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Test Results for Shock

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Test Results for Shock Empty Test Results for Shock

Post by Krobra on 2010-03-20, 00:06

Testee: Shock
Testee Deck: Counter Fairy, Chaos End Master
Card Knowledge: 4/5
Rulings Knowledge: 4/5
Performance: 3/5
Total Score: 11/15
Test Deck Used: #2, #1
Details: I was impressed how his Counter Fairy Deck worked against my Zombie Swarm Deck, using it as a test deck for the first time. His deck is full of Counter Traps and when it looked bad for him, he was able to turn it around in a second as he was able to destroy most of my field and inflict damage to my life points before delivering the final blow.

The next duel was a little more evened out. However, he was able to get the win after I was unable to draw a monster card to destroy his weakened Dark End Dragon.

Dorm: Raviel Blue Dorm.

Rank Awarded and Locked.

Test Results for Shock LSet

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