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Test Results for Dark_Wise

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Test Results for Dark_Wise Empty Test Results for Dark_Wise

Post by Kimo Force on 2010-07-05, 10:12

Card Knowledge: 4/5
Ruling Knowledge: 4/5
Deck Building: 3/5
Dark_Wise's deck was pretty impressive, but it still missed a few necessary cards. His knowledge about the rulings was good, but he corrected one error I made on purpose after I gave him a hint. His card knowledge is good, but there are a few cards that he does not know.
In our second duel, he was able to withstand everything I threw at him with simple Normal monsters. I was surprised by how speedy and effective his deck was. However, he did actually miss a few vital cards for the deck.
Dark_Wise did well on his test, and has been awarded the rank of a Raviel Blue. This does not mean that your journey is over, for you are to yet improve and climb even higher.
Congratulations on your new rank, Dar_Wise.

~ Kimo Force
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