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Major Announcement: Changes

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Major Announcement: Changes Empty Major Announcement: Changes

Post by Krobra on 2010-10-08, 23:11

Over the next few days, SBA will go over many changes. Do not be surprised to log in and see a change immediately. As of right now, all dorms are suspended and all members are given no ranks. I will create new Dorms for which everyone will be re-tested. All threads will be trashed (recovered if needed.) SBA will be given a violent restart, including a new name and web link (you will be given emails on the matter.)

Anyone that helps will be greatly appreciated. Since I don't have KCVDS anymore, I will need testers that I know of to retest everyone. The new dorms will be:

Ra Yellow (Top)
Obelisk Blue (Middle)
Slifer Red (Lower)

Things I need help with:

GFX Work. That includes banner, tabs, and buttons.
Testers: To test the current and new members.

Again, expect many changes over the next few days.

SBA President: Krobra

Major Announcement: Changes LSet

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