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How to Make a Proper Post

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How to Make a Proper Post

Post by Ravage on 2010-03-19, 22:05

I'm sure everyone knows how to hit the reply button with a click of their mouse and start typing a few words. I'd like to make a point. Though everyone here knows how to type and probably has had to write a good few essays or papers in the past, this is no place to get lazy. How big the posts are, how well people follow the rules, and the content of the posts are very crucial to how our site, Sacred Beast Academy(SBA), is perceived by the public. I would just like to point out how easy it is to make a decent sized post with relevant information with proper grammar and spelling. As I've said in the past, this site is very important to the staff of SBA. If this site dies, it would break our hearts. I'd like to give you some easy tips in how to make a decent sized post for not only here but any other forum you might belong to.


    Before you start to Type anything, it is always good to check what you should be writing about. A lot of times this information can be very helpful in creating your response. It is also good to help you stay on topic and allow others to follow what you are supposed to be writing about.


    Details are your friends. No matter what you're writing about, if you add details it is sure to not only help your post expand, but it too helps people follow along with your discussion. Being vague or having an inadequate explanation can lead to the downfall of a subject. With the right information it might also help you prove a point in a future debate among our forums.

    [3.] Spell-check

    While details are your friends, Spell-check is your best friend. A lot of browsers today have a feature for Spell-check. Often times you can turn this function on in your 'Edit' menu or 'Tools' menu. If you don't know where your Spell-check is located, you can always look for information on it in the 'Help' section of your browser. Often times you can fix the level of spell check you need from simple word check all the way up to spelling and grammar.


    Grammar is more important than you think it is. When is the last time you heard one of our famed Duelists from Yu-Gi-Oh! have absolutely atrocious grammar? I know it's kind of cute to say 'I can has' and whatnot, but most of our forums are not the place for that. That kind of thing can be used in the Off-topic and spam sections, but improper grammar makes you lose any validity that your argument might have had.

    [5.] Proof Read

    This means that you should read what you wrote before you send it. We have this neat little function at the bottom of posts called 'preview'. It helps you see what your post would look like before anyone else can actually see it. It is a great tool to use in order to check what you have said. It is also great for keeping you from looking like a fool when you don't intend to; I'm sure no one wants that to happen.

Thank you for your time in reading my informational text about how to make a proper post. It is greatly appreciated if you at least give this checklist a once over and follow the suggestions posted here. On behalf of the entire SBA Staff, we all thank you for helping our academy grow.

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