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Rules about This Fan-fiction Empty Rules about This Fan-fiction

Post by Kimo Force on 2010-06-18, 02:22

Putting this up may seem a bit strange, but this is no ordinary Fan-fiction; it's a fan-fiction where everybody writes their own chapters, and I mean every member here is allowed to post chapters. In order to keep things under control, I've decided to add some rules to the topic:

● This story can have a rating of 12+ maximum. No scenes above the rating mentioned is allowed.
● You cannot abuse or embarrass any member except by asking that member.
● You must try to be original as far as possible.
● Only use correct grammar and spelling for words.
● If you will post a chapter, make sure that you make a scene in that chapter. If you do not wish to appear in the chapter you will type, make sure that you were mentioned before in any other chapter.
● If you did not read the original Toon World Academy Fan-fiction, click here

~ Kimo Force
Kimo Force
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