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Bounty Hunt Rules

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Bounty Hunt Rules Empty Bounty Hunt Rules

Post by Dragon_Claw on 2011-08-11, 18:35

Here are the rules of Bounty Hunts.

Each month, we'll have a bounty hunt (sometimes it can be anytime). First, we'll ask people to go in and join the bounty hunt. Once there about, lets say 10-20 people, a admin will kick it off.

Once it started, 3 participating members will be randomly chosen. The other duelists job is to beat them. Once 1 is defeated, another duelist is chosen. The duelists chosen can be anyone, so most likely most people will be the bounty. In the event that a bounty was never defeated, that bounty will get a reward. This will go on for about 2 weeks, then everyone will get a reward, based on their actions.

For rewards, go to this link or "Bounty Hunt Rewards"
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