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Shido fuyuki here!

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Shido fuyuki here! Empty Shido fuyuki here!

Post by Shido Fuyuki on 2010-03-18, 04:24

Hello i am Shido and I love to duel and help people with things i can do.I joined this academy because i like joining new academies and this one looks cool so far.I will stay active and duel my best in the Test!
Shido Fuyuki
Shido Fuyuki

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Shido fuyuki here! Empty Re: Shido fuyuki here!

Post by Krobra on 2010-03-18, 04:27

Welcome to SBA, glad to see that you have made it. Please get tested right away so we can place you in the correct Dorm. I already have you in my networks, but be sure to look at the SBA networks as well.

Shido fuyuki here! LSet

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