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Shadows Afterlight (Skeleton) Empty Shadows Afterlight (Skeleton)

Post by DigiDigi on 2011-08-09, 01:57

Everybody knows the drama that went down in UDA, and with my withdraw I took my RP with me. I figured that most of the people that liked it were already people I knew from here. These are all copied and pasted as is, thank Vaati and I for saving it before my deletion. The main Title for the RP is Shadows Afterlight.

Chapter 1 Synopsis:
Basically I want everybody to just simply introduce yourself and debut your character in the rp. After you are finished with your first rp post, i would like you all to do an entry exam. To further elaborate for the first rp post you do, please have your characters meet each other somehow, no matter if its brief or not. I need this rp to interconnect to make it fluent.

The entry exams will be RP'd by any volunteers who want to RP as the teachers. Post here for the teacher character:
[list][*]Teacher's name:
[*]test deck (must be themed as well):
[*]description (how the character looks and personality):[/list]

Secondly, please don't get ahead of yourselves with the plot. I will be posting these synopsizes often and if you had any interesting propositions then post here. I say this to avoid mass confusion/chaos.

Thirdly, I need you all to understand that the plot must develop before you enter in the AOJ or the DWL. So just hold on until Chapter 2 where we will get semi-serious with this. I want this to build up.

Lastly, dont spam unless its RP related. Thanks.

Introduction to the RP:
Night Terror

Thump!... Thump-Thump!... Thump!... THUMP! That was the score of either of my own heartbeat or a barrage of fireworks, who knows. All I had in my mind at the moment was if I could move on from a distant terror. I had not a clue as to which terror haunted me that night, but I was unable to have a sound slumber. Whats wrong with me? Why am I even here? Where do these night terrors keep coming from? I asked myself these questions in irrational dismay, sweat dropping down all over my body, I figured that I needed to cool my head down for awhile with a nice bath.

Opening the curtains resulted in an eye-dilating, radiating flash-bang to my eyes, although disturbed by the night terror "the light" sure doesn't help even now. I took a nice, soothing bath; then changed into my clothes and left the hotel.

From the looks of it, New Domino sure did make me feel claustrophobic, rather than paranoid of Satellite hoodlums that could be lurking somewhere amongst this metropolis. I never did like the city, too many cars, too many people, too much noise, you know just about everything about it. I hated it all.

"Coffee sure sounded great right now..." I thought to myself in angst. Walking to a nearby Star-Puppies (the folks back at home always called the shop that name rather than the actual name itself, lazy people.) and as I walk up to the door I can see some metropolitan scumbags who are probably spoiled to hell ninety degrees to the left and, God-help me, to my right.

Reaching for the door my hand is halted with a tough grab from one of the scums. Naturally I would react to my impulse and kick him where it counts, however, my body ceased to react. I was petrified due to the sheer number of people gathering around me. My body is shaking, becoming weak, my brain shuts off and I'm absolutely helpless.

"What the hell?! Why now of all times to shut down on me?! WHY?!"

I'm escorted to the nearby alley and pinned to a wall by two of the city scums and heavy breathing begins to fan over my face from these people.

"Hey there beautiful, what's a precious thing like you wandering around these parts of the city? I think you need to be taught a lesson." said the blonde idiot while sliding his fingers on my face. Laughter is all I hear behind him; I look to my left and I see expensive sport cars. "Why are spoiled brats like you doing in these parts? Shouldn't you be on your yacht being a scandalous, no good low life?" I said in fury as I spit in his face. He wiped it off and looked at me disturbingly. "Bad girls turn me on baby. How bout it boys?" They all cheered in the back and crept up on me, I closed my eyes in desperate fear.

"Get your hands off of her!" shouted a distant voice. Surprised as I was I thought to myself, "I'm actually being saved? Saved in a big city like this?!"
The boy in the distance turned on his duel disk and declared a challenge.

