Dark_Wise Room

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Dark_Wise Room

Post by Dark_Wise on 2010-07-07, 06:58

Hi all, nice to meet ya?Smile

I make this room for resting after the duel, xD.....
oooh, iam feel comfortable and happy here because i live together with Professional and MAster like All Of You......
To be Honest, i dislike meta deck or archtype deck that have too many spoiled support card effect specially for them.... So maybe you can defeat me easiliy because i never run the spoiled deck... I like a creative deck that emerge from pure human's brain.... i love mixed or brilliant deck......
And my target in this academy is to become a Pro duelist that understand all of the true rule and be wise when take a decision for choosing cards for my deck......
And finally i hope all of you can give me a precious helpfulness for my only explained purpose above..... thanks..... Very Happy bounce bounce bounce

------- "COGITO ERGO SUM" -------
{ DescarteS }


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Re: Dark_Wise Room

Post by Unforgiven Pretender on 2010-07-07, 10:46

Welcome to SBA, Dark_Wise.
I see your a bit of a philosopher.
You like Descartes I see. I personally like Sartre.

Well, when it comes to dueling, it's imprortant to remember one thing:
In order to become best you have to explore everything, even the spoiled meta decks. I duel with very original decks, which brought me to Armityle Elite, but when it comes to being pro, you gotta use the spoiled decks to be competive enough. You can always insert changes in these decks, to make them more original, but that's up to you.

Have fun here!

Unforgiven Pretender

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Re: Dark_Wise Room

Post by Ahty on 2010-07-07, 13:10

Gratz on Raviel Dark_Wise.

UP does make a good point, you should spend some time learning about the meta decks and how to use them and counter them, in nowadays tournaments only meta decks stand a chance of winning


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Re: Dark_Wise Room

Post by Guest on 2010-07-10, 16:38

congrats on it and try to get to armityle elite Very Happy


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Re: Dark_Wise Room

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