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Post by Kimo Force on 2010-05-09, 14:51

Fan-fiction Name:
Yu-Gi-Oh! SH
Kimo Force


Special Thanks to:
Maximillion Pegasus (TWA)
Unforgiven Pretender (TWA)
Arlin (DMA)
Destruction Spider (Inactive on LDA)
My Parents




Rash Muto
Age: 17
Deck: Program deck
Ashley Muto
Age: 14
Deck: Water deck
Lewis Trusedale
Age: 17
Deck: Lightsworn deck
Ben Kaiba
Age: 18
Deck: Gladiator deck
Eric Fudo
Age: 20
Deck: X-Saber deck
Jasmine Wheeler
Age: 17
Deck: Harpie Ladies deck
John Wheeler
Age: 17
Deck: ???
Ryan Fubuki
Age: 17
Deck: ???
Sarah Fubuki
Age: 17
Deck: ???
Steve Fubuki
Age: 23
Deck: The Wicked Avatar deck
Amy Fubuki
Age: 23
Deck: The Wicked Eraser deck
Age: ???
Deck: ???
Max Fudo
Age: 20
Deck: ???
Lee Hailong
Age: 25
Deck: ???
Tom Kaiba
Age: 15
Deck: ???
Age: ???
Deck: ???
Age: ???
Deck: ???
Age: ???
Deck: ???
Akiza Inziski
Age: 14
Deck: Plant deck


Matrix Kuriboh
Deep Sea Diva
Speed Warrior
Junk Synchron
Junk Warrior
Dark Magician Girl
Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
Gladiator Beast Murmillo
X-Saber Passiul
Harpie Girl

Chapter 1: Rash's Birthday

AREA: Duel Academy (Domino City) entrance

*Rash rushes to school*
RASH: Uh-Oh! I don't wanna be late for Fusion-monster class. I better bust a move before...
*Rash trips*
*Two tall figures appear*
RANDOM BULLY 1: Hey, half-pint! Forgetting something?
RASH: Not now guys. I'll be late for Fusion-monster class.
RANDOM BULLY 2: That's why we've got to crush you like the insect you are.
BEN: Enough!
*Ben appears*
BEN: Well, well, well! What do we have here? Looks like the little rodent dropped by!
RASH: Ben, stop bullying me! What have I ever done to you?
BEN: Let's see, bragging 24/7 about your Program-type deck, stealing my ex-girlfriend, and being a nerd.
Rash: You've got a good Gladiator deck already, and Jasmine has the right to choose who she...
*Ben steps on Rash's hand while Rash is on ground*
BEN: Jasmine should be with me, and not with a half-pint like you.
*Ben kicks Rash in the stomach while Rash is on ground*
BEN: A while back she did mention your birthday was today. As a present, you get double the beating.
RASH: Uh-Oh!


AREA: Fusion-monster class

PROFESSOR ATETSU CROLWER: As you can see, Vampire Immortal can bring back your Vampire Lord and Vampire Lady when sent to the graveyard. Remember, if it's been removed from...
*Rash rushes in*
RASH: Good morning, Professor A!
RASH: Eh... I forgot my assignment at home so I had to go back and pick it up.
PROFESSOR ATETSU CROLWER: Go sit down this instant. I'll deal with you later.
*Rash sits near Lewis and Ryan*
LEWIS: "Happy Birthday, RASH!"
RYAN: "Was is it Ben again?"
RASH: "Yeah, and this time it was double the beating."
LEWIS: "That jerk needs to learn some manners!"
RASH: "Yeah, I agree"
PROFESSOR ATETSU CROLWER: What are you three babbling about?
RASH: Eh...
LEWIS: We're discussing how amusing the lesson is today.
RYAN: Yeah! Just what he said.
PROFESSOR ATETSU CROLWER: Well, you could tell us more, in detention!