"Against all of us? You gotta be retarded!" one of the hoodlums said.

"Idiotic to duel you all at once, perhaps. But all the more reason to back your statement up. Come at me."

Three rich boys step up to the plate and activate their duel disks and play. The boy said to them, "Ladies first." In anger the first metropolitan summoned X-Saber Bogart Knight, X-saber passiul, and Faultroll first turn. He set two and ended his turn. The hero stepped up and used heavy storm to clear out the Saber player's backfield, activated 3 pot of greeds and had a grin on his face. He then activated future fusion and dark fusion for evil hero dark gaia, used another dark fusion for another dark gaia.

Both gaia's gave about this dark, brutal aura that you just didn't want to mess with, as it was obvious that the other scumbags were shivering in fear calling people on their phones.

"Dark Gaia, attack his Passiul!"

"But its in defense position, there's no use in doing that?!"

"Dark Gaia's ability switches Passiul to attack mode. Learn how to read Soc" Said I with a great sense of justice.

As Gaia dealt life point damage, thus ending the game, the Soc's bodies ripped in half before our very eyes... The other two tried to run for it.

"Not so fast! ATTACK!"

My eyes deceive me, did he just attack while the duel is already over?! The other two boys splattered along the alley walls. The mysterious boy activated two De-Fusions and special summoned a Gorz, Evil Hero Malicious Edge, and two Koa'ki Meiru Guardians in attack mode. He declared an attack on the rest of the hoodlums, including the one pinning me down instantly putting red on my face, leaving me in shock.

He deactivated his duel disk, returned his cards into his deck box and rushed to me shivering on the cold, cement ground. I looked up at him and saw his face. It had a relaxing, smooth, handsome smile on it, which oddly made me feel comfortable. He offered his hand for me and asked, "Are you OK?" I replied cautiously, " saved me from getting raped back there...thanks I guess..." He hugged me and said in a consulting tone, "It's just me... Tomoya... everything will be fine Riku..." I suddenly wept in his arms and thought to myself, "I only wanted some damn coffee..."

To be continued...

Chapter 1 Debut:

I hear a distant voice not too far away. As if I could reach for it. I reached for it, but I was blinded by the darkness. It felt cloudy, mysterious, and I began to feel uneasy as I searched for the voice. It seemed endless, was I dead? I hoped so.


There it was again. I reached a wall-like barrier and was for some reason stuck where I was, unable to move. I then saw a face come at me at the speed of light, it was hideous and life-threatening to the point one could collapse. It then comforted me with delightful gifts: an orb of light, an orb of darkness, and a rope.

The thing said to me, “one of these will determine your future. You can choose them all if you want, but you must choose the rope at all costs.”

“Why must I choose the rope?”

“Because you must die sometime in the near future. However, if you choose the light orb, you will receive unimaginable, unconditional happiness in your remaining life. If you choose the dark orb, you will receive all the powers of the world and rule it. If you combine the two, then who knows what will happen, as light and darkness together are two struggling elements—chaos as human experts would say, regardless of how absent darkness is. It is a paradox indeed, you are that paradox ready to be solved, that is why you must eventually die.” As the thing stared at me.


“Kaoru!!! Make your bed, get ready for school, you’re running late!” Light shined into my eyes and I looked at the clock, it was almost 8am! I quickly put on my apple-bottom jeans, a Metallica T-Shirt, some space boots, my duel disk with my deck and grabbed a piece of toast.

“I have to go! See ya!” I took the stairs down the apartment complex and took a run for it. I only had thirty-minute to make it to the entry exams and I’m a couple blocks away! No problem, so I thought. I bumped into another person at a crossroad and rubbed my head in pain, “Ow, ow, ow!!! Crap! My toast…”

The boy looked at me like I was weird and asked me for a duel in return for me bumping into him. I looked up at him and there he was, ket black hair and brown eyes. He had on a somewhat worn out brown jacket and blue denim pants, but then I saw he had a gorgeous face with a warm smile and I felt some shock in my chest. I put my hand over my heart as he helped me up.

