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Post by Krobra on 2010-03-16, 02:27

Here is how the Testing System of the Sacred Beast Academy works.

We test in three different areas. Ruling Knowledge, Card Knowledge, and Performance. Each area will be a score zero through five, five being the maximum. After determining the number for each area, add them up to determine the final score.

If the total score is 0-5, the Testee is placed in the Slifer Dorm. If the score is 6-10, then the Testee is placed in Obelisk Dorm. And if the score is 11-15, the Testee is placed in the Ra Dorm. This is a simple Testing System that we hope will be utilized correctly. Testers will be examined thoroughly before being accepted to the position and will receive a score no less than 10 to be accepted as a Tester. If someone gets a 15 score, they are eligible to be Elites.

Until Testers are found, The Pharaoh and myself will act as Testers until we set up the staff.

When posting, you should post the results to look something like this:

Testee Deck:
Card Knowledge: /5
Rulings Knowledge: /5
Performance: /5
Total Score: /15
Test Deck Used: #x

Dorm Entry: (Slifer Dorm, Obelisk Dorm, Ra Dorm)

When filling out the Card/Ruling Knowledge and Performance, please rank as the following:

0: Dreadful
1: Poor
2: Below Average
3: Average
4: Above Average
5: Excellent

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