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Post by Mizara on 2010-03-28, 23:28

Hello, everyone.
I am Mizara, and I'm currently Uria Red dorm leader.
I'll try to make sure Urias will triumph over other dorms, not only with dueling skills but also with social interactions.
I hope to be a figure of a friend, rather than "someone above me".
I expect you all to not forget your basic principles, and with that I want you to not treat others the way you wouldn't want to be treated yourself. I have a sense of humor and I can understand a joke, but make sure that your jokes don't go further than it's allowed by SBA's rules. I don't mind if you use a vulgar word here and there(in Hamachi of course) but don't make it a habit, for it may eventually lead to misunderstandings and conflicts.
Once we have enough members I will host our very first tournament, when that happens I ask you to participate. Please don't sign in if you know you won't be active during the tournaments.

I want you all to join Urias' exclusive network:
Ham: Uria Dorm
Pass: uria

I want to finish my intro by saying that this is my pleasure to be your dorm leader. I hope you can respect me as your leader, and most importantly, as your friend.


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Uria Red Leader Empty Re: Uria Red Leader

Post by darksignerking on 2010-03-28, 23:41

Again Congrats and i hope that one day uria becomes the best dorm! Smile


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