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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 Empty Chapter 2

Post by Ahty on 2010-06-20, 01:31

Side-note: you can enlarge the images by clicking on them


Chapter II - The Everlasting Rivalry


Area: Kimo's Office

Kimo: My Friends..... we have a problem....

Jessica: What is it sweetie?

Kimo: We don't seem to be getting any new members... and without members...the academy might have to close.

Henry: Don't worry Kimo, we can turn this around.

Uchihadude: Of course we can! Kimo! Don't give up.

Kimo: The main problem is that Uria Red and Raviel Blue still don't have any members.

Kimo, Jessica, Uchiha and Henry continued their conversation.....

Meanwhile........ the cafeteria.

Drago: That's my muffin!!!!!

Ahty: No! its mine! Its in my plate, therefor it's mine.

Drago: But I saw it first!!!!

Ahty: But I Picked it up first!!!!

Wolfy(to shock): are they always like this?

Shock: Yup, they'll eventually settle it down with a duel like they always do.

Ahty: Alright you asked for it!!!!

Drago : Bring it on!

Both of them pick up their dueldisks. Ahty's is a red disk that resembles Uria while Drago's dueldisk is yellow and looks like Hamon.

Ahty: Drago, what do you say we kick this up a notch?

Drago: What do you mean?

Ahty presses a button on his dueldisk

Ahty's LP -------- 8000

Drago: AHAH! Bring it on!

Drago does the same thing!

Ahty & Drago : Let's Duel!

Ahty: I'll Go first! *Draws* I set one monster and end my turn.

Drago: That's it? You Really are weak.

Drago: me then


Drago: I special summon Oracle of the Sun with his effect.

Oracle of the sun appears on the field

Next I activate the effect of the tricky and I discard a card to summon him

The tricky appears on the field

Drago: I summon Fire ant Ascastor

Fire and Ancestor appears on the field

Now I use One for One. With its effect I discard Giant rat to summon Supay

Supay appears on the field from a golden ring

Drago: Now , Supay give trick a tune up!

Supay makes a tuning ring and Tricky flies through it.

Drago: say hello to Moon Dragon Quilla!

Moon dragon quilla appears from a pillar of light.

Im not finishing there. Fire ant ancestor, tune up Oracle of the Sun!

Fire ant becomes 3 tuning rings and Oracle flies through them

Say hello to Sun Dragon Inti!

Inti appears on the field

Chapter 2 SunDragonIntiABPF-EN-UR-1E

Chapter 2 MoonDragonQuillaABPF-EN-UR-1E

Ahty: Those Guys are Jokes!

Dragon: We'll See about that, Quilla Atack his face-down

Magical Merchant Emerges.

Chapter 2 Img1_1709_20080310

Ahty: You Triggered it's eff.

Ahty starts Sending cards from his deck to the grave........ Eventually gets a book of life at which point he stops.

Thrown away cards:

1x Mezuki
1x Plaguespreader
1x Dandylion
3x Skull Servant
2x Gokipon
1x Zombie Master
3x Howling Insect
2x Lady in Wight
1x King Of the Skull Servants

Drago:(to himself): What is he thinking, wasting all those cards.

Ahty: Now, Since my dandylion went to the grave i get two tokens

Two small tokens appear

Drago: Inti Destroy the token on the Left!

Inti sends a fireball that incinerates the token.

Drago: I have no idea what you are doin Ahty, but you just wasted a bunch of cards for a cheap old book.

Ahty: Drago, my friend, you should have learned to look beyond the field.

Drago: Whatever, I end, make you move!

Turn moves to Ahty.


Ahty: Sweet.

Ahty:I removed my mezuki in the grave to special summon my zombie master

Chapter 2 Zombie-master

Then i use his eff and by discarding Wulf, the lightsworn dude, i can special summon my plaguespreader zombie

Chapter 2 PlaguespreaderZombieCSOC-EN-UR-1E

Ahty: I tune him with my Zombie Master To call Upon! Brionac, Dragon Of the Ice Barrier.

Chapter 2 Brionac_DragonoftheIceBarrierHA01_EN_SCR_LE

Ahty: Now i use his eff, and by discarding Gokipon and Giant Rat I can return those 2 weaklings back to your hand!

Drago: NO!

Ahty: Yes! Go Brionac!

Brionac release an enourmous howl that send back both quilla and inti to Drago's extra deck.

Ahty: Now i use my book of life to remove ur oracle of the sun and to special summon The One and Only. King Of The Skull Servants!!!!

Chapter 2 KingoftheSkullServantsTLM-EN-C-1E

Ahty: And he gains 5000 ATK!

Drago: Hell NO!!!!

Ahty: Yes! Now My Brionac! Attack!

Brionac shoots a beam of ice that hits drago directly.

Drago's LP 8000-2300 = 5700

Ahty: Now My Great King Atack him! Skull Barrage!!!

King of the Skull Servants makes an giganormous amount of skulls levitate and throws them at Drago!

Drago's LP 5700-5000 = 700

Ahty: Drago, you have no cards on the field. No Cards in your hand! face it its over for you!

Drago(to himself): he's right dammit!

Ahty: I end

Turn moves to Drago:


Drago looks amazed.

Drago: I set this card and end my turn.

Ahty Draws

Ahty: Now brionac.......(gets interrupted by drago)

Drago: Not so Fast! I activate my face-down!

Chapter 2 Self-DestructButtonDR2-EN-C-UE

Ahty: What the?!?!

Drago: It's a draw!

Ahty: You Coward!!!

Ahty's LP-- 0
Drago's LP -- 0

Drago: Now we both get half a cupcake!



Hope you guys enjoyed it! The Self destruct button was inspired by a duel i had with najex where he used that card on me Chapter 2 Lol

As a Side-note: I could have OTKed Drago if i wanted by summoning Zombie master and using his eff to bring King of Skull Servants for a total of 9100 atk points all togheter

And The Deck i used actually does work xD No copiying it without giving me credit!! Chapter 2 Lol

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