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Castaway part 1 Empty Castaway part 1

Post by RawrRiceball on 2011-08-12, 22:08

This is just a fan fiction I will be starting. I hope you all enjoy it.

His name was Tetsuya, Tetsuya Tanaka. He was sitting down at a cliff wondering what he would do today. It was early up the morning and the sun shined at him as he was the center of attention. Slowly, he said to himself, “Today is my 17th birthday... Today is where my life changes. “ Little what he has known he would experience new things in life, such as being able to try out for sword that has passed down for Generations. This sword however, was not easy to obtain since it required the skill for many people to have. It was the power to duel. Tetsuya held his hand up, knowing he will have a shot at it too, but he tightly gripped his fist and held it to his chest. Shortly, after minutes of self praise, his mom gets his attention.

“Tetsuya! Your test... The tester is here to see you. “She said, yelling. And with a quick burst, Tetsuya jumped out and ran back to his house which was a few minutes away. Upon arriving, he had gotten his deck ready and he started to run out to the door to meet up with the tester at a Temple he always looked at when he went out for a walk out of the village he lived in. The tester was very quiet, only to be wearing a black robe with a cloak on. Tetsuya could tell he was old, but he didn’t think he had to find someone to do this tradition for many years. He followed him after he had greeted him into a Temple.

The tester walked with him, and knew that he was detrimined to earn the D-Blade. He started a conversation with Tetsuya.
“Well, I see that you are ready Tetsuya… It has been time enough for you to earn it, right? “

“Yes, of course! I want to use the D-Sword so I can save people! “
“Save people? Well, you will one day... The D-Blade is a blade that you use for justice. No other blade is any other like this. “The man steps on a round platform, supported by the ground bottom, which seems to be surrounded by many other platforms. The sword was in front of him, in a pedestal where he had to pull it out.

The man looked at him, sternly. “You see, we have passed down the blade for Generations to each family into the village... They must meet the requirements and will go off to a journey to find the D-spirit. It is a powerful entity. You must harness the drop of spirit’s hope as it is the key for our village to survive. “

Tetsuya stood at the opposite end of the Tester. Soon, the tester told him to pull out his deck, and the round platform shortly turned into a duel stadium. “Get ready to put your power to the test. Let’s duel! “
Tetsuya’s deck was nothing more but a quick machine deck that his friend and he made for fun. It was a gadget beat down deck that was focused on using solidarity to overpower devastating the opponent.
He flipped a coin, and it was tails. He lost and the man drew 6 cards. He set down 2 cards, and he set a monster down. He ended his turn.
Tetsuya draw 6 cards, and he drew Green Gadget, Trap hole, Mystical space Typhoon, Machina Fortress, Cyber Dragon, and Scrap Recycler.
“ Okay, well now I will play Green Gadget, letting me get Red Gadget out to his hand. “ He gets red gadget and shuffles his deck. “And now, I’ll use MST to destroy your left backfield! Next, I’ll attack with Green gadget! “

He was interrupted by the fact that the tester flipped up Negate attack, which Tetsuya to rethink again. “Hmm... I see. “He ended his turn knowing he couldn’t do anything but he set down Trap hole.
The man drew again, and then he played Goblin attack force, but was stopped by Tetsuya’s trap hole. He then ended his turn curious to see what could happen. Tetsuya drew, knowing the deck has a chance to win against him. He drew a magic cylinder. He set that down, and then he brought out Red Gadget. “I keep getting another gadget this way! “He received yellow gadget and then looked at his field, knowing there was 2 set cards. But he took the chance and attack. Nothing happened, so he took 1300. The tester’s lifepoints were down to 2700 lifepoints.
“Not bad “said the Tester, and he nodded.

He drew and played Dark Valkryia, and then used Supervise.
“Now, you see Tetsuya... I don’t have to kill you with her. “
He gets Dark Valkryia’s effect and then he removes one counter to destroy his red gadget. Tetsuya looked at his backfield, knowing he could have stopped her, but he was too scared about knowing what was behind his opponent’s backfield.

“ Take 1800! “ Tetsuya took 1800, and he was at 2200. Time wasn’t working for him. The Tester ended his turn.
Knowing sooner or later, he was going to lose, he wanted to finish it quickly. He drew Jinzo, and then played it.
“I think I’ll end it now! “ His eyes focused on the field intensely. He summoned Yellow Gadget to get it out onto the field, to follow by getting Green Gadget. Then he discarded his Green Gadget and his Machina Fortress to bring it back to the field.
“Aww yeah! “ He smirks and then he felt the feelings of duel glow within himself, and an aura came out with sheer radiance.
The Tester was in shock, knowing that he could finish him if he didn’t do anything. However, He didn’t have any cards that were useful to him. He set down lighting vortex, and then a dark bribe.
He attacks with Machina fortress, destroying Dark Valkyria. The tester took 700 life points, and he was down to 2000. Again, Tetsuya took another attack with Yellow Gadget, attacking for another 1200. He was down to 800.

A great sense of awe was stunned by the old man. He was thinking again on how to finish him off. Tetsuya held his fist, cheering for his imaginative monsters.
He ended his turn, and waited for the old man to come up with a comeback.

