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Almost back

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Almost back

Post by Drago on 2010-10-19, 02:31

Well well well. wat a change. sup guys. im drago. im a good friend (i hope) of krobra and kimo. i wasra leader and i hope to attain this rank later. this was done on my fone but i get my computer soon in about a few weeks time. ill admit my dueling has went RAPIDLY downhill since my computer blew up. however, i am a fast learner and seeing my decks will help. i hope i stay as a dorm leader here. krobra. i see u have returned. i hope u are dueling again? if so... WE R DUELNG WEN I RETURN xD. for today guys peace out.

your old dorm leader, drago.

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Re: Almost back

Post by Guest on 2010-10-27, 02:31

ehh he is redesigning it but makes no sensce cuz its sacred beast so should of kept same names same but wb try to stay with us man


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