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Post by Kimo Force on 2010-05-09, 14:51

Chapter 2: An Unwelcome Guest

AREA: park (entrance)

HOODED MAN: So where's you duel disk?
*Rash turns up sleeves and reveals a weird contraption on his arm with card slots*
*crowd of people are amazed*
RASH: This is it! I made this contraption so if I would duel and I forgot my cards at home, I'd use this baby instead. It's got an online remote that operates my duel disk! I call it the Remote Duel disk!
HOODED MAN: Fine then. Let's begin!
RASH: It's go time!

RASH LP: 4000

HOODED MAN: I start *draws card* and I end my turn.
RASH: Huh?! (I know that combo. He's trying to summon Gorz the Emissary of Darkness. Too bad he won't) Here I go! *draws card* I activate Card destruction, which forces us both to discard all cards in our hands then draw cards equal to the number of cards each of us discarded!

Chapter 2 400px-CardDestructionSDZW-EN-C-1E

HOODED MAN: Grrrrr! You read my mind.
RASH: Sure I did.
*Both send all cards to the graveyard. Rash draws 5 cards while hooded man draws 6 cards*
RASH: I summon Data Hero - MP3!!! *Data Hero - MP3 appears*

Chapter 2 Createcardphp

RASH: When he's summoned when this isn't the first turn of the duel and I have no other cards on the field, I can special summon Data Hero - OGG and Data Hero - WAV from my deck! *Both monsters appear*

Chapter 2 Oggu
Chapter 2 Wav

RASH: Go! Tune up, boys!
*MP3 turns into 2 tuning rings. Both OGG and WAV fly inside the ring*
RASH: Technology is not by standing alone, but when uniting the light into a world without darkness! Let's do it to it! Go Data Hero - Audio!
*Data Hero - Audio appears. Stands like Elemental Hero Terra Firma with lightning thundering down, his Sonic Gun in his right hand*

Chapter 2 Audiosw

RASH: Since you don't have any monsters, Audio can attack you directly! Now go! Hyper Supersonic Gun!
*Audio fires super sonic waves at Hooded Man. Part of the ground cracks from behind him*
HOODED MAN LP = 4000-2400=1600
RASH: What?! Real Damage?
HOODED MAN: That's right! The damage is real in any shadow duel! And now I special summon Gorz the Emissary of Darkness!
*Gorz emits form and shakes the ground*

Chapter 2 GorztheEmissaryofDarknessDLG1-EN-ScR-LE

RASH: What?! Didn't you discard that?
HOODED MAN: Actually no. The darkness told me you'd play that card on your first turn. It saw your cards, then I knew I would draw Gorz next turn. It seems my plans came to a success.
RASH: Hey! That's cheating!
HOODED MAN: Not in the shadow realm it's not.
RASH: Oh yeah? Well, would you like me put a camera behind you and record everything?
HOODED MAN: Well, can you? Now I get an Emissary Token that gains ATK and DEF equal to the damage I took.
*Emissary Token appears*

Chapter 2 Emissary_of_Darkness_Token_by_xilver100

HOODED MAN: Now I have 2 powerful monsters that won't let you pass!
RASH: ... Guess I'll throw down 3 face-downs and end my turn *sets three cards* (I hope he doesn't read those. He sounds so strange! Like someone I've known for years, but I can't make out who).
HOODED MAN: HAHAHAHAHA! My turn! *draws card* I summon Archfiend Soldier! *Archfiend Soldier appears* Then I activate Heavy Storm!

Chapter 2 HeavyStormGLD1-EN-GUR-LE

RASH: Hold on, I activate File Transfer, which returns a Program-type monster from the field to the hand or from my hand to the deck! Next goes Zero Gravity, which switches all monsters on the field to defense position! Next I activate File Multiplication! By selecting a Program-type monster, this bad boy summons tokens on my side of the field that have the same name as the selected monster, but then all monsters on my field are switched to attack mode and have 0 ATK and DEF!

Chapter 2 Filetransfer
Chapter 2 Multin
Chapter 2 ZeroGravityDR2-EN-C-UE

*tokens of 0 ATK and DEF which look similar to Data Hero - Audio, appear on Rash's side of the field. All monsters on Rash's field switch to Attack position and have both 0 ATK and DEF, but then all monsters switch to defense position. Data Hero - Audio returns to the Extra deck.*
*Rash's LP = 4000 - 1000 = 3000*

RASH: Since he didn't return to my hand, I can't summon him during the End-Phase. He can't be special summoned anyway.
HOODED MAN: Very clever indeed, but can you escape this?! I activate Ruthless Archfiend Strike!!! At the cost that I can't attack this turn, you take damage equal to the strongest Fiend-type monster on my side of the field!!!