He drew a card, and he played Future Samurai. Knowing that he was instant, he tried to use trap hole. The tester flipped Dark Bribe, and negated it. Tetsuya drew a card, and then it was Machina Force. He looked at it knowing it was useless to bring out if he was 4600, so he decided to use it as a backup card. The tester used another supervise and removed his Dark Valkyria. He targeted it at Machina Fortress, and knowing that he killed the highest monster, he was having no chance. But he was wrong. Machina Fortress had an effect before he died. Tetsuya chose a random card from his hand and discarded, and it was mirror force. With only Yellow Gadget on the field, he was unsure on what to do.

He attacked yellow gadget, taking 400. He was down by 1800 but he was good enough to go. Tetsuya knew his field was empty, but he left the field like that. The tester ended his turn.
He drew a card that he would finish the game. It was limiter removal. His spirit rose up, and a surge of lighting fueled his hand as he discarded Machina Force to bring out Machina Fortress. “He’s back! “ And then he played Limiter removal, making his attack to 5000. With nothing to stop him, his life points dropped down to zero, ending the duel.
The tester looked at him, and nodded. “Good fight... You are worthy to get the sword now. “The tester walked off saying, “And this is where your journey begins. I wish you good luck. “
Tetsuya put away his deck as the platform he was on, reformed back into its original state. The sword was on the pedestal, and he pulled it out.
The sword was faint silver; it glowed with every quintessence of everything so majestic. The blade suddenly glowed dark and he knew that something may have affected it.

A slowly a portal rips up, but nothing comes up. Tetsuya was scared, but he wanted to see what would happen to it. He walked into it, and it was the realm of darkness. Blue Fire torches were everywhere, as he was teleported to a room where there was a piano room. He knew that the room was very fairly decorated to him, and he saw that a man sat down on a chair. He wasn’t facing him, but he knew that Tetsuya was there to greet him.

A fairly soft voice was heard from the man.
“Hello Tetsuya. I see that you are here to make a contract with me. “
He wasn’t unsure of what he meant by a contract. He questioned. “A contract? What do you mean...? The D-Blade makes contracts? “
The man laughed and then he turned around. He appeared to one hand glowing with white pure energy, and one with dark pure energy around him. He wore 2 belts on him, with bat ears on his head. A smirk was down to be on his face.

“Yes... I am the power you seek. I hold the powers to light and dark... However, this will require a cost. “He looked at him, curiously, thinking about the boy and seeing the potential he has.
The man introduced himself. “I am Chaos Sorcerer, and I appear to work for darkness. If you think this is all good, you are mistaken. I am your sin and I create power by generating the hate and by your spirit for dueling. This is why I am considered, a part of you. Give back to me... and I will make you powerful. “

Tetsuya looked at his hands, and realize they were turning dark. He knew from the heart, he was a dark person when he could be. He had inner hate within himself, knowing he can mask the personality if he chooses to.

“So you see... I am you, basically. “He smiled grimily at him.
Tetsuya nodded, and he walked around the glass room. He looked down, and saw that there was a spiral staircase. “What do I have to give up gaining power? “
The chaos sorcerer laughed and he holds up a paper.
The paper reads out,

“You, as a human will give up your innocence. You will lose valuable things of what you held desire. Cast away your dreams, your memories of dear friends, as they turn their back on you. The alternative reality is here. Set aside yourself, and let darkness enter you. “The signature was shown to be by the rulers of Darkness, Demise and Ruin.
A pen was handed to Tetsuya with him giving the option.
“But… I can still save people, right? “

“You will save people... Yet you have a reason to set off. After all, I am helping you find the D-spirit. And you need that to save your town, right? Take sacrifices... and gain the ability to stand up for yourself. “
He nods and signs it.

The child felt a flame burning through him, but it didn’t hurt. A cloud of darkness surrounded him and he happened to black out.
Waking up, he noticed that he was at the same place, at the temple of which he passed the test. The sword was still the same, but as he noticed he could channel darkness into it. The darkness transformed into a katana, which spikes by the help of the man he recently met.
“I will use light and darkness... to find the D-spirit. “ He walked out of the temple with the blade, hoping to start off a new adventure. Before he departed for a journey, he went back to his parents, he packed his things. His parents bid him farewell, knowing it was the start. He couldn’t leave his childhood friend, Laine Usagi behind. He stopped by her house to say farewell. She had brown hair, a dress that was made for charmers or for shrine maiden in blue and white. Her ribbons were blue but she had a smile that made Tetsuya blush every time. She appeared at the door, noticing he had a sword.
“Tetsuya? It’s late... “
“I know, but I just wanted to say... I’m leaving now. “He nodded.
“Wait... but you know, you can’t just go off alone. There are dangerous people out there. “She imagined Tetsuya getting beaten up to death as she thought.

“I’ll be fine... The sword gives me the power to fight. “He looks at the sword, as it shined under the moonlight.
“B-But... You gotta let me come too. I need to get out as well... Besides, remember... I have rod that can be useful, remember? “She showed him her rod, showing a significant power that he had seen many times.
“Oh that rod... I remember. “He doesn’t remember due to her showing it to him years ago. “ Leave a note... I think we should leave Terminia as quickly... The D-spirit lingers. “

She nodded and wrote a quick note, carrying a chalice. “Remember... there’s a miasma that can hurt you if you’re not careful enough.
“Got it. “ He noticed himself acting strange. Was it the power of the darkness? He walked with Laine to an inn outside of the village of Terminia after preparing, and slept there for the night.

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