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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 Empty Chapter 3

Post by Kimo Force on 2010-07-06, 20:56

Chapter 3: Hope?
AREA: Duel Arena

*The Duel Arena is bright inside, although it is the middle of the night. Inside, only Kimo walks alone in the room. Kimo then stops, then takes a look at one of the arenas*

Kimo Force: (Will this academy stay like this for long? Empty and deserted? Has fate driven me into a dead end? The Pharaoh even left all his belongings to me, in order to revive the academy. Can I simply turn my back to him now?)

*Kimo then stares at the floor for some time, then suddenly, the hall is filled by the echo of foots coming from the entrance. Kimo then looks up to discover that two new students, along with Mizo El Hulk, Kimo's cousin, had entered the hall*

Mizo El Hulk: It's been a while, cousin.

Kimo Force: Mizo? I thought you were a teacher at Toon World Academy.

Mizo El Hulk: I was, but I quit my job to come here be able to help you. We are still cousins, am I right?

Kimo Force: Yes. *Notices the other members that came along with Mizo* And greetings, new students. May I help you?

*One of the new students takes a step forwards*

Dark_Wise: I am Dark_Wise, and *gestures a hand to the other student* this is MissTayylor. We are learned about your academy, and we decided to join.

Kimo Force: Welcome, Dark_Wise and MissTayylor. Your test will begin tomorrow, but you must rest for now, after your long journey here.

*Dark_Wise and MissTayylor leave the hall, but Mizo stays*

Mizo El Hulk: So then, Cousin. Would you like to duel then?

Kimo Force: You know that I cannot refuse a duel against you.

*Mizo and Kimo then stood on one of the duel arenas, each on one side*

Mizo El Hulk: I hope you still haven't gotten too old.

Kimo Force: We'll see. *Draws card* I set a monster face-down and end my turn.

Mizo El Hulk: *Draws card* Since you control a monster and I don't, I can special summon Vice Dragon from my hand!

*Vice Dragon appears on the field, eyes focusing at Kimo*

Mizo El Hulk: However, its attack and defense points are halved if I special summon it with this effect. Next, I summon Dark Resonator in attack mode!

*Dark Resonator appears on the field, banging its rods together*

Mizo El Hulk: Go, Vice Dragon! Attack!

*Vice Dragon charges at the face-down monster, only to reveal Dandylion that was instantly destroyed*

Kimo Force: Dandylion's effect activates! When it's sent to the graveyard, I gain two Fluff Tokens!

*Two Fluff Tokens appear on Kimo's side of the field*

Mizo El Hulk: Go, Dark Resonator! Attack!

*Dark Resonator sprouts purple acid from his mouth, which covers every inch of one of the Fluff Tokens. The Fluff Token starts to melt, until nothing is left*

Mizo El Hulk: I now tune Dark Resonator with Vice Dragon!

*Dark Resonator taps its rods together again, then transforms into three tuning rings that Vice Dragon flies through. A bright flash occurs*

Mizo El Hulk: The ruler's heartbeats begin now! Bear witness to its creation-shaking power! Synchro summon! My very soul, Red Dragon Archfiend!

*The flash fades, only to reveal a giant fireball. The fireball starts to disappear, and within it lies a giant red dragon. After the fireball completely fades, the dragon roars loudly, filling the hall with its mighty voice*

Mizo El Hulk: I set a card and end my turn.

Kimo Force: *Draws card* I summon Debris Dragon!

*Debris Dragon appears on the field*

Kimo Force: Once summoned, I can special summon a monster from my Graveyard of 500 attack or below. Come back, Dandylion!

*Debris Dragon sticks its tongue at Red Dragon Archfiend, then Dandylion appears on the field again.*

Kimo Force: I tune Debris Dragon with My Fluff Token and Dandylion!

*Debris Dragon sneezes, then transforms into four tuning rings, which The remaining Fluff Token and Dandylion fly through. I blinding flash occurs*

Kimo Force: Clustering hopes will become a new shining star! Become the path it's light shines upon! Synchro summon! Take flight, Stardust Dragon!

*The flash fades, and only floating stars could be seen. The stars then start gathering together and form the shape of a dragon. The stars then transform into a white dragon, which roars at Mizo*

Mizo El Hulk: *Smiles* I see our dragons meet again.

Kimo Force: *Smiles* They sure do. Since Dandylion was sent to the Graveyard, I get two other Fluff Tokens.

*Two more Fluff Tokens appear on Kimo's side of the field*

Kimo Force: I now activate Creature Swap. We both select a monster on our side of the field. After that, we switch control of those monsters. I pick one of my Fluff Tokens, but since you only have Red Dragon Archfiend, you can't pick anything else!

*Red Dragon Archfiend and one of The Fluff Tokens disappear, then appear again on the opposite side of the field*

Kimo Force: Now go, Stardust Dragon! Shooting Sonic!

*Stardust Dragon sends its head backwards, then bends it forwards, releasing a bright blue beam flying towards the Fluff Token*

Mizo El Hulk: I activate the Continuous Trap Card, Remove Brainwashing! As long as this card is face-up, all monsters return to their respective owners.