He asked again, “Cmon, lets duel, we have half an hour to go a block down.”

“EH?!” said I frantically.

“Ha-ha! Cmon lets get practice in before the exams, I know you’re heading that way since I am as well.” The boy said while rubbing the back of his head with his hands.

“Lets duel!”

“ Ugh, we’re running late! Make it quick ok?” as I checked my phone for the time—8:15 AM

“Fine! Hey, I'm usually late! I’ll make it!”

“ I set 2 facedown cards in my backfield and 1 set monster. Your move, go!” said I in a hurry.

“ My turn, draw! I'll set 2 cards down! I'll normal summon XX-Saber Boggart Knight, and use his effect. Go X-Saber Pashuul!"

“Hold it! I activate gravity bind, preventing your monsters from attacking!”


“That’s right.”

“ Anyways, i'll synchro summon! Go XX-Saber Hyunlei! Her effect allows me to destroy up to 3 spell or traps on the field!”

“… your targets are....?"

“Gravity Bind, and your facedown spell/trap.”

“I chain Aegis of the ocean dragon lord! All level 3 or lower Water monsters of mine are protected by anything for this turn”

“ Hyunlei, destroy the traps and attack her face down!”

“ Dragon Lord protects my toad!”

“Ronintoadin, eh? End my turn.”

“I draw. I summon Submarine Frog in attack mode. I activate wetlands!”

“What?! All Level 2 Water types gain 1200?!” said the boy as he was freaked out."

“ Submarine frog is at 2400 attack, yes dumb…Oh my gawd we’re late!” I placed all of my cards back into my deck and ran off.

*Riku enters Duel Academy*

RP Locations (pictures were lost):
The Beach
Ah, only copa-cabana! Where the air is freash, the weather is nice, the girls are hot, and its time to get your tan on! (Living here is allowed as long as you say your in a summer home.)

Country side

The good ol' country side. Fresher air than the beach, just bluntly peaceful paradise.

The Pier
This is where all the locals usually live or resort to for the summer, some live just to live, other come to have cocktail parties. The Pier combines with Downtown, whilst on the opposite end of the island, which is territory of Japan, is a black sandy beach.

Ally of Justice HQ

Well this is your Bat-Cave! The AOJ HQ! *play sexy jazz music* ah, state-of-the-art tech with the finest luxuries. Perfecto!

Duel Akademeia

This is where the students and teachers will be, classes and school talk will take place. The academy is placed in New Domino City, which is now in Japan.

Downtown New Domino

Well this is the urban disaster. The technology of man put into action, true works of art polluted with CO2 emission. Welcome to the City.

The different Dimension
The Dark World darkness surrounds you, the only lights you need to navigate are energy orbs that are given to you by Renge, the Gate Keeper of the Dark World. Ugly creatures surround the pathway as you walk the endless bridge. To enter, you must be apart of the Dark World Legion or be accompanied by one of the Legion to enter. Neutrals cannot handle the atmosphere and will slowly die by the overwhelming shadows.

Duel Akademeia Dorms
Well there are three equal quality dorms for Tengu Green, Debris White and Doppel Black. Each dorm has 2 separate areas: 1 area for girls, 1 area for boys. Rules say that there may not be opposite genders in each area after 8PM. So be good!

RP Application:
The plot is simple: Our two main characters (so far) are named Riku and Tomoya. These two are apparantly childhood friends and both have deep, deep feelings for each other. Both are confused whether it is romantic love or if its a close-bond, so neither will confess to each other. They haven't seen each other in awhile and alot of things have happened to them, bad things.

In contrast, there is a deeper secret that Tomoya hides: he's an incubus under the legion of the Dark World lords. He struggles to fight his possession and grows weaker by night. As far as we know there could be plenty of others in the Legion, which calls for an ally: the Allies of Justice. They don't seem like the ideal heroes, but they get the job done.

