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Malfunction (This is not a Prank)

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Malfunction (This is not a Prank) Empty Malfunction (This is not a Prank)

Post by Kimo Force on 2010-07-18, 21:09

The day I feared has finally arrived; my motherboard malfunctioned completely, and can no longer detect my hard drive. How's that a problem? The problem is that the Computer can no longer run my operating system, thus leaving me to bite the dust.
I had this problem after fixing my computer (Six months ago), but it didn't fully malfunction; I still could get on the PC. After a while, it started to malfunction even more, and it took like 20-40 minutes to just open the computer. After I got back from my vacation, my motherboard passed away.
I guess dad should have never saved money by buying the cheaper brand (XFX, and I'm not sure if it's an original brand). Next time, I'm only purchasing Energy® motherboards.
I've used my sister's PC to put this up, but I can't keep using hers until mine gets fixed; I'll drive her nuts. Moreover, sis accidentally updated the PC, which identified the PC as a non-Genuine (Pirated). She has to obtain Genuine in 30 days, and the more I spend on her PC, the less the time we have before all hell is let loose.
I'm probably going to be away for a little while, and I have no clue on when I can get back. It will not, however, be for long.
Take care, and until then.

~ Kimo Force
Kimo Force
Kimo Force

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Malfunction (This is not a Prank) Empty Re: Malfunction (This is not a Prank)

Post by Guest on 2010-07-19, 20:12

SEEEEEEEEE kimo i told u we had a malfunction and every SBA member never believed me at all so to this kimo i know what hapened so GL


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