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Test Results for Malachy

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Test Results for Malachy Empty Test Results for Malachy

Post by Krobra on 2010-03-21, 06:50

Testee: Malachy
Testee Deck: Zombie, Alien, Six Samurai
Card Knowledge: 3/5
Rulings Knowledge: 4/5
Performance: 3/5
Total Score: 10/15
Test Deck Used: #1
Details: Malachy did fairly well for his first time using KCVDS. In our first duel, he got the upper hand while stalling with Spirit Reaper for a while. however, he missed a ruling mistake as I removed Drago to special summon REDMD. By the rules, I couldn't do that. However on the second duel, he used a very well made Alien deck. It stood a good chance against my REDMD Swarm, but it wasn't enough for the win. however, he managed to catch quite a few of my mistakes with WND and Tyrant Dragon, which improved his rulings score a lot.

In the third duel, he used a Six Samurai deck that was put together rather well, but I was able to once again swarm him to chip away at his life points and claim the win.

Dorm: Hamon Yellow Dorm

Rank Awarded and Locked.

Test Results for Malachy LSet

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