Chapter 2 Fiend

RASH: WHAT!!?? That card is overpowered!!!
HOODED MAN: We Shadow Duelists don't care about how overpowered cards are!!! They were created by using what's darker than dark itself! Master and Miss-tress Fubuki created this entire deck!
RASH: Oh so now you're blaming it on my friend's older brother and sister! I won't let you get away with this!
HOODED MAN: Well, can you? Go Ruthless Archfiend!!! Attack!!!
*Ruthless Archfiend attacks Rash. Rash's LP = 3000 - 2700 = 300*
*Rash falls kneeling on the ground, panting*
RASH: It... felt... so... real... can... hardly... breathe...
HOODED MAN: HAHAHAHAHA! Your monsters can't help you now, Rash! Next, I use Mystic Wok on my Emissary Token and gain LP equal to either ATK or DEF, but since both are equal, it won't matter.
*HOODED MAN LP = 1600 + 2400 = 4000*
HOODED MAN: I set a card and then I end my turn. Face it! You can't win!
RASH: (No! I can't lose! This is how Jasmine's brother disappeared! He was one of my closest friends. I can't and won't let his sacrifice be in vain! I'm fighting for not just me, but for everyone and all my friends! If no one can stop this madman, who will?)


AREA: Rash's house (Rash's room)

*Card on the top of Rash's deck starts to shine, then card is drawn by the machine Rash had designed for his Remote Duel disk*


AREA: park (entrance)

*Jasmine enters running while talking on the phone*
JASMINE: Yes, I think I've found where the Shadow Duelist is, Lewis. I hope I'm not too late. Oh no! He's already dueling.
PHONE(Lewis): Find out who's dueling now!
*Jasmine joins the crowd of people, moving forward, then spots Rash*
JASMINE: What?! It's Rash!
PHONE(Lewis): What?! Hang on! The entire team is on the way!
*Rash Draws card and looks at the drawn card in the hand screen fixed upon the *
RASH: Just what is this card? I've never seen it before.
*Rash's mind leaves the duel for a bit and enters an unknown world, then Rash hears a voice in his head*
???: (Hello!)
RASH: (Who said that?!)
MATRIX KURIBOH: (I did! I'm Matrix Kuriboh, your card spirit!)
RASH: (Card spirit?)
MATRIX KURIBOH: (Yes, I am your card spirit, Master Rash. My old friend, Kuriboh, who was your father's card spirit, told me his master's son needed help and encouragement.
RASH: Dad told me Kuriboh can't talk, so how can you?)
MATRIX KURIBOH: (I'm a matrix, made by computers. Hello?)
RASH: (Ok, I get the picture already!)
*Rash's mind comes back to the duel*
HOODED MAN: Now you lose! I activate Secret Barrel, which makes you lose life points for each card in you hand or on your field, and since that's 3, you get slammed by 600 points of damage!

Chapter 2 SecretBarrelDR1-EN-C-UE

HOODED MAN: HAHAHAHA! Before that happens, I want to show you something that might give you a bit of a shock! *man takes off hood*
JASMINE: It can't be!
RASH: That face behind the mask... *gasp* John!!!
NIGHTSHROUD: Surprised? You should be! Your friend is gone, only I, Nightshroud, exist, willing to serve the darkness!
JASMINE: What have you done to him you fiend?
NIGHTSHROUD: Oh, John's sister! HAHA! I think you know. He lost a duel to one of the Shadow Duelists Master Fubuki sent. Master gave me the opportunity to have a host once more, and I took that chance with open arms.
RASH: Leave my friend alone! He has nothing to do with this!
NIGHTSHROUD: That's if you can beat me! Too late! Now go, Secret Barrel! It's over!
*Roulette Barrel fires at Rash*
*Matrix Kuriboh talks in Rash's head*
MATRIX KURIBOH: Master Rash, use my effect now!
*Rash nods*
RASH: Hold on! I use Matrix Kuriboh's special ability!

Chapter 2 Matrixkuriboh

Rash: By sending him to the graveyard, the damage I would take becomes 0.
*Matrix Kuriboh is summoned while attack hits Matrix Kuriboh. Attack is blocked by invisible mirror and Matrix Kuriboh disappears*
Rash: Then, I can take a card form my deck, but I lose 3/4 of my life points.
*Rash's LP = 300/4 = 75*
*Rash orders the Remote Duel disk to add a card of his choice to the hand by pressing certain buttons*
NIGHTSHROUD: Whatever! One card can't save you.
RASH: Alone, maybe, but together is a different story. I activate Recycle Fusion!

Chapter 2 Recyclefusion

RASH: You've seen one version only of my MP3, WAV and OGG fusion. Now here comes the second! Recycle fusion allows me to remove monsters in my graveyard from play that are listed on a Program-type fusion-monster as fusion-material monsters. So I remove Data Hero MP3, WAV and OGG to summon Data Hero - Music!!!
*Data Hero - Music appears*

Chapter 2 Dataheromusic

NIGHTSHROUD: Heh! It has the same ATK points as my Gorz!
RASH: Not for long. By offering any amount of monsters on my side of the field, he gets a 1000 point boost. I have 4 tokens, soo...
*Data Hero - Audio tokens are drained
Rash: Now go! Attack Gorz! Heavy Metal Fist!
*Music attacks Gorz. A huge explosion occurs. The entire crowd runs away from fright. Only Jasmine remains, watching*
Nightshroud LP= 4000 - 4000 = 0
RASH: (Hope this brings John back!)
JASMINE: John! (Rash, thank you. Thank you so much!)
*Both duelists lose balance and are sent flying backwards*
*Rash hears Jasmine scream*

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