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The Hamon Leader

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The Hamon Leader

Post by Drago on 2010-03-27, 01:16

Hey guys. Krorba and Pharoh have chosen me to lead you guys. I hope to be a good leader and if you have any questions please ask me about it. I have made a few ham networks for you guys to join. This is the general ham net.

Hamon Dorm 01 pass hamon

The duel arena

Hamon Duel arena pass hamon

Also i have my own office ham if there are any questions you need to ask me or if there are any problems in tournaments

SBA Hamon Dorm Leader pass hamon

I will make any further rules go on like for tournaments and stuff. Thanks


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Re: The Hamon Leader

Post by darksignerking on 2010-03-28, 22:11

Hey congrats man I hope hamon yellow will flurish but lets see them take on Uria we may not be the best duelists but we can still put on a fair duel!


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