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The Shadows Afterlight (RP application)

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The Shadows Afterlight (RP application) Empty The Shadows Afterlight (RP application)

Post by DigiDigi on 2011-08-09, 02:49

The plot is simple: Our two main characters (so far) are named Riku and Tomoya. These two are apparantly childhood friends and both have deep, deep feelings for each other. Both are confused whether it is romantic love or if its a close-bond, so neither will confess to each other. They haven't seen each other in awhile and alot of things have happened to them, bad things.

In contrast, there is a deeper secret that Tomoya hides: he's an incubus under the legion of the Dark World lords. He struggles to fight his possession and grows weaker by night. As far as we know there could be plenty of others in the Legion, which calls for an ally: the Allies of Justice. They don't seem like the ideal heroes, but they get the job done.

The genre of this roleplay is Shonen, Romance (harems are acceptable I suppose) , Psychological, Drama, Horror, Tragedy and School. Meaning basically it is a darker, more down-to-earth version of Yugioh.


[*]Character RP Name:
[*]Character Appearance (what your character's physical appearance looks like):
[*]Character Details (personality, age, etc):
[*]Deck Type (must have a theme.):
[*]Short Bio (in order to incorporate your character into the story. All character must follow the plot somehow, someway.)
[*]Dorm: (Tengu Green if your neutral, Debris White (if your AOJ), Dopple Black(if you a legionnaire))
[*]Status: (Ally of Justice, neutral, or Dark World Legion)[/list]

Deck Types in use:

The Shadows Afterlight (RP application) DDsig
The Shadows Afterlight (RP application) Unlednek

Asian Shadow: What do you feed your pets?

Unknown: There own Poop and a toilet seat cover.

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The Shadows Afterlight (RP application) Empty Re: The Shadows Afterlight (RP application)

Post by psychoturtle on 2011-08-09, 02:50

Character name: Jack Majstorović (ć = ch)

Character Appearance: A male of 175cm,with short,brown hair and slighty-dark green eyes,a person that usually wears green,blue,brown or orange shirts,and ALWAYS wears black trainer pants,but never shorts. His legs are very strong and that makes him a fast kid.

Character Details: This very intelligent kid always thinks before he takes action,and usually makes the best choice possible,even though he is only 15. He is very agressive,and enjoyes causing major pain in duels,he finds his pleasure in harming others. On a good day he might show mercy. He has been a good duelist ever since he started the game,but his behavior is horrible. He is arrogant and hates everyone around him. Sometimes he is nice,but something special triggers that. He is a different person than he used to be... His nationality is Croatian. He also hates talking about his past,so he never brings up his family. He also likes to interfere in other stuff,especially when someone is being bullied,then he stands up for them,that is one of his rare good qualities. When he meets someone,he likes to give out false impressions of himself,acting nice,etc.

Character biography: He started playing Duel Monsters at the age of 6,and was good at it for his age,with time he became better and better,with 13 he was a top duelist for his age. This earned him a lot of money,but his parents wanted more,and were using him,one day,his parents sent him to one of their friends,to duel him for money. That man lost with ease. He got pissed and tried to rob Jack. Jack reached into a knife in his pocked and stabbed the man straight into his heart. When he did that,he was first smiling,then laughing like a maniac,saying: ''This will teach a everyone! I will not be used again...NEVER!''
After that he left a note to his parents that he is leaving the country,that he will never see them again because they are a couple of backstabbing money wanting idiots.(yea,I totally wrote that xD). He decided to find his future in Domino City,with his narrow change of personality since he killed a man. Now all that he wants is people to leave him alone,or he causes suffering to them. A lot of people bully him in the street and end him harmed. He tries to avoid it,but when he can't,he will hurt anyone with joy and pleasure.