AREA: Duel Academy (Domino City) hall room

RASH: This stinks! I just can't get in Professor C's good books no matter how hard I try. Just because of Ben!
LEWIS: Cheer up! I guess someday he'll stop bullying you.
RASH: Yeah, in a million years!
RYAN: Or maybe a million and one! HAHA!
LEWIS: You're not helping by the way.
RYAN: Sorry, just trying to lift moods a bit.
*Sarah and Jasmine approach boys*
GIRLS: Hey guys!
BOYS: Hey!
SARAH: Happy birthday, Rash!
JASMINE: Happy Birthday, Rash!
RASH: Hey uh... *cheeks blush* thanks, I guess.
Sarah: We'll see you boys later in Trap-card class.
RYAN: Ok then, I guess. See ya, gals.
*Sarah, Lewis and Ryan walk off*
JASMINE: Hey, Rash! I was wondering if you could meet me in the park at 7 today. Next to the fountain.
RASH: What? Today? Yeah, sure. That would be wonderful! But why?
JASMINE: *giggle* It's a date, Rash!
RASH: What? Really?
JASMINE: Yes, it is. I want to give you your present there too.
RASH: Aw, Jasmine! You shouldn't have...
JASMINE: It's ok, right? I mean we are friends, right?
RASH: Yeah, I guess. So I'll see you at 7 then.
JASMINE: Ok, then. Later.
RASH: Later.
*Jasmine walks off*
RASH: YES! (Finally, our first date, and on my birthday! This is awesome! I bet this will make up for everything that happened today!)


AREA: Rash's house (stairway)

*Rash runs downstairs*
*Yugi enters house through door*
YUGI: Where are you going, Rash?
RASH: I've got a date, dad!
YUGI: What? We were going to bake a cake for your birthday as we usually do.
*Tea calls from kitchen while making*
TEA: The cake can wait, dear! It's his first date, you know!
RASH: Yeah, and I'm really excited about it.
YUGI: Ok then, but don't be late.
RASH: I won't! Bye, dad! Bye, mom!
YUGI: See ya, son!
TEA: Bye, sweetie!


AREA: park (wishing fountain)

*Jasmine is waiting near fountain*
*Rash arrives*
RASH: Hey there!
JASMINE: Hey! You made it!
RASH: Yeah! *looks around* It's so quiet here!
JASMINE: It's always quiet here.
RASH: So why'd you pick to meet me here?
JASMINE: I wanted to be where we could be alone for a while.
JASMINE: Remember when I told you I'd give you your present when we'd meet here.
RASH: Yeah, I do!
JASMINE: Well, here it comes...
*JASMINE moves towards Rash, getting ready to embrace*
*Jasmine's cell rings*
JASMINE: Oh! Rash, I really have to go now!
RASH: What?
JASMINE: I"m sorry, I can't explain.
*JASMINE runs off*


AREA: park (entrance)

RASH: DARN! Just my luck! Why's everything just like that for me? Nothing seems to change; Everyone still runs away from me! If only I could be somebody someday, but that can never happen!
*Rash kicks can on ground*
*Woman screams*
*shadows emit from the ground*
*hooded man appears*
HOODED MAN: I have come for another soul! My master requires another sacrifice! If no one steps up, I shall capture you all!
RASH: (Uh-Oh! I better get out of here before...)
RANDOM BULLY 1: Hey! Isn't it that Rash geek?
*Bullies push Rash*
*Rash falls right in front of Hooded Man*
RASH: Hey!
*Rash looks up at man*
HOODED MAN: You will be perfect as a sacrifice!
RASH: Eh... I think you've got the wrong person.
HOODED MAN: It won't matter. Get up and duel me!
RASH: Wait! Did you say duel?
HOODED MAN: Yes! Loser gets sent to the Shadow Realm!
RASH: (So it is true! The Shadow Realm legend dad told me about! Man, I'm in trouble! Program deck, don't fail me now!)
HOODED MAN: Get ready!
*Rash gets up and walks a bit to the back*
RASH: Ok, bring it!
BOTH: It's go time!

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