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Test results for Blue_eyes_White_Dragon

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Test results for Blue_eyes_White_Dragon Empty Test results for Blue_eyes_White_Dragon

Post by Vaati on 2010-03-29, 18:28

Testee: Blue_eyes_white_Dragon
Testee Deck: Hopeless Dragon
Card Knowledge: 5/5
Rulings Knowledge: 4/5
Performance: 5/5
Total Score: 14/15
Test Deck Used: #1
Details: Great duelist, with great knowledge. He is able to correct other's mistakes although they are small. He corrected me when I tried to synchro summon Dark End Dragon with Thestalos and Krebons. Although I won the first duel, he was able to overrun me with a great dueling style. Although, in the end he tried to destroy my face-down spirit reaper with exploder dragonwing, but that isn't possible which gave your opponent an extra turn. I had a bad draw, so I couldn't take advantage of it. Nevertheless, this is a great duelist. Raviel Blue is the only dorm which is the right one for you.

Dorm Entry: Raviel Blue Dorm

Rank Awarded and locked


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