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The Sacred Beast Academy Staff

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The Sacred Beast Academy Staff

Post by Krobra on 2010-03-29, 00:15

This is the list of all the current Staff Members of Sacred Beast Academy.

The Admins are The Pharaoh, Krobra, and Ravage.

Krobra will handle Testing until the member base grows.

The GFX Admin is Ravage, who controls the GFX Police. No members have yet to be assigned to this category.

The Moderators so far are uchihadude.

Raviel Dorm Leader is Mino, who will also be Tester until we get more are available.

Hamon Dorm Leader is Dragoroosey.

Uria Dorm Leader is Mizara.

More staff members or changes will take place in the future. When this happens, the edits will be made as soon as possible. Details will also be announced later.


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