The genre of this roleplay is Shonen, Romance (harems are acceptable I suppose) , Psychological, Drama, Horror, Tragedy and School. Meaning basically it is a darker, more down-to-earth version of Yugioh.


[*]Character RP Name:
[*]Character Appearance (what your character's physical appearance looks like):
[*]Character Details (personality, age, etc):
[*]Deck Type (must have a theme.):
[*]Short Bio (in order to incorporate your character into the story. All character must follow the plot somehow, someway.)
[*]Dorm: (Tengu Green if your neutral, Debris White (if your AOJ), Dopple Black(if you a legionnaire))
[*]Status: (Ally of Justice, neutral, or Dark World Legion)[/list]

Deck Types in use:

RP (User's Guide):
Well lets start off with further elaboration on power factors. Power factors are simply just you're character's powers. I'm only granting powers to legionnaires and Allies of Justice. Allies simply can kill legionnaires and have technology to battle. Legionnaires have shadow-like powers to cast shadow duels, kill each other (except Vaati), and other powers as I get new ideas.

Ally of Justice members will receive the following tech:
  • Duel Ropes: this stops any person from escaping unless they win the duel. So its an instant capture mechanism.
  • Easy Transportation Methods (get creative, bat-mobiles whatever.)
  • Blu-tooth communication (XD lol)
  • Spy Gear and Satellite assistance (going Black Ops now)
  • Guns
  • Connections (Elendril Only...basically you can blackmail neutrals, call in government support, call in drug lords, etc the whole corrupt cop cliche)

Legionnaire powers:
  • Shadow Dueling
  • Mind-reading
  • Telepathy (instant installed communication)
  • Move thru objects (only if you're fully focused and conscience of it)
  • Possession (vaati only)

Both sides can kill anybody, except Elen's character, Vaati and Riku (my character as she's destined to die later on.)

The Allies and Legionnaires both have ranks. Their ranks represent monster cards.
Ally ranks are:
  • Castor (Instant Kills when dueling Legionnaires, rather than simply injuring them)--Foxyboy
  • Field Marshall (leader powers)---Elendril
  • Decisive Armor (can instant kill and revive/instantly heal members)--Dragon Claw
  • Light Gazer (can use the Satellite/GPS tracker to find any Legionnaire or neutral at any given moment *excluding Vaati*)--raye
  • Enemy Catcher (can capture anybody with ease)

Legion ranks are:

  • Goldd-Wu Lord (can summon out shadows to haunt others, which will harm mentally)--zane
  • Broww-Huntsman (same ability as Enemy Catcher)
  • Reign-Beaux- Overlord(personal possession,2nd in command of the Legion)
  • Grapha-Dragon God(all legion powers, leader of legion)--Vaati
  • Silva-Warlord (3rd in command, gives out legion orders)---skylark
  • Snow-Magician (Medic *same as decisive armor*)---karin
  • Zure-Knight (teleportation)--Turles
  • Scarr-Scout (same as Light gazer, but uses a shadow-like orb to pin point locations)
  • Beiige-Vanguard (normal powers)--kitty

