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Shadow Duel Rules

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Shadow Duel Rules Empty Shadow Duel Rules

Post by Dragon_Claw on 2011-08-08, 23:15

Players will duel under these conditions if they are to participate in the shadow realm. Dueling Conditions are picked at random before the match starts with a roll of a die. The number of the die will determine what dueling condition will affect the duel.
The Dueling Conditions are:

1. Both players start out with 16000 life points.

2. Both players start out with 4000 life points.

3. Both players can only special summon twice per turn.

4. Both players can only use five traps in the entire duel

5. Both players can only use five spells in the entire duel.

6. During the End Phase, the turn player must show his/her hand to their opponent.
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