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Mizara is here~~

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Mizara is here~~

Post by Mizara on 2010-03-21, 17:57

Hello everyone.
I'm naturally a nice person and I like to make friends, but I might seem a bit "evil" if I ecounter an egoist or someone who takes himself higher than others, I can't stand that kind of people. I respect those who respect others and before anything-themselves.

I don't believe that ranks make people, nor they decide who's a bad duelist and who's not.
That's why I treat everyone by their personality and not their position. Be nice and people will treat you nicely.

I like to watch Anime, to be honest, I really really like to watch Anime.
My favorites are Elfen Lied, Claymore, Death Note, Code Geass, Seto no Hanayome and Fruits Basket. It's more like my top 6.
I don't watch a specific genre of an Anime, I just watch what ever is good.
I don't really like Shonen Animes like Bleach or Naruto (But recently Naruto's gotten better) for I believe that what makes a good Anime is not quantity of episodes, but the quality.
I describe Shonen Animes as Meta Decks of Anime.

I also like RPGs (Role Playing Games). In my opinion they're strategic and interesting. Of course I also love games like God of War and Devil May Cry (Hate DMC 2) but still, I believe that long games like RPGs are better for me.
For example, I really like Final Fantasy X. Great plot, great characters, good battle system and original stats system. Another example is Suikoden 3. Well the biggest thing about this game is the plot, and it makes up for all the things that for other may seem important (Graphics). I don't play games that are fun to look (Good graphics) but games that are fun to play, great example for that is Disgaea. Ultra sucky graphics. Ultra addicting game. Seriously wasted over 90 hours on this one.
I also like Survival Horror games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil series, I also really enjoyed 4th Resident evil even though it wasn't Survival Horror.

I like horror movies, but I admit that sometimes I rather watch comedies because I'm often scared to watch horrors at nights.
I love twisted comedies (American Pie, South Park-Although it's not a movie) or just anything that makes me laugh.
I really like movies like Cast Away (Tom Henks) or any good Zombies/Infected movies, what they have in common? Survival.

I hope to become Uria leader and I'll try my best to achieve that.

Hope we all become friends,



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Re: Mizara is here~~

Post by Krobra on 2010-03-21, 20:37

Now this is an introduction. Welcome to SBA, please send me a message via hamachi and I will get you tested. God luck.


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Re: Mizara is here~~

Post by Drago on 2010-03-21, 23:09

hey mizara glad u made it Very Happy

welcome to SBA man and ye that is an introduction and a half. u have always been the great talker and mate Razz

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Re: Mizara is here~~

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