Character Profiles (UDA Saved):
Character RP Name:Ezekiel
Character Appearance: 6'1 , Usually with bags under his eyes because he can never sleep very restfully, Long black hair,Black and White clothing. Usually seen with stereo headphones, and usually has his hands in his pockets. He wears 3 different watches.
Character Details :Age 16. Hopeless romantic, almost always confused, Hang's out at the cemetery to clear is head because he find's the atmosphere soothing. He never really fit's in anywhere.
Deck Type: Skull Servants
Short Bio:Ezekiel lived in a one room apartment by himself. He spent his time alone and often ended up talking to his pet rat. He was dependent on sleeping pill's become of his rampant insomnia. He never would tell anyone what he did, and if he ever did he would usually lie about it because of his fear of being outcasted. He played the guitar in the cemetery whenever he got tense.
Status: Neutral
Dorm: Tengu Green
• Character RP Name: Vaati
• Character Appearance: Just a middle aged boy. Blonde haired, 1,85 meters tall. 75 kg
• Character Details (personality, age, etc): Calm, easy to get along with. 18 years old.
• Deck Type: Darklords / Dark World
• Short Bio (in order to incorporate your character into the story. All character must follow the plot somehow, someway.) Vaati had a normal youth with middle-classed parents. Though he always had an obsession with chaos and darky things. Though it seems that he had overcome his dark obsession. Nothing is less true. Vaati founded the Dark World Legion after he found some dark powers. No one knows where those powers come from or what the limits of these powers are. Although Vaati is the leader of the Dark world legion, no one knows he is. Even his sister, Violet, has no idea although she joined the Dark World Legion. Vaati seems like a normal boy in every day life.
• Status: Dark world legion.
• Dorm: Doppel Black
*Character RP Name: Kyoshero Osamu (Kyo for short)

*Character Appearance:5"8 Male. Medium body build. Short, straight Red auburn hair. Blue eyes. Light skinned. Normally is seen in his school uniform which consists of a standard white, buttoned-down shirt and Navy Blue khakis. Wears ties of any color at all times. Wears a necklace in the shape of a butterfly knife embedded with his initials on it. It spells "K.O.".

*Character Details: 17 years of age. Timid sort of personality. Not very sociable. Very difficult to agitate or tease. Very respectful and smart. Straight A's. Tactical and resourceful. Very adept at dueling. Bad case of Paranoia, distrusting, arrogance at times.

*Deck Type: Elemental/Vision Heroes.

*Short Bio: Discovering his hidden potential has been his dream and ambition for years. He attends school for the purpose of reaching his goal. He's very skilled at almost anything he does. Academics, Culinary Arts, Sports, Handywork, Planning, even tutoring. He does not like to be around people however, unless it is for a duel. Dueling is a hobby turned passion for him.

*Status: Ally of Justice.
*Dorm: Debris White

• Character RP Name: Zeda Hoshi
• Character Appearance (what your character's physical appearance looks like):

Zeda is not very tall for his age he is about a average height being at about 5'8. Give or take a few inches with his spiky blood red hair that he has been growing since birth. Zeda's body is very fit since he tend's to work out a lot so that his body can stay in top shape. Since he does not like being not in shape. Zeda also has yellow eyes. This is because his liver has started to fail him but he is doing his best to not care for it.
• Character Details (personality, age, etc): Zeda's creed in life is to "take the path with the least bloodshed. Despite this, he would follow a plan which will require the deaths of thousands of innocent people. He was also willing to attack and kill members of his own family. Ry, has been identified by many people as being afraid of death. He say's he only fear's a pointless death. His own description of himself as a "great person. He show's great pride and is very arrogance at time's as well. But this is just the Surface of Zeda. Since he is a very deep person that is like a very hard puzzle and almost impossible to open.
Age: 16
• Deck Type: Genex
• Short Bio :Zeda was born and raised on the mean street's of the city. Since his father had went off to do stuff his nother would never tell him and his mother died after his little brother was born. He was sent to a orphanage after Orphangae. But the orphange he was sent to when he was 13 was not the best place for Zeda . It was a place that only the toughest kid's survived. And those kid's where manly the kid's who had special power's. And at first the orphanage was hard for Zeda. Kid constantly messed with him. And tried to beat him up. But Seraph met a good friend at the orphanage named Genko. Genko was one of the few Kid's in the Orphanage who wery very found of fighting
He also ran a gang that was in the Orphanage and the school they all went to. But Genko and Zeda where cool. That got along very well since they had to share a room. Since Genko's last room mate got killed in a gang fight at the school. But some people say Genko killed him himself. But that did not really scare Seraph . Since his life was allready crazy enought. With out him knowing eather of his parent's. And so he took the room gladly. And him and Genko got along well. Since they kinda had the same personality. After a while of living with Genko. Zeda was asked to join the gang and he did so happly.And while in the gang the grouped helped him to become a better duelist and helped him duild up his deck and knowledge of the game. And after a few year's of staying in the orphanage Zeda lef to go about his own journy
• Status:Ally of Justice
• Dorm: Debris White

