracle of the Sun with his effect.

Oracle of the sun appears on the field

Drago: Next I activate the effect of the tricky and I discard a card to summon him

The tricky appears on the field

Drago: I summon Fire ant Ancestor

Fire and Ancestor appears on the field

Drago: Now I use One for One. With its effect I discard Giant rat to summon Supay

Supay appears on the field from a golden ring

Wulfric: What! This inst good.

Drago: Now , Supay give trick a tune up!

Supay makes a tuning ring and Tricky flies through it.

Drago: say hello to Moon Dragon Quilla!

Moon dragon quilla appears from a pillar of light.

Drago: Im not finishing there. Fire ant ancestor, tune up Oracle of the Sun!

Fire and becomes 3 tuning rings and Oracle flies through them

Drago: Say hello to Sun Dragon Inti!

Inti appears on the field

Ahty: I never knew Drago could pull that off

Shock: I never even knew he ran Inti and Quilla anymore

Drago: Quilla take out Zwei

Quilla shoots a Blue beam at zwei

Wulfric: Not quite I activate my trap! Go Shadow Spell!

Chains Grapple onto Quilla

Wulfric: Now Quilla cant attack and its attack goes down 800 to 1700

Drago: I still have Inti! Attack!

Inti attacks Zwei, shattering it

Wulric 4000- 1500= 2500

Drago: ill end it there

Wulfric: ill take my turn then


Wulfric: I summon Cyber Proto Dragon

Proto appears on the field in attack position

Wulfric: Go power bond! With its power I send proto cyber to grave along with cyber dragon in my hand to summon cyber twin dragon! However with the effect of power bond he has 4800

Cyber twin Dragon appears on the field and glows white.

Wulfric: Now Destroy Quilla

Cyber twin attacks Quilla destroying it.

Drago 4000- 3000= 1000

Drago: Now I gain 2400 with Quillas effect

1000+ 2400= 3400

Wulfric: take down inti

Cyber twin destroys inti

Drago 3400-1800=1600

Drago: Now you lose 2400 with inits effect

2500-2400= 100

Drago: Now cause of your power bond, you lose

Wulfric: Not quite. I activate this! Double summon! So u summon Kirin! no damage for me if i tribute him

Drago: Impressive. My turn


Drago: Now I get quilla with Inits effect

Quilla appears on the field.

Drago: I activate Pot of Avrice. I return Supay Oracle Fire ant Tricky and Giant rat and I draw 2. now i activate pot of greed! so i draw 2

Drago: sorry man but I win. Go heavy storm!

A strong wind destroys all Wulfric’s face down cards.

Drago: Now lightining Vortex!

Drago: end this Quilla!

Quilla attacks wulfric reducing his lp to 0

Both lower their duel disks.

Drago: Hamon. Im impressed wulfy

Kimo Ahty and Shock approach them

Kimo: well done to both. Wulfric go choose a room in hamon dorm.

Drago: Come on. Ill show ya.

Drago and Wulfy walk off towards the Hamon Dorm.

Kimo: I never knew Drago was capable of that.

Ahty: Me neither. Ive never seen him pull of such a strong synchro

Shock: I just think he wanted to win more than test

Kimo: Hmmm. We will never know.

-end of chapter 1-

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Chapter 1 Empty Re: Chapter 1

Post by Shock on 2010-06-19, 16:41

ugh...were to start...first the name is fire ant ascator.Second Cyber Twin Dragon's attack goes 5600 not 4800,third the damage from quillas destruction would be 3800 and the gain from quilla's effect would be 2800.Also,quilla's effect activates before damage calculation.Make it as he summons Kirin before the battle phase,because he would lose otherwise.The damage from inti's destruction would be 2600 to you,Cyber twin would still be destroyed though and that's another thing you forgot to turn summoning quilla would give you the win.


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