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Post by raye on 2011-08-11, 08:03

Well lets start off with further elaboration on power factors. Power factors are simply just you're character's powers. I'm only granting powers to legionnaires and Allies of Justice. Allies simply can kill legionnaires and have technology to battle. Legionnaires have shadow-like powers to cast shadow duels, kill each other (except Vaati), and other powers as I get new ideas.

Ally of Justice members will receive the following tech: •Duel Ropes: this stops any person from escaping unless they win the duel. So its an instant capture mechanism.

•Easy Transportation Methods (get creative, bat-mobiles whatever.)

•Blu-tooth communication (XD lol)

•Spy Gear and Satellite assistance (going Black Ops now)


•Connections (Elendril Only...basically you can blackmail neutrals, call in government support, call in drug lords, etc the whole corrupt cop cliche)

Legionnaire powers: •Shadow Dueling


•Telepathy (instant installed communication)

•Move thru objects (only if you're fully focused and conscience of it)

•Possession (vaati only)

Both sides can kill anybody, except Elen's character, Vaati and Riku (my character as she's destined to die later on.)

The Allies and Legionnaires both have ranks. Their ranks represent monster cards.
Ally ranks are: •Castor (Instant Kills when dueling Legionnaires, rather than simply injuring them)--

•Field Marshall (leader powers)---Elendril

•Decisive Armor (can instant kill and revive/instantly heal members)--

•Light Gazer (can use the Satellite/GPS tracker to find any Legionnaire or neutral at any given moment *excluding Vaati*)--

•Enemy Catcher (can capture anybody with ease)

Legion ranks are:
•Goldd-Wu Lord (can summon out shadows to haunt others, which will harm mentally)--

•Broww-Huntsman (same ability as Enemy Catcher)

•Reign-Beaux- Overlord(personal possession,2nd in command of the Legion)

•Grapha-Dragon God(all legion powers, leader of legion)--Vaati

•Silva-Warlord (3rd in command, gives out legion orders)---

•Snow-Magician (Medic *same as decisive armor*)---

•Zure-Knight (teleportation)--

•Scarr-Scout (same as Light gazer, but uses a shadow-like orb to pin point locations)

•Beiige-Vanguard (normal powers)--


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