Deck Type: Infernity(only idiots are gonna tolerate what happened to Sams in the banlist)

Status: Neutral.
Dorm: Tengu Green


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The Shadows Afterlight (RP application) Empty Re: The Shadows Afterlight (RP application)

Post by RawrRiceball on 2011-08-09, 05:21

Noboru Izanagi
Appearance: Wears a suit with a Black hat on. Skinny, having white straight hair down to his forehead.
Character Details: A 17 year old student who is cold and ruthless to other individuals. Quiet, yet he has hidden hatred.
Deck Type: Fabled
Short Bio: A former Tengu Green student who has been expelled for his actions. Dopple Black had sent out a contract with him to join the Dark World Legion. Upon accepting, he feels darkness surronding him as he has a new place in Different Dimension.
Status: Dark World Legion

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The Shadows Afterlight (RP application) Empty Re: The Shadows Afterlight (RP application)

Post by Dragon_Claw on 2011-08-09, 07:12

Character RP Name: Core Sabersworn

Character Appearance: Core is a 5 feet and 2 inches tall boy with a handsome face. Medium Body Build. Jet Black hair and brown eyes. He wears a somewhat worn out brown jacket and blue denim pants. He also wears a black watch on his right wrist.

Character Details: 15 years old. Has a very bashful, energetic, friendly aditude. Average intelligence. In some cases, respects others. In other cases, doesn't respect others. He is very loyal to his friends, he may sacrifice himself to save others, even if it means against all odds. Due to his very violent past, he has a good fighting skill.

Character Short Bio: Core lived a quiet lonely life with his parents. They are abusive, mean, and one heck of a slave master. Core has 3 brothers, yet his parents only abuse him. They treat him as if he was a slave. One day Core decided he couldn't take that anymore. He attacked his dad and ran out of the house.
After a long year of living by himself, he has grown to play Duel Monsters. Strangely, Core has a odd power of persuading others to help him, but for some apparent reason, the power can affect anyone. He hasn't really noticed it much, Core just thinks its just luck. He has joined the Allies of Justice to fight the Dark World Legion.

Deck Type: X-Saber

Dorm: Debris White (Debris Dragon FTW!)
XX-Saber Dragonclaw
XX-Saber Dragonclaw

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The Shadows Afterlight (RP application) Empty Re: The Shadows Afterlight (RP application)

Post by Nozomi on 2011-08-09, 09:35

Character rp name: Violet
Age: 16
Character appearance : Violet is 16 year old and 5'55 ft tall,shes very quiet and likes the dark side, she always wears gothic-style clothes and black heels, she isnt very friendly and doesnt have much friends
Character Bio: When she was little she always got bullied by others,had many almost death experiences and when she was 13 she signed a contract with the dark side

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The Shadows Afterlight (RP application) Empty Re: The Shadows Afterlight (RP application)

Post by raye on 2011-08-11, 02:24

Character Name: Luck Rose
Character Appearance: He is about 6"2 and weighs 180 pounds. He usually wears athletic clothes such as, nikes, sports jersey's, spirit shirts for his high school, and mos tof the time shorts. He wears a stainless steel watch.
Character Description: Luck is 16 years old. He is a god given ability to suceed in every aspect of school life whether its romance, athleticism, social status, smart, makes great choices for his future. His personality is funny when he want to be and is a caring person in all aspects and he never gives up on anything.

Charater Short Bio: When he was young he had a Dad that had smoking problems and when he was asked to stop he kept on going ignoring the doctors and everything else. So his mother took him away from him and moved to California to start a new life where she was working as a tech engineer at a local duel tower. She fixed all kinds of duel arena's that were in bad shape or werent working. She eventually got into all kinds of huge events like all access duel tourney passes and major cooperate events. Then on one day when she was going to meet up with the owner of the Duel Tower for an important meeting she realized the boss instantly, it was her best friend Jason her old high school friend who said they will meet again someday. They discussed stuff for hours until he got to the point which was he needed a vice president of the company and he looked at her records and said she would make a good vice president so she took the job offer and one year later married the owner of the Tower. *11 years later*
I am in high school starting my 3rd year of high school and my lil sister which is 12 starts her first day of middle school. I am involved in a bunch of stuff including yugioh and was a junior duel champion. One day after high school a man approached me with an offer to join an organization just for talented young guys like me called The Dark Worlders and after discussing it with my parent later that night and they said u should do what is best for you. So i accpeted the offer and became a Dark World Duelist.

Dorm: Doppel Black

Status: Dark World Legion


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The Shadows Afterlight (RP application) Empty Re: The Shadows Afterlight (RP application)

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