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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 Empty Chapter 4

Post by Ahty on 2010-07-08, 02:07


Chapter IV - The Pain Deck


Mizo is walking alongside Kimo, who is showing him around SBA.

Mizo: You have a fine-looking academy here cousin, i can't wait for the school year to start

Kimo:Hahaha, hold your horse mate, theres still a lot to be done, let's check up on Ahty, he testing Misstayylor atm i think.

(......boring walk images.....)

BOOM! Kimo and Mizo spot an explosion a few meters away from them.

Kimo: Let's check that out

Kimo and Mizo walk in on Ahty's duel with Tayylor.

Ahty: Now i tribute my elemental heroe AZ to summon evil hero malicius edge. AZ's eff activates, destroying your elemental heroes plasma vice!

AZ appears out of the blue and freezes plasma vice, then it punches it shattering the glass in a thousand pieces.

Ahty: Now Malicious Edge direct atk!

Tayylor's LP: 7300-2600= 4700

Ahty: End Turn

Tayylor: My Move! *Draws* *Looks at the only card in her hand* Looks like all i can do is stall for now, I special summon Cyber Dragon in attack mode! End Turn

Ahty:You should have conserved your resources better, *Draws* I activate Dark Calling, Fusing the burstinix and the avian in my graveyard to summon Evil Heroe Inferno Wing

Both monsters get sucked into a vortex from which inferno wing emerges!

Ahty: Inferno Wing attack cyber Dragon!

Tayylor:(what is he doing?)

Both monster colide in a fearsome battle ending in the defeat of both

Ahty: Now Inferno Wing effect activates dealing damage equal to Cyber Dragons Attack to you life points!

Inferno wing appears in front of Tayylor And Burns her LP aways

Tayylor's LP 4700-2100=2600

Ahty: Now Malicious Edge, Direct Attack!

Malicious edge slashes Tayylor making her lose her balance and fall.

2600-2600= 0

Ahty: It's over (smiles at her) you did well Tayylor, i'll post your detailed results tomorow, but i'm assigning you to hamon yellow, you deserve it

Tayylor: Thanks Ahty, i'm glad i made it to yellow, i was afraid i'd end up in red and be a loser.

Ahty(......i was assigned to red.....whats wrong with that....theres no problem being a red...........i mean, am not a i? Have confidence in yourself and theres nothing you can't do, now go chose a room at your dorm.

Ahty walks up to kimo and mizo, and notices that kimo is laughing at him.

Kimo: Loser hahahahaha Loser!

Ahty: Shut up! I can beat you anytime.

Kimo: You wish!

Ahty: You wanna settle this?

Kimo: Bring it on!

Ahty: You'll Regret this! I'll smite you with my newest deck, My Pain Deck!

Kimo: Whats that?

Ahty: You'll See

(......10 minutes of boring preparations.......)

Ahty: I got the first move * Draws* I summon the left arm of the forbidden one in attack mode. I set 3 cards and end my turn.

Kimo:(what the? exodia deck? but why did he summon the left arm in attack mode makes no sense....) *Draws* i special summon jester confit which i then tribute to summon caius the shadow monarch and i use its eff to remove the left arm of the forbidden one and inflict 1000 dmg to you!

Caius sends a massive shadow ball at ahty

Ahty's LP 8000-1000 = 7000

Kimo:(Now he can't use exodia necross) Now Caius Attack!

Ahty: I activate Draining Shield!

Ahty's LP 7000 + 2400 = 9400 LP

Kimo: I set one card and end my turn

Ahty: My Move! *Draws* I summon The Right Arm of the forbbiden one in attack mode

Kimo:(Again? What is he planing?)

Ahty: Now i activate Toll and end my turn

Kimo: Ahty, i don't know what you are planing, but it ends right here! I set one monster and now Caius Attack.

Ahty: Hold On!

Kimo: What?

Ahty: While Toll is in play both of us must pay 500 LP to declare an attack!

Kimo: Fine...

Kimo's LP 8000-500 = 7500 LP

Kimo Now Caius Attack!

Ahty: I activate my Trap! Attack of the Cornered Rat, and by paying 2400 Life Points, my right arm of the forbidden one gains 2400 atk!!

The Right Arm Glows and increase in size! Opening its hand it stops Caius Shadow Ball and Throws it back at him!

Kimo's LP 7500-200 = 7300

Kimo:.... so is this what you are going to do for the rest of the duel....

Ahty: Maybe

Kimo: Fine, i set one more card and end my turn.

Ahty: At which point i activate my other face-down, Solemn Wishes. My Turn * Draws* Wishes grants my 500 LP

Ahty's LP 7500

and now i activate amulet of ambition on my right arm, and now whenever it attack a monster it gains 500 attack x the difference in levels.


Ahty's LP 7000

Kimo: I activate Waboku, so my monster is protected!

Ahty: But i still get to see what it is!

Right arm of the forbidden one attacks revealing a face-down dandylion

Kimo: You had your fun, lets end this now! * Draws* I sacrifice Dandy in order to summon caius, with its eff i remove you right arm from play (lol)

Ahty's LP 7000

Kimo: Next I activate my face-down ultimate offering and by paying 500 LP i normal summon rykko and by paying another 500 i tribute him to summon Raiza.

Kimo's LP 6300

Kimo: Raiza eff now returns ur face-down to the top of your deck!


Kimo: Next, I activate Heavy Storm!

AHTY: NO!!!!

A Strong Wind destroys all of ahty's spells and traps!!

Kimo: Finally I Equip megamorph on Caius doubling its Attack!

Kimo: And Now Caius! Moderator Strike!!!!!

Caius Creates A Gigantic Shadow ball and hurls it at ahty

Ahty's LP 7000 - 4800 =2200

Kimo: Now Raiza!! Attack!

Ahty: Crap

Ahty's Lp: 00000000000000000000000000000


Kimo: You still have much to learn

Ahty: Don't use that on me, i'll just go into my room and hang myself!!

Kimo: Suit yourself ( Laughs)


Jessica: Oh Sweetie, i loved the way you beat Ahty! You have to show me how to do that.

Kimo: It's very hurry sugar pie (lol) as long as he keeps making those wierd decks he's easily defeated.

Mizo: (laughs) he's deck was really wierd.

Kimo: Let's move on, we have a lot to do, we have 2 months left until the school year begins so we got to have everything ready.

The End

Chapter 4 Lol Chapter 4 Lol Chapter 4 Lol Chapter 4 Lol Chapter 4 Lol

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Chapter 4 Empty Re: Chapter 4

Post by Kimo Force on 2010-07-08, 02:39

I see you kept the Moderator strike for Caius, eh? Razz
Nice chapter, Ahty. Reminds me of how I beat you the last time you used that deck. Razz

~ Kimo Force
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Chapter 4 Empty Re: Chapter 4

Post by Guest on 2010-07-08, 17:45

wow xD Very Happy


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Chapter 4 Empty Re: Chapter 4

Post by Mizo El Hulk on 2010-07-09, 22:57

nice one
Mizo El Hulk
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Chapter 4 Empty Re: Chapter 4

Post by Ahty on 2010-07-10, 16:01

Thanks Chapter 4 Lol

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Chapter 4 Empty Re: Chapter 4

Post by Guest on 2010-07-10, 16:18

not a bad story Very Happy


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