[*]Character RP Name: Kohta
[*]Character Appearance : Kohta is about 5'5". He has brown hair that he never combs and he always wears a black hoodie to hide his face. Those who have seen his face say is pale and his eyes are a milky white. (No he is not an albino he is zombish)
[*]Character Details: Kohta keeps mainly to himself. He is 18 and is sometimes clueless on things unless he has a leader to guide him. He likes to run and he can run at high speeds making him hard to catch.
[*]Deck Type: Zombies
[*]Short Bio: When he was young his father had showed him into duel monsters. Since then he has been playing it ever since. One day as he and his father were at the store he felt a power come over him and he picked up a booster pack of the shelves and begged his father to buy it for him. When they got home and he opened it he found a Spirit Reaper and a Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon. Later that night his father had died of unknown causes. Years later he had joined a group called the Dark World Legion in hopes that he could attain the powers to bring his father back to life.
[*]Dorm: Doppel Black
[*]Status:Dark World Legion

Character RP Name: Marina Edanya

Character Appearance: Marina stands at 5"5 with chocolate brown layered hair dropping to the middle of her back. She has bright, topaz-yellow eyes. Her skin tone is very fair in the sunlight, however in the shine of regular lighting, it appears to be an olive tone. She wears a short black skirt that rose to the middle of her thigh a gray tank top with a black short-sleeved jacket over it. She always wears a ring on her right middle finger.

Character Details: Marina is 16 years old. She's a quiet girl. She keeps to herself for the most part, but seems very friendly. Somewhat of a daydreamer. She is very well spoken and some would say that she has a "silver tongue". She wears a silver banded ring on her finger with a glass diamond topping the band, someone from her past gave it to her, but she speaks nothing of it.

Deck Type: Gravekeepers

Short Bio: Marina does attend school, however she is hardly ever in attendace there. Her mind leads her astray from her schoolwork. She has constant dreams of dark happenings that are all just a blur, causing her to somewhat be frightened to fall asleep. But she feels something call for her... Something menacing calling her name in the midst of the night.

Dorm: Dopple Black

Status: Dark World Legion

Character RP Name: Luck Rose

Character Appearance: Luck stands at 6"2 and weighs 180 pounds. The color of his hair is a dirty blonde color. He has Green-Blue Eyes that shine everyday(a little extra info to draw readers into my chracter). He wears a white shirt with white pants kind of represents purity.

Character Details: Luck is 16 years old he is always happy somewaht cocky sometimes. He is very calm and collective when it comes to dueling and protecting his pride. Once he duels his faithful comrade's will lead him to victory at all cost. He believes that everything happens for a reason.