*The Fluff Token that was attacked disappears, dodging the attack, then reappears at Kimo's side of the field. Red Dragon Archfiend then returns to Mizo's side of the field*

Kimo Force: I set a card on the field and end my turn.

Mizo El Hulk: *Draws card* Red Dragon Archfiend, attack! Absolute Power Force!

*Red Dragon Archfiend's right hand turns red hot, then Archfiend strikes towards Stardust Dragon*

Kimo Force: I activate Sakurestu Armor!

Mizo El Hulk: I chain with My Body as A Shield! By paying 1500 Lifepoints, I can negate the effect of a card that would destroy a monster, and destroy that card instead!

Mizo's LP = 4000 - 1500 = 2500

Kimo Force: Then I use Stardust Dragon's effect. By offering Stardust as a tribtue, I can negate the effect of the card that would destroy a card on the field, and destroy it.

*Stardust Dragon turns to dust, which disappears into thin air. Red Dragon Archfiend is then destroyed due to the effect of Sakurestu Armor*

Mizo El Hulk: I set a card and end my turn.

Kimo Force: Stardust Dragon returns to my side of the field if the effect was used.

*Sparkling stars appear, which then take form into Stardust Dragon*

Kimo Force: *Draws card* Go, Stardust Dragon! Attack!

*Stardust Dragon shoots a blue beam at Mizo*

Mizo El Hulk: I activate Call of the Haunted!

Kimo Force: And I chain with Mystical Space Typhoon!

*The face-down card Mizo set disappears*

Mizo El Hulk: I special summon Battle Fader from my hand to negate the attack and end the Battle Phase.

Kimo Force: Hmm...

*Battle Fader appears on the field, its giant arm moving back and forth, producing vibrations that stopped Stardust from attacking*

Kimo Force: I see you have improved.

Mizo El Hulk: Indeed.

Kimo Force: I set one card and end my turn.

Mizo El Hulk: *Draws card* I activate Monster Reborn to bring back Red Dragon Archfiend!

*Red Dragon Archfiend appears on the field*

Mizo El Hulk: Go, Red Dragon Archfiend! Absolute Power...

Kimo Force: I use Threatening Roar! This turn, you cannot declare an attack.

Mizo El Hulk: I guess I end.

Kimo Force: *Draws card* I equip Red Dragon Archfiend with Megamorph! If my Lifepoints are higher, the equipped monster's attack is halved

*Red Dragon Archfiend howls in pain as its attack points decreases*

Mizo El Hulk: Interesting.

Kimo Force: Next, I equip Stardust Dragon with Twin Swords of Flashing Lights. Stardust loses 500 attack points, but becomes able to attack twice.

Mizo El Hulk: Wait! That means...

Kimo Force: It's over! Stardust Dragon, attack Red Dragon Archfiend!

*Stardust shoots a blue beam at Red Dragon Archfiend*

Mizo's LP = 2500 - 500 = 2000

Kimo Force: Now go, Stardust! End this! Shooting Sonic!

*Stardust sends its head backwards, then bends it forwards, only to fire a blue beam at Mizo*

Mizo's LP = 2000 - 2000 = 0


AREA: Kimo Force's Room

*Kimo opens his room's door, enters, then quietly shuts it again. Kimo notices that a lamp on the desk was lit, and Jessica in her night gown sitting on the the chair behind the desk*

Jessica: What were you doing in the middle of the night, honey?

Kimo Force: Nothing much. We have new students here in the academy.

*Jessica stands up*

Jessica: What? Really?

Kimo Force: Yes. Mizo came as well.

Jessica: Mizo?! What happened?

Kimo Force: Well, he came to Sacred Beast Academy to become a teacher, and to...



AREA: Duel Arena

Mizo El Hulk: It seems that you haven't lost your old touch, old man.

Kimo Force: Who are you calling old? And what about yourself?

Mizo El Hulk: I'm three days younger than you. I am not old yet.

Kimo Force: I see *Sarcastically*

Mizo El Hulk: I was wondering if I could be a teacher here as well, Kimo. Along with old pals Ahty, Drago, and Jessica.

Kimo Force: I guess you did sacrifice a lot to get here, so why not? Just stay away from my wife, Mizo.

Mizo El Hulk: I'll remember to not do that. Haha.

Kimo Force: Haha.

*Kimo and Mizo shake hands, then leave the room together*

Chapter finished. Rate and comment.

~ Kimo Force
Kimo Force
Kimo Force

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Chapter 3 Empty Re: Chapter 3

Post by Ahty on 2010-07-08, 01:09

"Mizo El Hulk: I was wondering if I could be a teacher here as well,
Kimo. Along with old pals Ahty, Drago, and Jessica."

Shock is going to be mad Chapter 3 Lol

Aside from that, well written

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Chapter 3 Empty Re: Chapter 3

Post by Kimo Force on 2010-07-08, 01:12

Shock never met Mizo in the story.
It's why I didn't add him.

~ Kimo Force
Kimo Force
Kimo Force

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Chapter 3 Empty Re: Chapter 3

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