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trying something a little different

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trying something a little different  Empty trying something a little different

Post by MissTayylor on 2010-07-06, 12:38

- Insect Princess x3
- Doom Doser x2
- Aztekipe the worm warrior x2
- Cross - Sword Beetle x3
- Koa`ki Meiru Beetle x3
- Prickle Fairy x2
- GigaPlant x3

- Supervise x2
- Insect barrier x2
- My Body as a Shield x2
- Heavy storm
- Mst
- Giant trunade

- DNA Surgery x2
- Dark Bribe x3
- Light of Intervention x2
- Mirror Force
- Bottomless x2

ive named it gigaprincess lock , gigaplant and insect princess are the main monsters the others are just there to support the rest of the deck, Dna surgery is one of the main cards of the deck that combined with insect barrier can stop the opponent from attacking light or intervention is there so i can make set monsters go to attack with princess's effect Smile Rate comment constructive critisisum please Smile

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