Deck Types: Messenger From Heaven -Agents-

Short Bio: When he was born his Biologial Dad did not treat his wife with respect and was soon to known that his Dad stayed out all night long and left his mom to take care of the child all the time. They then seperated and 3 years later when i was 4 my mom met her new husband and what was known to become my step-father. It was then that my step father helped me through my whole entire life until he lost his job 9 years later and got a new one as a contruction worker. His first job was to build a giant mansion for an Unknown Organization and the pay was 10,000$. Six months later he created another mansion for another Unknown Organization but this time it was 20,000$. With my mom starting what kind of construction he was doing. Later that night after he finished contruction and we gave him a welcome home party since he was gone for 6 months doing his job. He wanted to celebrate by taking my mom out to dinner at a famous restaurant. *Fast Forward 2 hours later* They have not come home and right when i was about to go to watch my favorite show an urgent message from the local news popped up saying that a couple was killed by some ordinary food poisoning. I knew soemthing was wrong because my friend works at the restaurant and i have been there several times with my mom and the business is always great so why would a business like this make a careless mistake unless it was planted there by someone to eliminate someone. With this happening i was either forced to go on the street or move in with someone. So i decided to cll up an old friend and ask him if i could move in with him his name is Core Sabersworn. *2 years later* When i moved in he taught me the way of dueling and how to not get revenge against anyone so i learned it from him and that earned me the honor of being accepted into the AOJ and along with my Decendant From Heaven we shall conquer all evil.

Dorm: Debris White

Status: Ally Of Justice

• Character RP Name: Riku. (real name is Kaoru Harumi)
• Character Appearance: Riku usually wears apple-bottom jeans, a band T-Shirt, space-boots, and her hair is medium length (a little bit past her shoulders) and her hair is sea blue, yet messy. She wears minimum amounts of make-up, and her look is average. She is very cute to make up for what guys look for around the chest area.
• Character Details: She is 14, is usually anti-social but can suck up her anti-social attitude to talk to people and make friends. She is a nice, rational girl who can fall in love easily. She prefers the country side, rather than the urban city.
• Deck Type: Frogs
• Short Bio: As said in the synopsis, Riku knew some of our characters here (Vaati and Violet) and had the best connection with Tomoya, who is currently unknown location. Tomoya and Riku both had a bad past together, as her parents died in a plane crash on their business trip to the Bahamas. She know lives with her Auntie, who cares very much for her, and lives her life as is.
• Spirit Monster: Treeborn Frog
• Dorm: Tengu Green
• Status: Neutral

  • Character RP Name: Elathi Ishinon

  • Character Appearance:
    White hair, reaching down just below his shoulders. He would be standing about 180cms tall, weighs in at about 80 kgs. . Usually seen wearing a pair of black gloves, to cover his scarred hands. Along with that he is usual seen wearing a pitch black suit with a blood red shirt underneath it.

  • Character Details:

    18 years old. He never really takes a attachment to anything, as he believes that getting a attachment to things would mean he has given in to his inner demons. The one thing you could really say he would have a attachment to in some way would be that he always ends up gambling, not in the casino. Wether it be money or something else, it always seems he ends up gambling in someway. To win his gambles he will do what he deems neccessary to win. If he finds that your not boring like everyone in the past he might bother to do a serious gamble with you instead of his usual playing around ones.

  • Deck Type:

  • Short Bio

    He lived a pretty straight forward life until the day 2 years ago when he lost everything, his family, his friends, they all were killed in a explosion in eastern europe where he had been born and had lived all his life. After that he snapped and stoped really caring about things at all. As he would end up traveling over the world, to find something that would give him something to do. It ended up being gambling that he found to ease his pain with, even if he doesnt see it that way. In the end he seems to currently reside in Japan, as he have found a few pieces of interest in this country but what would eventually happen with those is yet to be seen.

  • Dorm: Doppel Black

  • Status: Dark World legion

RP Scripts (UDA SAVED): The Pier:
Turtle: ''Eeehhhhh? I am going to be late...bullshit.'' Jack woke up and pressed his alarm button off with an attitude. He walked to the kitchen to fry himself some eggs,and get a cup of coffee,like an adult. He was rushing so he wouldn't get late,even though it seemed like he didn't care,he knew that he did.

Jack lives alone ever since he moved to Japan. He has no family there and he is glad.

After he finished,he took his duel disk and deck and left off,when he got out,he started walking a bit faster than normally,but didn't run...on the way to Duel Academy,he noticed a girl pass by him running.

