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Post by DigiDigi on 2011-08-09, 02:54

Thump!... Thump-Thump!... Thump!... THUMP! That was the score of either of my own heartbeat or a barrage of fireworks, who knows. All I had in my mind at the moment was if I could move on from a distant terror. I had not a clue as to which terror haunted me that night, but I was unable to have a sound slumber. Whats wrong with me? Why am I even here? Where do these night terrors keep coming from? I asked myself these questions in irrational dismay, sweat dropping down all over my body, I figured that I needed to cool my head down for awhile with a nice bath.

Opening the curtains resulted in an eye-dilating, radiating flash-bang to my eyes, although disturbed by the night terror "the light" sure doesn't help even now. I took a nice, soothing bath; then changed into my clothes and left the hotel.

From the looks of it, New Domino sure did make me feel claustrophobic, rather than paranoid of Satellite hoodlums that could be lurking somewhere amongst this metropolis. I never did like the city, too many cars, too many people, too much noise, you know just about everything about it. I hated it all.

"Coffee sure sounded great right now..." I thought to myself in angst. Walking to a nearby Star-Puppies (the folks back at home always called the shop that name rather than the actual name itself, lazy people.) and as I walk up to the door I can see some metropolitan scumbags who are probably spoiled to hell ninety degrees to the left and, God-help me, to my right.

Reaching for the door my hand is halted with a tough grab from one of the scums. Naturally I would react to my impulse and kick him where it counts, however, my body ceased to react. I was petrified due to the sheer number of people gathering around me. My body is shaking, becoming weak, my brain shuts off and I'm absolutely helpless.

"What the hell?! Why now of all times to shut down on me?! WHY?!"

I'm escorted to the nearby alley and pinned to a wall by two of the city scums and heavy breathing begins to fan over my face from these people.

"Hey there beautiful, what's a precious thing like you wandering around these parts of the city? I think you need to be taught a lesson." said the blonde idiot while sliding his fingers on my face. Laughter is all I hear behind him; I look to my left and I see expensive sport cars. "Why are spoiled brats like you doing in these parts? Shouldn't you be on your yacht being a scandalous, no good low life?" I said in fury as I spit in his face. He wiped it off and looked at me disturbingly. "Bad girls turn me on baby. How bout it boys?" They all cheered in the back and crept up on me, I closed my eyes in desperate fear.

"Get your hands off of her!" shouted a distant voice. Surprised as I was I thought to myself, "I'm actually being saved? Saved in a big city like this?!"
The boy in the distance turned on his duel disk and declared a challenge.

"Against all of us? You gotta be retarded!" one of the hoodlums said.

"Idiotic to duel you all at once, perhaps. But all the more reason to back your statement up. Come at me."

Three rich boys step up to the plate and activate their duel disks and play. The boy said to them, "Ladies first." In anger the first metropolitan summoned X-Saber Bogart Knight, X-saber passiul, and Faultroll first turn. He set two and ended his turn. The hero stepped up and used heavy storm to clear out the Saber player's backfield, activated 3 pot of greeds and had a grin on his face. He then activated future fusion and dark fusion for evil hero dark gaia, used another dark fusion for another dark gaia.

Both gaia's gave about this dark, brutal aura that you just didn't want to mess with, as it was obvious that the other scumbags were shivering in fear calling people on their phones.

"Dark Gaia, attack his Passiul!"

"But its in defense position, there's no use in doing that?!"

"Dark Gaia's ability switches Passiul to attack mode. Learn how to read Soc" Said I with a great sense of justice.

As Gaia dealt life point damage, thus ending the game, the Soc's bodies ripped in half before our very eyes... The other two tried to run for it.

"Not so fast! ATTACK!"

My eyes deceive me, did he just attack while the duel is already over?! The other two boys splattered along the alley walls. The mysterious boy activated two De-Fusions and special summoned a Gorz, Evil Hero Malicious Edge, and two Koa'ki Meiru Guardians in attack mode. He declared an attack on the rest of the hoodlums, including the one pinning me down instantly putting red on my face, leaving me in shock.

He deactivated his duel disk, returned his cards into his deck box and rushed to me shivering on the cold, cement ground. I looked up at him and saw his face. It had a relaxing, smooth, handsome smile on it, which oddly made me feel comfortable. He offered his hand for me and asked, "Are you OK?" I replied cautiously, " saved me from getting raped back there...thanks I guess..." He hugged me and said in a consulting tone, "It's just me... Tomoya... everything will be fine Riku..." I suddenly wept in his arms and thought to myself, "I only wanted some damn coffee..."

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