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Test Resutls for DanceJonDance

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Test Resutls for DanceJonDance Empty Test Resutls for DanceJonDance

Post by Krobra on 2010-03-26, 02:08

Testee: DanceJonDance
Testee Deck: Junk LaDD, Flamvell Kitty
Card Knowledge: 4/5
Rulings Knowledge: 5/5
Performance: 4/5
Total Score: 13/15
Test Deck Used: # 1
Details: I got to say, DJD was a very good duelist and it was a pleasure to duel him. In the first two duels, he beat me fairly good with his Junk LaDD Deck. However, wanting the top spot in the elites, he used his Flamvell Kitty Deck. However, my REDMD Swarm Deck defeated his Flamvell Kitty deck nearly effortlessly. The next duel took a lot longer, but my REDMD Deck still defeated him. Towards the end, his Card Knowledge score suffered a hit as I used WND's effect to switch the target and negate it.

Dorm: Raviel Blue Dorm

Rank Awarded and Locked. Sorry for the wait.

Test Resutls for DanceJonDance LSet

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