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Test Results For MissTayylor

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Test Results For MissTayylor Empty Test Results For MissTayylor

Post by Ahty on 2010-07-06, 19:25

Card Knowledge: 3/5
Ruling Knowledge: 4/5
Deck Building: 3/5

Testee decks used: Reptilianne, Anti-Meta and Elemental Heroes
Tester Decks used: Sea-serpents, Math Fiends and Evil Heroes

First i would like to say that her decks were in fact unique, it been a while since i've seen people using reptilianne and norma elemental heroes.

You did very good in your duels, beating me in the 2nd duel and putting me in a lot of problems in the 3rd. you are indeed a good duelist and there space for improvements.

I have 2 tips to give you, the first is to use more current decks, the decks you use are good, but don't stand a chance agaisnt the more current decks. The Second tip is to not waste your resources like you did in the 3rd duel, discarding a card to destroy my stratos when you could have destroyed it by battle was not a wise choice.

Well, all that is left is to announce your dorm Test Results For MissTayylor Icon_biggrin Test Results For MissTayylor Icon_biggrin Test Results For MissTayylor Icon_biggrin

Congratulations on HAMON YELLOW

Go and make your room, also you dorm leader Drago is temporarly absent (the moron) so if you have any questions ask kimo, not me!, KIMO

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Test Results For MissTayylor Empty Re: Test Results For MissTayylor

Post by Kimo Force on 2010-07-06, 19:28

Topic locked and Rank updated.

~ Kimo Force
Kimo Force
Kimo Force

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