''Hmm...what is she rushing for? It cant be THAT late...*checks watch* What the hell? Time goes faster in Japan? Damn school....FINE! I will tag along with the 'running spirit' and hurry up myself....such stupidity.'' Jack started running to make it.

After a while,he made it to the Duel Academy,tired of running,he spotted that girl that passed by him.

''She is joining this school too? Sigh...why am I surrounded by people?''

Elen:Zeda set in the dark and cold room of the small summer beach house at the pear that he had got from one of the big drug lord's in the city. Since Zeda had been a carrier for him for a while and the dude thought that the least he could do to pay Zeda back for all the held he had given him was buy him a small house to live in. Zeda would think to him self another day of my miserable life. Zeda would then get up and walk across the cold wood floor with his bar feet. Shivering a little as his feet touched the ground. Since it was very cold in the house since Zeda never really bothered to turn on the heat since he did not want to have to pay the bill. Since he did not get paid that much for being a carrier for the drug lord. Since the drug lord payed for his house. So as Zeda made his way to the bath room he would turn the left nob turning on the hot water. After he turned the water on he would let it run for a little while he peed and brushed hist teeth.

He would then step into the shower and bath him self all over making sure to scrub every part of his body very well. Since Zeda did not like to smell bad. He would then step out the shower and get dressed in some black pant's and a black long sleeve collard shirt. As he finished getting dressed he would walk over to a table and grab a back that had his all black and red duel disk and deck in it. Slinging the bag over his back he would grab a black helmet and the key's next to the helmet that went to his motorcycle That he had brought and built up. Zeda would then walk out side and see the bright sun saying "what a drag another horrible day in this miserable life of mine". Looking the door behind him self he would walk over to his all red and black bike and start it up. He would then make his way to the school. Ignoring the duel and stuff he saw on the way since he was still sleep and feeling Nauseated because of his liver failure.

DC : Core thanks the girl for dueling with him. "So, your going to join duel academy t- OH GOD! THE EXAMS!!!" He started sprinting to the academy.
That girl I met. She was actually pretty cute. Well, at least she is going to the academy too. I better hurry along, or I'll be late. Wait, what did I just think of? I'll be late? I never care about being late or early! Great, I already have a crush on that girl and its affecting me! Okay, I'm just going to run now. Yes, I'll just shut up and run.
Core ran, he noticed the girl was ahead of him.
He stopped in front of a academy. Eh, this seems odd. A academy.. Its great how Duel Monsters is so famous, so its like a school. Wait, it is a school. Core looked everywhere. Kids about his age were here..

(The Pier -> Duel Academy)

Duel Academy:
Turtle: Right after the girl ran in he noticed another kid run in,as if he was following her. His first thoughts were ''They must have came together...its obvious he is going after her,means that they know each other...hmm,lets see what else do I know about people...'' Jack observed some random kids,he noticed that there are either 2 duelists standing together,a group of duelists,or a guy hitting on a girl already.

''Pfft...this is Duel Academy not Date Academy,what kind of crap is this? The guy across me is checking out the girl with dark blue hair about 10 metres from him,one guy shows off his deck in a group which means he's probably the the head of it...and thinks he's big too. How about those 2 girls who seem to be best friends reading some magazine...seeing the makeup and stuff obviously they only care about their looks. Everyone here is stupid...such stupidity.'' Jack leaned against a wall while thinking to himself. His biggest concern was if he would get a room mate,which he wouldn't really like.

''Now what? We are just standing here? Come on...something,anything,just happen,boring day... Why do we need school anyways? I am not stupid,I know how to duel,who cares if these guys need help...'' Jack kept thinking. The true reason he joined this Duel Academy is because he recieved a special invitation to enroll.

@RP Staff: here are the arcs/events I want you to follow through with:

Introductions, Exam arc, characters meet each other in school, free time. Try getting this done, i should be on to see the progress. Make sure to start RP'ing with 12 ppl. Make sure ppl dont spam in the sections. PLEASE.

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